Who Attempted the Covert Sterilization of Mexican School Children with Vaccines in 1974?

By Melissa Dykes

You could say the idea of the so-called “Population Bomb” may have actually exploded in 1974.

That was the year of the first World Population Conference in Bucharest. Effects of the 1973 oil crisis were being felt hard, with the price of oil quadrupled from $3 to nearly $12 a barrel. Oh, and speaking of war criminal Henry Kissinger, ’74 was also the year of his infamous National Security Study Memorandum 200, which listed the “population problem” of unchecked growth in “LDCs” (less developed countries) as a potential risk to U.S. national security.

The document is dated April 24, 1974.

Concentration on this “problem” of how to reduce the population was planned for 13 key countries, including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Colombia. Of those, the document singled out Mexico as having one of the highest (and therefore, most worrisome) growth rates of all. The document read, “Perhaps the most significant population trend from the viewpoint of the United States is the prospect that Mexico’s population will increase from 50 million in 1970 to over 130 million by the year 2000.”

The newspapers had been sounding the alarm about Mexico’s population bomb in the years leading up to 1974.
CUTmexicopopulationLebanon_Daily_News_Thu__Oct_8__1970_  seekdecreaseinmexicosbirthrate1972

Note that Mexico resisted population control policies, but the World Bank “insisted the country do something to cut down its population growth.”

One of the strategies of NSSM 200 included, “Can technological innovations or development reduce growth or ameliorate its effects?”

…technological innovations?

Perhaps that’s why a group of people decided to forcibly sterilize groups of Mexican children against their will and parents wishes in December 1974 with a novel anti-fertility vaccine.

A few small news clippings about the incident hit American papers between December 11–13, usually buried in a tiny corner of a page somewhere in the middle of the paper.


Key points from these clippings:

  • A group of white robed men and women “who looked like foreigners” disguised as inoculation teams showed up at schools and gave shots that reportedly sterilized Mexican school children. Reports were that the teams specifically targeted poor kids.
  • One television network claimed the people were “orientals,” but another source who called in claimed the teams were made up of American doctors and nurses. The teams reportedly had police escorts when they showed up at the schools.
  • Inoculation at a Mexican school would have raised quite a few alarm bells because, although the country routinely held vaccination drives, they were never held at schools.
  • The “rumors” began in the north in Nuevo Leon, then the south in Chiapas and then moved to Mexico City, where thousands of angry parents “in slum areas” stormed and barricaded schools, and removed their children from them. Thousands of parents. Some 35-40% of elementary kids were absent Wednesday of that week.
  • According to the National Action party, “The rare vaccine, until now never used, much less as part of a campaign which appears to cover many parts of the republic, is given to each child in three places: the umbilicis, the chest, and the spinal column.”
  • Manual Stephens Garcia of the Popular Socialist Party blamed “the right wing, the multinational corporations, and the Central Intelligence Agency.”
  • The government broadcast denial of the “rumors” and ran front-page newspaper stories to “calm the fears.”

A “rare vaccine” that was never used until then?

It would seem this “rumor” had quite a few very specific details, didn’t it?

While the papers spun this story and attempted to chalk it all up to falsehoods and fearmongering based on the next political race, it was two years off at that point. Would thousands of parents really storm schools throughout Mexico City barring the doors and yanking their kids out just based on mere (highly specific) rumor alone without any facts whatsoever to back it up?

Remember, this is a time well before social media and cell phones.

Sadly, there are reasons aside from NSSM 200 that make this story more believable as fact than fiction, and it involves the usual depopulation suspects.

By 1974, newspapers were proclaiming that sterilization itself was socially acceptable as “just a form of birth control.”


Coercive sterilizations under the banner of “family planning” were taking place all over the globe that year. The U.S. government was also exposed for having funded sterilizations on minorities, poor women, people who were mentally ill, deaf or blind, those with Epilepsy and others who were considered “unfit,” to have babies. This even included little kids who it was deemed should never have children of their own. In April 1974, it came to light in the papers that the government had sterilized of some 1,204 girls and boys all under the age of 21 at federally funded clinics across the country. These figures included a ten year old, an eleven year old, and ten 13 year olds. Making sure people couldn’t readily reproduce and propagandizing infertility as an Earth saving measure in the face of (artificial) scarcity was the order of the day. And that’s how the government its own people, let alone those in Kissinger’s 13 key countries as Mexico definitely was.

