Bruce Lee’s Daughter Just Gave a Live Facebook Q & A About Her Father


By Heather Callaghan

Today is the 43rd anniversary of Bruce Lee’s passing. It was a day of remembrance for people around the world as they tuned in to a Live Facebook video, given by the late martial artist and actor’s daughter, Shannon.

The fascination with Lee’s life has only grown since his death at the age of 33. Lee had two children. People are mostly familiar with his older child, Brandon Lee. He, too,died tragically, after having just turned 28, while shooting The Crow. Controversy still surrounds both of their early deaths.

The ever-quotable Bruce Lee created the martial art form known as Jeet Kune Do. He wrote the The Tao of Jeet Kune Do. He was also a philosopher, filmmaker, father, husband and so much more. The world is still riveted as footage continues to be compiled showcasing his laser-like movements – YouTube Bruce Lee ping-paddling if you’d like be so blown away that you cover your mouth with your hand for five minutes. He did not use a paddle.

His daughter Shannon runs Bruce Lee Enterprises and discussed an upcoming biopic, a Bruce Lee museum coming in Hong Kong and a future book about his early life. And she introduced us to Bruce Lee’s granddaughter. Her name is Ren and she is an adorable 13 year old who enjoys singing (as opposed to martial arts).

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She discussed his method of dealing with bullies. He was forbearing until the perpetrator would push him to the brink or rally others against him. Then he could gently take them down without harm, and that would end the harassment. Thus, you get a picture of the intense discipline behind martial arts.

Here are some questions and answers that came up during the talk:

His faith? He was definitely spiritually grounded, his daughter discussed kindness.

Weaknesses: Temper. Having patience, especially with the people working with him.

Favorite colors: Red and gold, not to wear but for their cultural significance. He liked blue in the house.

Phobias: Cockroaches; he wasn’t scared, he just really hated them. Major fear of failure. Bruce Lee once pondered, “What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.”

Breakfast: Congee – a savory rice porridge in broth, topped with organ meats like kidneys, livers and hearts. Also high-protein drinks with peanut butter, bananas and other protein additions. Other biographies state that he did not want “the wrong fuel” and avoided baked goods, refined flour and junk food so as not to perform sloppily.

Supplements: Both Western and Eastern supplements, but not too many. Some that were mentioned were brewer’s yeast, royal jelly, and bee pollen. He drank teas throughout the day and his daughter has produced his formulated tea blend.

Hobbies: Fast cars, his Porsche. Talked himself out of speeding tickets. A true love for martial art forms and an extensive weapons collections. His children used his shurikens (throwing stars) to throw at plywood. He loved reading, drawing and creating poetry. He wrote screenplays. He used to cut hair!

He looked into all forms of athleticism like Western boxing and also scientific laws, such as those defined by Newton. He wasn’t naturally flexible and he danced a lot – it helped him with his movements. He ran all the time because it was a form of meditation. His daughter notes that people didn’t listen to music while they ran back then.

Bruce Lee appreciated jokes and had a great sense-of-humor. He loved to clown around and laugh a lot. A big, boisterous personality that loved to make other people laugh and bring joy into their lives. He cared about people and tried to help them.

One of my favorite Bruce Lee quotes:

The medicine for my suffering. I had within me from the very beginning, But I did not take it. Click to Tweet

His daughter is carrying the Bruce Lee love and wanting it to flow out to all the world – that is her mission. Here is the recorded video if you’d like to learn more about Lee’s life.

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