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As COVID Vaccines Head into Phase 3 Trials Big Pharma Prepares for Increase in Flu Vaccines for Fall

By Brian Shilhavy An article published in FiercePharma, a pharmaceutical marketing trade publication, is reporting that the National Institutes of Health is preparing to test experimental COVID vaccines entering into phase 3 of development on over 90,000 people this summer. The three drug companies entering…

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Before Presidency, Trump Claimed He Never Got Flu Shots (or “The Flu”) and That They Were a Scam. Since 1980s, U.S. Agency Paid $4B for Vaccine Injuries and Death.

By B.N. Frank Our heartfelt condolences go out to everyone who has lost a loved one due to complications from “The Flu.” However, some children and adults can and have been injured by flu shots and other vaccinations. Many Americans are also still unaware that…

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