Advice on Caring for Your Epileptic Dog


There is no denying the fact that tending to the needs of an ill pet can be challenging. So, upon discovery that your dog is dealing with a complex condition known as canine epilepsy, one can only wonder how to make sure their furry friend is okay. Whether their condition is minor and easily manageable or borderline life-threatening it is imperative that you give your dog TLC daily to improve their health. Below are some suggestions on how to do this:

Characteristics of Epilepsy in Dogs

While in most instances, the dog seizures are mild and last a few seconds, there are seizures that can be more severe and long-lasting. Should your dog experience a seizure lasting more than 10 minutes it is ideal that you get help from a vet right away. Here is a brief look at the categories of seizures in dogs:

·  Petit mal – these are seizures that result in the partial loss of muscle control. You might notice your dog staring and/or staggering.

·  Grand mal – this category of seizures results in significant loss of muscle control. Your dog might lose consciousness and coordination.

·  Status Epilepticus – this is when your dog might have multiple seizures in a row.

·  Cluster seizures – this is when your dog might have multiple seizures throughout the day.

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How to Care for Your Epileptic Dog

It is imperative that you begin treatments for your dog right away to prevent the seizures from getting worse. Here are some tips on how to make tending to the needs of your dog a lot easier:

1.  Keep seizure medications with you

2.  Some find that cannabis and other supplements can aide their dogs better than the use of prescribed medication. Talk with your vet about alternative treatment options you might use to manage their seizures.

3.  Noise and sound sensitivities are common. Keep your dog comfortable by dimming the lights and having a quiet place for them that is quiet.

4.  Should your dog have a seizure, try cooling them down by wiping them with a moist cloth or turning on the fan.

5.  To keep your dog calm in the midst of a seizure you must remain calm yourself and try saying their name gently to get them to calm down while you care for them.

6.  Have a plan of action in mind should the seizures become severe or consistent. Plan things like where you will take your dog, how you will transport them, and what things you’ll need to have packed and by the door.

7.  When away from home, keep your dog in a crate to prevent them from hurting themselves should they have a seizure.

Take Care of You

Your dog is a member of your family and obviously, their health and well-being are important to you. Be that as it may, if you’re not caring for yourself, you can’t give your dog the care they need. Seeing your dog struggle with seizures can be rough on you mentally and physically. Make sure that you’re taking care of your physical and mental needs. Eat well, get a good night’s rest, and even consider asking the vet for a list of support groups you can go to to vent with owners going through a similar scenario.

Living with an epileptic dog will certainly take some getting used to as no one wants to see their pet going through such a trying time. The best thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your pet is to provide them with the care they need and to take care of yourself in the process. Keep all of these tips in mind when caring for your epileptic dog to provide love, safety, and comfort they need to heal.

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