China’s “Fashion Grandpa” is Propaganda: Rockefeller, Gates Foundations in Bed with the Guardian

chinas fashion grandpa

By Cassius Kamarampi

(Era of Wisdom) In case you didn’t know, the Guardian represents big money and elite interests. Although some of their work may deserve recognition, notably Spencer Ackerman’s exposure of Homan Square or Glenn Greenwald’s work, the Guardian has been coerced into a vehicle for propaganda disguised as philanthropy.

From gently (and therefore insidiously) promoting Chinese hegemony, to supporting big money and elite interests as solutions to third world problems, the Guardian has demonstrated time and time again who they really ally with.

A recent article from the Guardian sports the headline “China’s coolest grandpa: farmer, 85, catapulted to fashion fame.”

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The article says:

“An elderly Chinese farmer who has lived through famine, civil war, revolution and one of the greatest economic booms in history has spoken of his delight at becoming an unlikely international fashion icon in his twilight years.”

“Ding was in his late twenties when Mao’s Great Leap Forward push for industrialisation caused a calamitous famine that devastated rural China and is thought to have claimed up to 45 million lives.

“It was very hard in the past,” Ding recalled of those days. ‘Before, I didn’t have enough food to eat. [We were] always starving. Back then, we had no money. Things are much better now.’”

Things are much better now? Few words about modern day slavery in China are found in this article. They enjoy fashion and Starbucks, with little concern over the ever increasing power of the Chinese state.

china the guardian

So the Guardian would have you receiving this subtle impression that hegemony in China is ending. In reality, its only getting worse, and the individuals wielding reigns of power in the West are surely envious of China’s longstanding ability to coerce and control their population.

Long-lasting, indestructible hegemony finds an effective strategy in being just comfortable enough to have fashion grandpas, yet just restrictive enough to imprison people with impunity for disrespecting the state: insidious, glossed over slavery.

Techniques of Propaganda and Persuasion
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Just take a look at this video on Sesame Credit: a “rating system” for Chinese citizens, to become mandatory in 2020. Very Orwellian.

Who knows what people’s funds conjured that abomination of an article into existence.

We know who conjured this article series into existence though: the Rockefeller Foundation sponsors a series called “Cities” on the Guardian.

“Cities” is composed of articles literally written by Rockefeller Foundation people at Resilient Cities, to advocate globalist “solutions” to such things as poverty.

Take a hard look at the articles here in this “Cities” section. Look at the common ideology promoted by all the articles. That’s the “hegemony disguised as philanthropy” stuff, the dead opposite of Agorism, sovereignty, power to the people.

“Resilient Cities” basically promotes centralizing power and entrusting government with solving socioeconomic problems, standing in hard opposition to ideals of self sufficiency and the common people building a future.


Also indicative of the Guardian’s bending towards the interests of the extremely wealthy, check out this article series sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

This bizarre article “Are Gates and Rockefeller Using Their Influence to Set Agenda in Poor States?” is the Gates Foundation writing about themselves.

They are trying to disassociate their name from “skewing priorities” or abuse of power: using subversive tactics to make their bottomless funds seem innocuous.

rockefeller gates

For info on why the Rockefeller Foundation should be seen in a malefic light, watch this documentary. It is mostly about the distant past of the Rockefeller family and oil, but it should illustrate the kind of “elite culture” from which all of this is born.

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind
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If you familiarize yourself with this culture and the history of these people, there should be no question on where their morals stand: they represent malice and power. It grows more insidious and fashionable by the day, but those who care grow wiser by the day as well.

Please share this with as many people as possible: post this article on a comment every time someone shares an article from the Guardian.

(Image credit: the Guardian, Corbett Report)

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