Catalyn® Gluten Free Whole Food Nutritional Supplement

Catalyn® GF by Standard Process (From Seed to Supplement)

360 Tablets – $40

The human body needs a host of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, everyday in order to function properly. It’s hard enough to strike the right balance if we can eat whatever we want and even harder for those on a restricted diet, like gluten free.

This is gluten-free version of the original Catalyn formula, Catalyn GF contains a combination of whole food ingredients that provide the same nutritional density as the original Catalyn, minus the gluten. In this formula, defatted wheat germ is replaced with rice bran, an excellent alternative for people who can’t tolerate wheat. Catalyn GF is:

  • Formulated with several whole food ingredients that contain complexes of nutrients, naturally occurring minerals and phytonutrients, and vitamins
  • Maintains cellular health
  • Supports a healthy body
  • Helps bridge some of the well-researched nutritional gaps in the diets of those who can’t consume gluten.

Suggested Use: Three tablets per day, or as directed.

How Catalyn GF Keeps You Healthy

Maintains Cellular Health
The vitamins in Catalyn GF (A, B complex, C, and D) support the cells and processes that keep your body healthy. From helping clean up free radicals (vitamin A) to energy generation (B vitamins), growth and repair of tissues (vitamin C), and support for bone density (vitamin D), these vitamins are key players in the body.

Keeps Your Skin Healthy
A healthy body will have vibrant and glowing skin. Catalyn GF contains vitamin A for skin-cell integrity and vitamin C for support of natural growth and repair of skin tissues and cells, as well as collagen production.

Keeps Your Heart Healthy
The vitamins and minerals found in Catalyn GF contribute to overall cardiac health by promoting healthy circulation, moderating homocysteine levels, and helping to maintain normal heart rhythm. Normal levels of vitamin D, especially, are associated with lower incidence of cardiovascular challenge.

Supports Healthy Metabolism
Catalyn GF contains the B-vitamin complex thiamin, vitamin B6, and riboflavin. B vitamins support energy metabolism, as well as immune and nervous system function.

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