Forced Medication in Prison: Suicides From Injections of Psych Drugs Go Unnoticed

forced injection

By Cassius Kamarampi

(Era of Wisdom) In 2008, a man named Michael Heston hung himself in incarceration at Federal Medical Center in Rochester, Minnesota, after being forced to endure injections of psych meds involuntarily on a regular basis.

He wrote to a medical freedom advocacy group called Mind Freedom begging for help, saying “I live in mortal fear,” and “The needle has me terrified, they just keep sticking me every two weeks and I feel like death.”

Although the good people at Mind Freedom sent out a public request for help to assist him, the pain of this strange drug would eventually drive him to suicide, as certain psych meds including SSRI anti-depressants have been known to do.

This video explains the situation of forced psychiatric medication in prison, or you could read the rest of this article below.


You can read this local news article, one of the only news outlets who paid any mind to this forgotten soul in 2008.

This is one story out of who knows how many, of forced “medication” in prison, completely under the radar of public scrutiny because not enough people care to speak up.

Many people know about private prisons and slave labor, but how many know that pharmaceutical companies profit from incarceration?

This Global Research article sums up exactly who profits from what is essentially slave labor in prison:

“At least 37 states have legalized the contracting of prison labor by private corporations that mount their operations inside state prisons.

The list of such companies contains the cream of U.S. corporate society: IBM, Boeing, Motorola, Microsoft, AT&T, Wireless, Texas Instrument, Dell, Compaq, Honeywell, Hewlett-Packard, Nortel, Lucent Technologies, 3Com, Intel, Northern Telecom, TWA, Nordstrom’s, Revlon, Macy’s, Pierre Cardin, Target Stores, and many more.

All of these businesses are excited about the economic boom generation by prison labor. Just between 1980 and 1994, profits went up from $392 million to $1.31 billion. Inmates in state penitentiaries generally receive the minimum wage for their work, but not all; in Colorado, they get about $2 per hour, well under the minimum.”

Pharma corporations such as Pfizer and Eli Lilly directly profit from forced medication, as their psych meds are sold to be used in penitentiaries. They are not dumb about their profit margin: they know that in 1990, their profits began to rise; however large or small that profit margin is.

Since a 1990 Supreme Court ruling decided that it was not in fact the right of a prisoner to decide what substances were injected into their body, or forced down their throat, manufacturers of psych drugs have gotten paid.
We must remember our incarcerated brothers and sisters and never forget to show everyone what is really going on behind bars: just as we can’t forget our brothers and sisters in Syria or Yemen, being droned or starved by the U.S. government in another land as they incarcerate us for victimless crimes in the “homeland.”

Please share this with every single person you know with incarcerated family members. People need to know this.


Image credit: Mind Freedom


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