Naturopath Faces Trial Over Alleged Raw Food Advice to Breastfeeding Mom

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By Brandon Turbeville

Demonstrating yet again how the Western world is the guiding light of democracy and freedom, Australian officials have charged Marilyn Bodnar, a 60-year-old naturopath, with “recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and aiding or abetting failure to provide necessities of life to a child.”

The prosecution for the Campbell town local court alleges that a 33-year-old maternity ward nurse went to the naturopath for advice regarding her baby’s eczema. It is alleged by the prosecution that Bodnar told the woman, who was still breastfeeding at the time, that eczema was caused by toxins which need to be eliminated and then devised a raw-food diet and instructed her to only consume water and watermelon for three days.

The prosecution also alleges that the baby’s weight loss was justified by the naturopath as merely his body’s way of eliminating toxins. The prosecution also alleges that when the baby became sick and was projectile vomiting that Bodnar replied that this was good because he was deeply eliminating the toxins. It is alleged that the 18-month-old boy was only days away from death when his mother finally took him to the hospital in May 2015. It is reported that he was severely malnourished, dehydrated, underweight, had low sodium levels and sunken eyes as well as being developmentally delayed showing the equivalent skills of a 3-month-old.

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Bodnar’s lawyer, Alex Walker, says that Bodnar advised the mother to eat healthy and continue to breastfeed but that the woman ignored the advice. The debate is now raging as to whom is responsible for the child’s “failure to thrive” – the mother or the doctor.

In keeping with Western and especially Australian tradition, someone will undoubtedly be punished whether they are guilty or not. The only question will be which be – which individual?

But a bigger question is at play here. Is this really a situation in which the state should be stepping in?

It seems relatively clear that neither the naturopath nor the mother intentionally harmed the baby. At worst, this is a case of either bad advice or failure to follow instructions. It is not a case of malice or abuse. In free societies, parents have the right to make decisions which are not popular and which unfortunately sometimes have bad results. Likewise, individuals have the right to share information and recommendations whether based in ignorance or based in research with others.

The reason that we now see a trial of a naturopath and confrontation between the practitioner and the parent, is because the Australian justice system saw an individual health crisis and immediately rushed to lock someone up. On someone’s part, bad decisions were made but they were rectified. But that is not good enough for the state. Punishing parents for mistakes and punishing practitioners (provided that their advice was given honestly and without deception) is also a dangerous trend in Australia, a country that has launched a jihad against anything that didn’t come out of Big Pharma’s womb.

So we must ask – will Australia’s army of prosecutors also be filing charges against medical doctors who prescribe drugs which send children to the hospital with seizures, high fevers, deafness or in many cases, kill them. With the extraordinarily large number of Big Pharma victims, it seems that the Australian legal system would be keeping itself quite busy. But perhaps lawyers and prosecutors are simply too busy tracking down anything related to natural health to worry with Big Pharma just yet.

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