Post Apocalyptic Mini Tin Can Amplifier Needs No Electricity


By Heather Callaghan

I went to a book reading by Emily St. John Mandel –  author of Station Eleven. It’s a post-apocalyptic story about the perseverance of theater, art and music during a time where all modern conveniences have ceased during an extinction-level-event. In essence, it’s about the perseverance of humanity for the survivors who keep art alive. The author gets the reader truly entrenched in that type of world – no more electric guitars…, I heard her say. No more rock concerts. No more turning on the radio. 

Wonders never cease – a young man has demonstrated how to configure just the type of amplifier needed in a post-apocalyptic world – a tin box amplifier and cardboard box speaker. The rest is salvaged material, perfect after nuclear fallout, he says.

It really, really works. You’d never know it wasn’t plugged in. That means, he can also give an impromptu concert anytime, anywhere – no outlets needed. And no need to lug giant equipment around. Is it safe to say he’s a genius? Watch the video but be sure to print his Instructable for when you want to build your own amp.

mini amp

Now, in the actual unfortunate event of an apocalypse – can we really make this amp without the use of electricity during construction? Yes – if you have a battery-operated soldering iron.

I’m not gonna lie – I could never actually pull off this DIY project – but it sure is fascinating to watch, and I just know some of our talented readers can reconstruct this. Why just survive – keep art and music alive.

Dear Evan – I’d love to see if you can use a microphone with it – maybe come up with that post-apocalyptic karaoke-ish machine.

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LM386 Datasheet:…

H/T: Adafruit

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