Is This The Rise of The Fourth Reich?

By Neenah Payne

Free Film: “Never Again Is Now Global” — Monday, January 30 at 7PM ET explains that the five-part documentary is by Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav, founder and president of The Alliance For Human Research Protection. The site says: “The last generation of Holocaust survivors and their children express their concerns about current events.”

In Holocaust Survivor: I Saved my Own Life by being “Oppositional Defiant” – Americans are not Rebelling Against Things that are Wrong!, Vera issues an urgent warning about COVID policies. She says we are at a Crossroads in History now and people must speak up or the world will become like Nazi Germany.

In Vera Sharav Holocaust Survivor: America is at a Crossroads – Defy Authority or Become Like Nazi Germany, Vera explains that eugenics was exported from the United States to Nazi Germany and later got its name changed to “Population Control”. The attack on the elderly in nursing homes now is part of eugenics. Vera explains the Nazis also “wanted to get rid of people they called ‘worthless eaters’”.

Vera explains that most people go along without question because totalitarian regimes — whether in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, or Communist China — use constant fear of the “enemy” to control people. Today, we are told we are fighting an “invisible enemy”. Vera says it’s very dangerous to just follow orders — that’s what happened in Germany. Vera says independent thinking and defiance of harmful policies is needed now because many adults are not rebelling against COVID policies that are destroying lives and society. Surveillance is another component of totalitarian regimes. Vaccine Passports are part of surveillance.

When Vera was asked if it’s offensive to compare what happened under the Nazis to what’s happening today, she said,

What’s offensive is what’s happening in America today. That the Nazis were savages, we know.…History has told that story, but here no one is held accountable at all. In fact, Governor Cuomo gave the nursing homes total immunity. It’s unheard of that this should happen today in 2020.

See Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: A Conversation with Vera Sharav and Part 2.

In Episode 304: NEVER AGAIN, Del Bigtree, host of The Highwire, interviewed Sharav on January 26.

Del sits down in the studio with Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor, Medical Freedom activist and founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection. Vera was born in Romania during World War II. A child survivor of the Holocaust which claimed her father’s life, she has used her personal tragedy to fuel her lifelong campaign to protect the human rights of research subjects in clinical trials.

COVID Vaccine Passports Are Yellow Stars (Updated)  shows In Are Vaccine Passports The End of America?, Former Clinton advisor Dr. Naomi Wolf warns that COVID vaccine passports are a point of no return. Dr. Wolf says,

COVID passports are not passports — they are yellow stars. I say that as the granddaughter of someone who lost family members in the Holocaust…The Vaccine Passport Platform is the same platform as the social credit system. When you act like a good citizen, you get a boost but when you act like a “bad” citizen you face dire consequences.

In Naomi Wolf: We’ve Reached “Step Ten” of the 10 Steps to Fascism, Dr. Wolf says:

In 2008, I wrote a book, The End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot. In it I warned…that would-be tyrants, whether they are on the left or the right, always use a map to close down democracies, and that they always take the same ten steps.…I am calling the sequel to this book….“Step Ten” — because as of March of last year, we … arrived at … “Step Ten” of the 10 steps to fascism….Today, a much-hyped medical crisis has taken on the role of being used as a pretext to strip us all of core freedoms that fears of terrorism did not, despite 20 years of effort, ultimately achieve….

Watch Dr Naomi Wolf Discuss “Why Vaccine Passports Equal Slavery Forever”

Dr Naomi Wolf: Vaccine Passports – PART 2

Covid Coup: The Rise of the Fourth Reich

Amazon Description

No one in the world has published more research and in-depth analysis of the “COVID COUP” than the number one best-selling author in the field of “Emerging Viruses” —Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. Here, this veteran Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas International Journal delivers scientific, geopolitical, and intelligence industry analysis revealing every aspect of the “plandemic” that has remained hidden, misrepresented, intentionally concealed, or dismissed as “conspiracy theory” by the “insiders” and their media who have imposed this deadly plague and terroristic threatening upon humanity.

For the past quarter-century, Dr. Horowitz has been predicting this military/commercial genetic imposition, mutation, lab creation, politicized bioterrorism, and attack on civilization. He gained his uncanny prophetic intelligence as the author of the world’s best-selling definitive textbook in this field, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Herein, Dr. Horowitz reveals that the same cabal manufactured HIV/AIDS, Ebola, SARS, Zika, Herpes, Hepatitis, most cancers, and auto-immune diseases profits from killing people. The globalist cartel sourced the COVID plague, leveraged the fright, and committed the geopolitical and economic “Coup” for the “Great Global Reset.”

Leaving no scientific lead or intelligence report neglected, COVID COUP evidences and explains how and why this plague heralds the “Rise of the Fourth Reich,” the globalists’ depopulation plot, and the “Final Solution” involving vaccinations for the elite’s transition into “transhumanism,” brain/Cloud fusion, and civilization’s submission to “Brave New World” fascism.


Bill Gates used the terminology “FINAL SOLUTION” in relation to the death JABS, however, his choice of wordage to describe this phase of the big Pharma roll out has a very sinister history. This particular phrase has been used in the past to describe mass GENOCIDE.

In this video, I show who used that very phrase and how it ties Gates to the very same people and organizations that funded the Bolshevik Russian Revolution and the Genocide of over 60 Million innocent men, women, and children and who also funded the Nazi war machine, and are behind the coming global depopulation agenda through experimental vaxxines.

