Free Film: “Safe and Effective?” March 11

By Neenah Payne

“After an overwhelming response for the in-person premiere held in Sandy, Utah, we are doing an Online Premiere for a greater participation worldwide. The movie is 1 hour 50 minutes. All screenings are followed by live Q&A sessions with the filmmakers.  The documentary will be publicly available for free as well to anyone after Saturday.”

View the trailer below, courtesy of Teachers for Choice:

Diagnosing The Healthcare System

This is a documentary film about the COVID-19 crisis and the vaccine. In this documentary, we interview doctors, nurses, and other individuals with regard to their experience regarding the COVID-19 crisis and the rollout of the vaccine. We also take a dive into the institutional forces that held sway behind all this, particularly politics (regardless of party affiliations) and the profit motive. This is the work of a small group of health professionals and grassroots volunteers. We look forward to working with all who find value in the message of this film.


Can we diagnose the health of systems, the way we diagnose people’s health? The purpose that this film supports is possibly something unique. In place of the diagnosis and cure of diseases, it seeks to diagnose the system of health itself as a whole in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. While there have been many crises in healthcare, each of which has had its own damaging effect on people, the COVID-19 crisis, specifically as related to the vaccine, has been particularly eye-opening. It has shown the interaction of medicine with the profit motive and the working of the government, and the effects of these interactions on your health. More important than the diagnosis, the purpose is also to suggest a cure. Please watch the film for details.

Safe and Effective

An Apolitical Documentary Premiering March 11, 2023!

Kristin Elizabeth

Dear Friends,

The Utah Health Independence Alliance has been working hard on what I would call an honest and radical documentary. It explores the nature of the “safe and effective” propaganda used over the last few years to push a dystopian health agenda via the Covid injection. Although their documentary focuses on people from Utah, the home state of the activists and filmmakers, the content in the film is universal and applies to anyone anywhere.

What is Health Independence?

Any doctor or patient, anywhere in the world, whose focus is not only that of the health of systems within the human organism, but also the health of systems within society as a whole, particularly that of the medical system, can be a member of the Health Independence Alliance.  As will be shown on this website, a healthy system of medicine is that which is independent of the conflicts of interests that arise from the involvement of both industry and the government.

The Health Independence Alliance seeks to do two things:

  1. Liberate the medical profession from these conflicts of interest by a “separation of powers” between medicine, law, and industry.
  2. Cultivate a mutually-supportive cross-pollinative network of medical professionals and patients without restriction to a particular field or type of medicine.

It is only through such a disentangling of parts that proper checks and balances can be applied to both the government and the industry without compromising the integrity of the medical field.

Utah Health Independence Alliance:

Free Tickets For Three Times In Your Area

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Facts and Figures

All the references, video clips and articles are used for educational purposes only.

Listed at the link below is all the data shown in the movie, along with the timestamp.

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