Shareable’s 15 Ways to Thrive in a New Economy

By Heather Callaghan, where have you been all of my life? I clicked all over you recently.

Shareable is a non-profit news hub for people to share ideas and real how-to information for transformation amid a crisis-ridden world. Read: grassroots economics. A fallen economy doesn’t frighten them and you won’t find arm-chair rants on their activism website. If doing something with your time, fixing a problem or working towards a solution before waving a white flag is your gig, then look no further. Without apology, they act first and tell you how to do it later. It’s a place where one can breathe a sigh of relief and leave bitter resignation at the door. If nothing else, it’s just plain interesting to see people changing things from the bottom up.

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For instance, have you ever thought about starting a farmers market? A business without bank loans? Or do you just want to live adventurously with barely anything – like how to date, travel and have fun for free? Beat the system with a free education and learn to thrive in a “new economy.”

Tell us what you think of their ideas below – Take what you like and leave the rest.

The ideology of the site’s standpoint might not match up with yours. But what they definitely have are plenty of ideas and how to execute them. Here are some that were featured in their Top 15 How-To’s with some description:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Traveling Without Money – Takes some doing but possible. Not every suggestion is practical, but offers some tips for reducing unnecessary spending.
  • How Not to Pay Taxes – Not what you think; still, an interesting look at the journey of a man who didn’t want to support war anymore.
  • How to Start a Community Currency – Just what it says. How are alternative, people-controlled currencies able to thrive today?
  • How to Throw a Community Swap Meet -Takes the guesswork out of swapping.
  • How to Start a Worker Co-op – Until now, I never knew about these. Strangely, the idea of worker-owned businesses is admired across opposite ends of the political spectrum. I wish there was more description about what they are but the writer offers links for more information. Instead of a boss-worker hierarchy it looks more like a group of entrepreneurs who all have a stake and voice in the business. It seems like a win-win for both the owner who avoids taking out bank loans and the employees who care about the company they co-own and strive to profit from – while creating more jobs.
  • How to Date Without Money – Seriously, it doesn’t take much to be romantic. Your date probably won’t even realize you haven’t spent money. Reading this list almost makes spending money seem like a snooze-fest.
  • How to Start a Housing Co-op – Resident-owned co-ops as a more affordable alternative to single family housing.
  • How to Barter, Give and Get Stuff – Also addresses time banks.
  • How to Map the New Economy – This one still eludes me, but looks innovative. Does anyone have anymore information on this one?
  • How to Start a Farmers Market – Ever wonder how it’s done? Take that Agenda 21! Stop shutting our markets down (to the complete detriment of the economy, of course).
  • How to Dumpster Dive, Eat Free and Fight Waste – Not as gross as it sounds. You don’t have to actually smell like a dumpster to achieve this – easier than you think.
  • How to Start a Repair Cafe – Does your blood boil when everything you buy is like a disposable piece of junk that breaks the second time you use it? Well, here’s a way to get together and keep those items for a long time, so that the money saved can be better spent.

The other three How To’s involved “How to Share an eBook,” “How to Share a Nanny” and “How to Set Up an Open Mesh In Your Neighborhood” which increases broadband internet strength. Hat’s off to Shareable’s Organizing Director Mira Luna, who researched and penned most of these.

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Heather Callaghan is a natural health blogger and food freedom activist. You can see her work at and Like at Facebook.

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