HPV Vaccine Damaged Girls in Colombia Stir International Quest for Justice

by Catherine J. Frompovich

During all my years of research regarding vaccines, their chemical compositions, and inevitable adverse reactions or events, I never failed to question how come – or why – the U.S. CDC and/or FDA never “got it” with regard to all the adverse events and ill-health reports filed for the health problems apparently induced by vaccines, especially since the U.S. CDC vaccine mandates of the 1980s.

Protracted vaccine-induced health problems have magnified (see the VAERS reports) to the point where, currently, there is a tremendous backlash against vaccines, which probably is long overdue, and needs to be supported by medical professionals, who ought to know better. Undoubtedly, one would think that MDs were ‘pimping’ for Big Pharma, if one didn’t know better.

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In the October 6, 2014 issue of Time, Jeffrey Kluger wrote the article “Who’s Afraid Of A Little Vaccine?”, which seems to make sense, except when a reader steps back, evaluates, and parses the obvious “set-in-stone” debate that Kluger proffers. Obviously, there is much to challenge about Kluger’s pontifications, especially when one is either a consumer health researcher with no financial interests in vaccines, as I have been; or is not willing to accept the ‘force-fed’ dogma that vaccines cannot harm, which is total medical mythology and poppycock; or is not a paid astroturfer.

To scientifically refute vaccine apologists’ ‘fairy tales’, please check out The Vaccine Research Library where you can read thousands upon thousands of valid published medical research, papers, abstracts, articles, etc. that expose the real, documented harm vaccines cause. Furthermore, I document and explain many toxic ingredients from published peer review articles in vaccines in my 2013 book, Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines.

Every pharmaceutical ever manufactured by Big Pharma had/has contraindications, adverse reactions, or warnings and precautions as published in every pharmaceutical product’s “package insert” (PI). One such example is the PI for Merck & Company’s HPV vaccine Gardasil®. Furthermore, every parent or legal guardian should be required by law to read/study every vaccine PI before each vaccination can be administered, as part of the educational campaign to vaccinate their children.

Reading the Gardasil PI, one easily can see that “…other seizure-like activity, has been reported following vaccination with GARDASIL.” Since seizure-like activity can encompass a litany of central nervous system (CNS) issues or problems, why do the CDC, FDA and Merck not recognize or admit that the CNS problems girls have been experiencing after Gardasil shots – a series of 3 injections several months apart – can be related, or even cause them?

As an aside, some recent research may be of help to Gardasil damage/repair researchers. Since most CNS damage usually involves myelin sheath damage, new research is showing promise that the medicinal mushroom Hericium erinaceus, aka the Lion’s Mane or Monkey’s Head, may improve transmission of nerve messages and myelin sheath growth. [See 15, 16]

In the South American country of Colombia over 700 girls have been adversely affected, which I will discuss later. But the serious concern is how come HPV vaccines have been allowed to stay on the market, damage, and kill vaccinees when no one in the CDC, FDA, U.S. Congress, who has oversight, and the supposed ‘free press’ have not been able to do something to expose these life-threatening and life-altering HPV vaccines for recall.

For the official record, the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) reports that twelve (12) deaths were attributed to HPV vaccines as filed or reported with them. [1]

Whereas, according to the SGS website regarding automotive industry recalls,

In a recall, products of a production serial or batch with harmful manufacturing defects are retrieved from the market. Such a recall can be ordered by official testing authorities or upon a firm’s own request. [2] [CJF emphasis added]

Quite frankly, nothing is more valid proof of apparent serious harmful manufacturing ingredients, e.g., toxic chemicals and neurotoxins, regarding Gardasil, in this writer’s opinion, than the CDC’s VAERS reports statistics for HPV vaccines, as stated on SaneVax’s website [3]:

Question: How many faulty airbags prompted their recall?

Answer: “Four fatalities and more than 100 injuries have been linked to the Takata air bags…”

Now, here’s where we realize the obvious ill-found logic of Big Pharma’s and vaccine apologists’ religious, faith-like belief about vaccines that they can do no harm and are not responsible nor contribute to health problems, which the medical professions assert are “coincidental,” especially regarding the HPV vaccines. When in fact, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (the Vaccine Court) has paid out $39,176,070.00 in claims in Fiscal Year to Date (Dec. 2014) alone, per Page 3 of that report.

