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Baby Teeth Collected Six Decades Ago Will Reveal the Damage to Americans’ Health Caused by US Nuclear Weapons Tests

By Lawrence Wittner and Joseph Mangano In 2020, Harvard University’s T. C. Chan School of Public Health began a five-year study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, that will examine the connection between early life exposure to toxic metals and later-life risk of neurological…

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August Harvest vs. EMF/RF/5G: 100 years After FDR; Physical Reactions to Frequencies Are Not an Imaginary Mental Health Issue

By Jennifer Wood Clinical Dysautonomia Disguised As Neurasthenia All These Years In 1941, Dr. Mandel Ettelson Cohen was assigned the job of finding out why so many Second World War soldiers were reporting heart symptoms. President Roosevelt (FDR) had created the Committee of Medical Research…

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