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Before Presidency, Trump Claimed He Never Got Flu Shots (or “The Flu”) and That They Were a Scam. Since 1980s, U.S. Agency Paid $4B for Vaccine Injuries and Death.

By B.N. Frank Our heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has lost a loved one due to complications from “The Flu.” However, some children and adults can and have been injured by flu shots and other vaccinations. Many Americans are also still unaware that…

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“Get Your Flu Shot or You’re Gonna Die!” – As the Hysteria Campaign Gears Up, Here Are Some Amazing NATURAL Flu Remedies and Preventatives

By Meadow Clark The scary public relations campaigns pushing Americans to get seasonal flu shots have reached a hysterical fever pitch. Flu and flu-like illnesses include these symptoms lasting up to two weeks: fever with chills, severe body aches, sore throat, deep hacking cough, runny…

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