However, or perhaps, here’s where the real deal may be found: The financial spread sheet on vaccine revenues and payouts, i.e., Cumulative Results of Operations total $3,515,428,504.10. That’s over Three-and-a-half BILLION U.S. Dollars. That’s not chicken feed!

Where has that money gone? How much went to injured vaccinees? How much of the taxes collected on each and every vaccine sold, which the feds collect, does the U.S. government utilize or manage, and how? Should we question whether it is a Ponzi-like scheme that Uncle Sam operates supposedly on behalf of injured vaccinees, but winds up being operated, in most cases, against damaged vaccinees due to claims being dismissed by Vaccine Court masters? Compare the number of awards compensated (3897) with the number of payments (4912) to attorneys of dismissed cases. Where is the U.S. Congress on this, and why are they mute?

Probably, they are luxuriating in the back pockets of Big Pharma’s Capitol Hill lobbyists. Don’t believe that? Well, read what The Center for Public Integrity says:

It’s actually the pharmaceutical industry that spends the most each year to influence our lawmakers, forking over a total of $2.6 billion on lobbying activities from 1998 through 2012, according to OpenSecrets.org. [4] Emphasis added.

In 14 to 15 years, Big Pharma ‘hush money’ amounted to $2.6 BILLION!

That, alone, ought to tell anyone with an ounce of gray matter inside their cranium that money speaks louder than expository, critical, valid science. Unfortunately, lobbyists’ money also tends to make ‘religious converts’ in Congress regarding vaccine pseudoscience ‘faith dogmas’, and allows lobbyists to write vested-interest-laws for Congresspersons to introduce.

That’s undoubtedly why the U.S. Congress kowtowed to Big Pharma in 1986 and ever since, I contend. Big Pharma apparently used ‘terrorist tactics’, in a sense, as Pharma said if it didn’t procure a “Get out of jail free” card regarding ethical/legal/financial liability-free damage status for their vaccines, then they would stop making vaccines. I’d call that ‘shot gun legislation’, i.e., Put coercive monetary guns to anyone’s head and, of course, they will cave. Seemingly, Congress was a little too eager to cave, I contend, and it’s been ‘hell on earth’ for thousands, if not millions, of infants, toddlers, teens, and adults ever since 1986 when the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act was passed.

Subsequently, autism went from 1 in 10,000 in the late 1970s to currently 1 in 68. We now have over 90% vaccinated children in the USA [17]; 95% is targeted for supposed acquired ‘herd immunity’ status.

Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly was nowhere on the medical radar until after the medical cartel mandated senior citizens get annual flu shots and pneumococcal vaccines, both of which contain neurotoxins and toxic chemicals. Currently, there are 5.1 million Alzheimer’s patients [5]. Another thing that we didn’t have, until after the senior citizen vaccine campaigns, was lockdown Alzheimer residences.

Is there any correlation and causation going on? Possibly, and that’s what needs to be investigated by independent, non-Pharma-affiliated researchers and scientists who will produce unbiased reports not financed nor published by Big Pharma in their ‘peer review’ journals that they own, influence, and publish.

Later on you will learn how Colombia is reacting to Gardasil-vaccine-damaged girls. But, here’s more about the monetary aspects of vaccines in the USA.

ftp://ftp.publicdebt.treas.gov/dfi/tfmb/dfivi1214.pdf   Page 5

Now, let’s juxtapose the above figures against the figures taken from

Totals for FY (Fiscal Year) 1989 thru 2015

HRSA National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Statistics Report

http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/statisticsreport.pdf Page 4

Personally, this writer thinks there ought to be a convincing explanation about the differences between the two figures. Maybe there even ought to be an independent audit by the Inspector General – just in case!

Now on to Colombia’s Gardasil Nightmare

According to a January 6, 2015 report on Elheraldo.co, parents of injured girls in Carmen de Bolivar were outraged when the Colombian National Institute of Health (INS) ’leaked’ the final report on their ’scientific investigation’ into the epidemic of new medical conditions occurring after the administration of the second dose of Gardasil. [6]

SaneVax published “HPV vaccine controversy in Colombia continues” [6] wherein more of the details regarding the 700 injured Gardasil HPV vaccinees appear, which readers are encouraged to read in full to appreciate what’s been going on.

