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Prolonged grief can be paralyzing – when Norah Casey had to trudge through it, she made an accidental discovery for getting unstuck from grief.

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Business woman and former Dragon Norah Casey went on a quest to unearth the science behind the crippling debilitation of grief following the death of her husband and reveals the secret to igniting your passion for life (and it doesn’t involved “five stages”).

Broadcaster and publishing entrepreneur Norah Casey was formerly a Dragon in the popular television series Dragons’ den and is a well-known radio and television personality. Her documentary exploring issues around death and the Irish titled Way to Go was aired on RTE 1 in July 2014.


Casey is owner and Chairwoman of Harmonia, Ireland’s largest magazine publishing company, printing over four million magazines annually for the Irish, British and USA market and selling on average 2.6 million in the Irish market annually.
She decided to leave Dragons’ Den the successful business entrepreneur show in 2013 to pursue a full time career in radio and television.

Having run many successful publishing companies in London, Norah bought her own business, Harmonia, in 2004 with a strong portfolio of brands and events.
A journalist and former nurse, Norah has been Ireland’s Publisher of the Year no fewer than four times.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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