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Are Dishwashers A Breeding Ground For Disease? Clean It Out With This One Easy Ingredient

By Higher Perspective A study published in Medical Mycology found that dishwashers worldwide were perfect breeding grounds for various fungal and bacterial species that can be harmful to humans. Red yeast, black mold, and candida yeast were the most likely to grow in the warm,…

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Antibacterial soap exposes health workers to high triclosan levels

UCSF-led study finds exposure to hormone disruptor from soap exceeds that from toothpaste. Handwashing with antibacterial soap exposes hospital workers to significant and potentially unsafe levels of triclosan, a widely-used chemical currently under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to a study…

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Antibacterial Compounds in Everyday Products Create Public Health Risks: Study

As the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mulls over whether to rein in the use of common antibacterial compounds that are causing growing concern among environmental health experts, scientists are reporting today that many pregnant women and their fetuses are being exposed to these substances….

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10 Best Books To Survive Food Shortages & Famines

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