Just the year before in 1973, two researchers published work on an anti-fertility vaccine in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology titled, “Effects of Immunization with Hapten-Coupled HCG on the Human Menstrual Cycle.” In the study, the doctors immunized women who had already been physically sterilized but still had ovaries with human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG), which lead to detectable anti-HCG antibodies in their systems — in essence, the vaccine made the women’s bodies attack the very hormone needed for a viable pregnancy. The researchers concluded, “Practical use of active isoimmunization may prove of considerable value in the study of reproductive mechanisms and perhaps in fertility regulation in humans.” Studies on the use of antibodies to regulate fertility had been going on, however, for decades.

As we’ve previously reported at Truthstream, the Rockefeller Foundation had been quietly funding research on just such an anti-fertility vaccine since at least 1968 according to their own reports. In 1973, the foundation reported financial support for a number of population control studies (as it had every year for decades), but specifically including one at Colorado State University of the corpus luteum in ewes. The report states, “Since the corpus luteum is a cyclic ovarian structure responsible for the early maintenance of pregnancy, the possibility of inhibiting its function by chemical or immunological agents holds great promise for fertility control.” [emphasis added]

However, the Rockefeller Foundation wasn’t the only organization working on an anti-fertility vaccine at the time.

In 1972, the United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Population Fund, the World Health Organization and the World Bank got together and collaborated on the “Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (HRP)” with a goal to “coordinate, promote, conduct, and evaluate research in human reproduction.” The World Health Organization was the face on the research into producing an hCG-laced anti-fertility vaccine, actually specifically forming a Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation in guess what year? 1973.

Since the World Health Organization is the United Nations and the United Nations is Rockefeller, it’s all one big happy incestuous group with the same goal: world population reduction.

The same year the Rockefeller Foundation admitted his foundation was working on an anti-fertility vaccine, under the headline “‘Unemployed Rockefeller Crusades for Control of World Population” in the January 1, 1968 El Paso Herald-Post, John D. Rockefeller III was quoted as saying, “There is no problem more important than population control. It is directly related to the matter of meaningful peace. Until you get this problem (of birth control) resolved, you can’t resolve the other problems. With the atomic bomb, we’re hoping that civilization will be strong enough to avoid it. With the population bomb, you see it coming down the road at you. You can’t avoid it. It’s just a matter of degree of seriousness in the tragedy that will result. Even if measures are taken now, it will still be a problem.”

Many horror stories of this exact type of vaccine being administered to populations in developing countries without their knowledge have come out since.

As Jon Rappoport reported,

There were unconfirmed reports from the Philippines and Mexico that their 1993 tetanus vaccination programs—which were supposedly administered only to women of childbearing age—involved multiple injections.

Tetanus vaccine protocols indicate that one injection is good for ten years. Therefore, multiple injections would indicate another motive for the vaccinations—such as the anti-fertility effect of hCG planted in the vaccine.

More recently just this past November, we reported on similar stories of hCG-laced tetanus shots coming out of Kenya:

Over a million women and girls of childbearing age have been given a tetanus shot laced with an anti-fertility agent that will make them unable to get pregnant or cause miscarriages if they are pregnant. 

The vaccination program was targeted only at women and girls of childbearing age who were required to take a whopping FIVE shots over the course of two years. Similar covert sterilization programs via the same tetanus vaccine have surfaced throughout other parts of the developing world, including Thailand, Mexico, Nicaragua, and the Philippines. 

Even though Kenya’s Catholic bishops have sent six of these vaccine samples to two different independent labs which came back positive that the shots were laced with HCG — which will essentially make a woman create antibodies to their own pregnancy hormones — the Kenyan government has ignored the evidence and will continue to vaccinate another 1.3 million women (and somewhere over at the World Bank, horrible troll people bent on world domination and depopulation are high-fiving…) 

The vaccine is sponsored by the World Health Organization and Unicef, which is pretty telling considering that the WHO is one of the first organizations to create and test an infertility vaccine…

Five shots? Perhaps the technique has been perfected by now.

However, it would appear these anti-fertility vaccine horrors have been going on not just since the 1990s, but for four decades.

And it just keeps happening.

Melissa Dykes (formerly Melton) is a co-founder of TruthstreamMedia.com, where this first appeared. She is an experienced researcher, graphic artist and investigative journalist with a passion for liberty and a dedication to truth. Her aim is to expose the New World Order for what it is — a prison for the human soul from which we must break free.

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