The comments this writer wishes to make regarding the Colombia HPV vaccine problems include:

The Colombian Inspector General’s response is totally different from what happens in the USA where harmed vaccinees are ‘hung out to dry’ and left to fend for themselves with parents being saddled with all sorts of problems and medical bills for seriously injured, previously healthy “Gardasil girls.” 

“He also requested further monitoring and timely comprehensive treatment to girls who were apparently affected by the HPV vaccine.” [6] Emphasis added.

His other recommendations can be read in the SaneVax article. But, the real clincher is that the Colombian judicial system is making certain that all those injured by this recent Gardasil health problem affecting so many young girls, who are disabled, are provided all the required treatments regardless of “whether or not the costs incurred are covered in the patient’s current health insurance program or the Public Health Plan (POS).” [6] Emphasis added.

Can you imagine that ever happening in the USA?

Incidentally, the attorney representing many Gardasil-injured girls,

Monica Leon Del Rio is no stranger to the HPV vaccine controversy. She is the mother of a young woman who experienced paralysis and various medical dysfunctions after the administration of HPV vaccine in January 2013. She is currently representing at least 50 other girls from El Carmen de Bolivar who are exhibiting new medical conditions after using HPV vaccines. Her mission is to ensure survivors of HPV vaccinations receive proper medical diagnosis and treatment. [6] Emphasis added.

Ironically and utterly distressing, the Colombia HPV vaccine disaster is not unique. Ongoing, there are equally serious health problems and concerns about HPV vaccine damage in numerous countries, e.g., Australia, Canada, Ireland [10], Spain [9], United Kingdom, France [7], Japan [8], and of course, in the USA where SaneVax is devoted to tracking the health-damaging course of events in vaccinees.

This truly makes no logical scientific or medical ethics sense at all.

Since high ranking honchos at USA federal and state health agencies apparently have been to college/university and earned degrees—usually of higher learning, one has to wonder what happens along the way that seemingly impedes administrators, medical doctors, and researchers from understanding that the prime reason for science and research is to find/research, investigate, and give expression to uncovering and exposing ideas, facts, and information that contradict not only the logic but the proprietary-science of vested interests, especially Big Pharma.

Proprietary- science ought to be outlawed! In this writer’s opinion, it’s nothing short of ‘vested interest piracy’. However, all the chemical and pharmaceutical companies get away with it hook, line, and sinker! Their ‘science’ is what federal and state agencies accept as valid when, in reality, most of it is ‘fudged’ as safe in order to sell products. Here’s a perfect example:

http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303277704579346430438409534 .

Furthermore, why is it required protocol to propagate the obviously apparent vested-interest-controlled pseudoscience ‘vaccine dogmas’ as if they are ‘articles of faith’—and especially under penalty of law—or suffer professional excommunication from the ‘church of medical peer status’?

Here’s a rather interesting age-old ‘professional faith and beliefs’ corollary: Socrates.

“More specifically, Socrates’ accusers cited two “impious” acts: “failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges” and “introducing new deities”.” [14]

For those not familiar with Socrates’ fate, he was required by the law at that time to drink the poisonous hemlock, which killed him.

Haven’t medicine and science learned anything from Copernicus [11], Galileo [12], and Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis [13]? Or, are they afraid that exposed and documented science will destroy their apparently greedy fiefdoms, pharmaceutical empires, and ‘house of cards’? In the meantime, globally, girls—the future mothers of tomorrow—are being sidelined from life and living by the horrendous vaccine damage caused by HPV vaccines. That has to stop. Go, Colombia, get justice!

Post Script:

After submitting this article, I received the following devastating information from Child Health Safety regarding vaccines causing sudden infant deaths. Since CHS in the UK is breaking this story, I’d like for readers to read it on their website HERE.

This information was required to be published by a Court Order in Italy.

The following information is from the PubMed publication of January 13, 2015

“The GlaxoSmithKline Biological Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance’s confidential report to the Regulatory Authority on Infanrix hexa (combined Diptheria Tetanus and Acelluar Pertusis, Hepatitis B, inactivated Poliomyelitis and Haemophilus influenza type B vaccine for the period 23 October 2009 to 22 October 2011 (the 15th and 16th Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR)) has been made available to the public by the Italian Court of Justice Nicola Di Leo and is now available on the internet (http://autismoevaccini.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/vaccin-dc3a9cc3a8s.pdf)”.

Truly, a ‘House of Cards’ has to come down.


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Catherine retired from researching and writing, but felt compelled to write this article. 

Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.

Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.

Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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