Animals Now Listed As “Sentient Beings” Rather Than Property In Quebec

Animal1By Amanda Froelich

The Canadian province of Quebec used to be regarded as a haven for puppy mills, but that has since changed. In a bill tabled in Quebec in 2015, animals are now considered “sentient beings” rather than property. The legislation states:

Animals are not things. They are sentient beings and have biological needs.

According to CBC News, Agriculture Minister Pierre Paradis was responsible for proposing the bill. He – along with many other animal rights activists – is inspired to quell the injustices being done against all kinds of species around the world.

Those who abuse animals and their needs may be fined unto $250,000. And, up to 18 months in prison is a possibility for repeat offenders.

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Paradis told the press that Quebec’s new legislation would put it in line with the other provinces in Canada, such as British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario. He also said he wants to see animals “treated with dignity as much as possible” it doesn’t matter what animal.”

It is important to note that the legislation applies to ALL domesticated and farm animals and certain wild animals. That’s right, even abusing a goldfish will warrant a reprimand. Inspectors now have increased power to demand to see if an animal is being cared for properly as long as they invoke a “reasonable cause.” In order to enter a home and seize animals, however, they must provide a warrant.

Paradis has a simple solution to avoiding the harsh consequences of abusing animals, however. He states:

If you have a goldfish you have to take care of it. Don’t get a goldfish if you don’t want to take care of it.

Is this a sign that humans are evolving in consciousness and learning to treat other beings with respect? Comment your thoughts below and share this news!

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