It is also shown in this video that Henry Kissinger was the head of a depopulation directive for the US government and that they viewed an increasing global population as a threat to national security. Most likely the biggest shock is that BOTH Hitler and his wife were of Ashke-Nazi origin and had a very specific gene, and that Hitler’s grandfather was also a Jew. The plot thickens, but hopefully if you watch this video to the end, it will answer any questions that you may have. In fact, I hope that many truth seekers will have a different view of history after viewing the evidence.

Putting this video together was an immense battle of spirit and will, something or someone did not want this video to be published. I had 4 Hard Drives mysteriously fail within 24 hours, two were bought back in November, the others were back-ups. They were working perfectly and then became un-bootable. I’ve never seen that happen before, I also experienced some weird malfunctions with the video software, on one occasion I was 5 mins from the end and the software locked up, plus other strange things, but the main thing is that I managed to finish the video, whether some agree or not, the TRUTH is the TRUTH!!

It is necessary to pause the video to read some information. Otherwise, the video would have been well over an hour long!

Is “The Great Reset” The Fourth Reich?

Klaus Schwab, a German engineer and economist, is the founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum. He is the author of the 2020 book COVID-19: The Great Reset and the 2017 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The World Economic Forum is proposing to use the economic crisis caused by the COVID lockdowns to roll out The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution which some people warn sounds like The Fourth Reich. Is this the real meaning of the “new normal” we have been told we will have to accept because of COVID-19. See Archbishop Warns Trump About The Great Reset.

Hitler’s goal was “Deutschland Über Alles“, Germany over all.  Schwab has a thick German accent. His father Eugen Schwab was a Nazi.  He is proposing to force humanity to accept The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution which involves a merger with Artificial Intelligence.   In The Great Reset Schwab is proposing, he wants to replace shareholder capitalism with “stakeholder capitalism”. That is a collaboration between governments and corporations — Mussolini’s definition of “fascism”.

Henry Kissinger, who is famous for his phrase, “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control people” was Schwab’s mentor at Harvard. Kissinger is a frequent honored speaker at the World Economic Forum. The HQs of WEF’s global Food Hubs is in The Netherlands where the Prime Minister Mark Rutte is forcing 3,000 farmers off their land.

Rutte is one of the WEF’s “Young Global Leaders” like Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. Schwab has bragged that half of Trudeau’s cabinet is made up of Young Global Leaders. Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook/Meta are among the many Young Global Leaders in positions of power around the world now. “What we are very proud of, is that we penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders. (YGL)” Klaus Schwab (2017). See Why Was David Icke Banned From 26 European Nations?

World Economic Forum Is Even Worse Than You Think

It’s even WORSE than we thought, Klaus Schwab and the WEF exposed

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum is underway right now in Davos, Switzerland. The globalists are meeting to decide how they will control you for the next decade of your lives. But who is Klaus Schwab? You won’t believe the dark history of the man that sits at the helm of the WEF. Investigative Journalist Johnny Vedmore joins us on today’s show. Also, a massive new Twitter files drop shows Big Pharma censoring Americans.

Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again can be pre-ordered now and will be published on Amazon on February 14.

Amazon Description

COVID-19 fascism was the worst tyranny in American history, and those responsible must be held accountable so nothing like it ever happens again. COVID-19 was used to launch the worst tyranny in American history, which we’re still facing even now. It was also the worst oppression in global history since the Third Reich. Just as that evil required a reckoning at Nuremberg, this one does as well. In this Nuremberg 2.0, we call witnesses that our elected representatives and law enforcement agents need to hear from in order to know the full extent of the evil, and who is responsible for it—so that this never happens again.


Orwell predicted engineered food shortages, big brothers governmental control over a person’s perception of their reality, pleasure will also be forbidden, language and history being systematically erased, imprisonment due to thought crime, a new world language, companionship will become illegal etc, and that those who disagree and rebel will simply VANISH!

1984 looks eerily like a blueprint for Agenda 2030 and the great reset, Orwell also said that if we want a picture of the future to “just imagine a boot stamping on a face FOREVER! This is the Luciferian reset for humanity, they want to destroy the human way of life and cause as much pain, deprivation and anguish to mankind as is possible!

The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America

Amazon Description

Throw out everything you think you know about history. Close the approved textbooks, turn off the corporate mass media, and whatever you do, don’t believe anything you hear from the government. The Rise of the Fourth Reich reveals the truth about American power.
In this explosive exposé, the legendary Jim Marrs explores the frighteningly real possibility that today, in the United States, an insidious ideology thought to have been vanquished more than a half century ago is actually flourishing. At the end of World War II, ranking Nazis, along with their young and fanatical protégés, used the loot of Europe to create corporate front companies in many countries, worming their way into corporate America.

They brought with them miraculous weapons technology that helped win the space race. But they also brought their Nazi philosophy based on the authoritarian premise that the end justifies the means—including unprovoked wars of aggression and curtailment of individual liberties—which has since gained an iron hold in the “land of the free.” Jim Marrs has gathered compelling evidence of the effort that has been under way for the past sixty years to bring a form of National Socialism to modern America, creating in essence a new empire-or “Fourth Reich”!

There are many books now on the Fourth Reich including the ones below.

Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More

by David Icke

Neenah Payne writes for Activist Post and Natural Blaze

Top image: Reddit

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