If Wireless Technology Is So Dangerous, Where Are All the Bodies?

By Natural Activist, the Anti-Wireless Shop, reprinted by permission. Submitted by Patricia Burke, Dragonfly image courtesy Karen Churchill of Safe Tech International

Governments everywhere maintain that wireless technologies are safe; that’s why they not only allow but actively promote them. According to governments, cell towers are perfectly safe, as are small cells and public Wi-Fi, as are the satellites that beam 4G and 5G onto the surface of this planet, as are all the wireless devices sold on the market. Let’s ignore for a moment the issue that many of these devices don’t even comply with government standards—that’s a red herring anyway, because it assumes that government standards are safe in the first place.

In opposition to governments, ICNIRP, the FCC and other regulatory bodies that set allegedly “safe” standards, you have a large number of independent scientists who have found over the last 70-odd years numerous undesirable biological effects on man and nature resulting from exposure to this form of man-made radiation. Their research has been largely ignored, not only by governments but also by the wireless device-using public. Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you they feel just fine. And they trust governments to protect them. After all, governments are made of people, and don’t these people have children and grandchildren whose welfare they care about?

It’s not as if, after a three decades of wireless technology, the streets are piled with bodies that are the direct result of the cell towers and the devices, is it? Don’t people live longer today than they used to? If wireless technology is so dangerous, where are the bodies?

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The Bodies Are There

The bodies are there, trust me. Millions and billions and trillions of them. It depends where you look, and what you are looking for. You have to know what you are looking at in order to know what you are seeing.


First of all, let’s look at nature. Most people live in cities and don’t notice nature very much. In fact, people who live in small towns and villages don’t notice nature all that much, either, except for flies and mosquitoes. Nonetheless it is a fact that a great many species are going extinct—this is being called “the sixth great extinction”. Trillions of insects, billions of birds, millions of small animals that most people never see, let alone think about. You know the expression, “to wake up with the birds”? There was a time, not so long ago, when the dawn chorus of birds chirping would wake you up, even in a city, because it was so loud. Now, even in the country, you can forget about using the birds as an alarm clock; you’re lucky to hear any. You’re lucky to see a ladybird in the garden, or a firefly in the dusk. You’re lucky to see a hedgehog or a mouse or a vole or a rabbit—you know, all the little animals that formed the basis for all those children’s stories we grew up on, classics like The Wind in the Willows. Are pesticides the culprit? Not everywhere. There are lots of places on this earth where no pesticides are used, yet the small creatures are disappearing from these places too. Climate change? Climate has always changed, and always will. Most creatures have adapted, or they wouldn’t have survived the ice ages or the warming periods and heatwaves of past epochs. But nothing can adapt to wireless radiation.

Humans: Healthy or Unhealthy

Not convinced? Then look at man. You may ask, “If wireless radiation is so deadly, how come people are living longer?” But you have to ask yourself several other questions as well. One: what did people used to die of? Two: are people living longer, or just taking longer to die? Three: what is the quality of the lives people are living—are they healthy or unhealthy?

Causes of Death

Point one: people used to die of infectious diseases: pneumonia, flu, cholera, polio, tuberculosis and a whole host of others. In the past, a chest infection could kill you. Modern medicine has worked miracles in this regard. The development of antibiotics since World War II has saved countless lives. Vaccines have also saved many lives.* People don’t, by and large, die of childhood diseases that are preventable today, such as measles**, scarlet fever or diphtheria. Such dreadful scourges as smallpox and polio have been all but eradicated. Medical treatments have improved, too. By and large, most people today are unlikely to die of infectious disease.

Morbidity vs. Mortality

Points two and three: People may be living longer, statistically speaking, but when you look at the health effects of wireless technology you must consider morbidity as well as mortality. Mortality is the death rate; for example, the number of people who die of brain tumours or other aggressive cancers as a result of cellphone use or other wireless exposure. Morbidity is the percentage of people who become ill but do not necessarily die, or who don’t die at once. And with wireless technology, the morbidity rate is sky-high.

Neurological Conditions

Morbidity may become mortality; people who develop Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s or Motor Neuron Disease (especially at an early age) will eventually die of these diseases. But what is perhaps more tragic is that, having got them, these people’s quality of life is ruined, and often, so are their families’. And these diseases are skyrocketing (see my post “Going Ga-Ga). Diabetes is hugely on the rise (by some estimates, one person in two has or will develop diabetes in his lifetime) and no one can say that one’s quality of life is improved for developing this disease. Cancer is also hugely on the rise, and the UK government now estimates that one person in two will develop cancer during his or her lifetime. In 1990, that figure was one in ten. Not everyone will die of cancer, but a young man who develops testicular cancer (also rising spectacularly) due to keeping his cellphone in his pocket will not be better off for the orchidectomy that saves his life than he would have been had he never had a cellphone.

Neurological deaths of American adults (55–74) and the over 75’s by sex compared with 20 Western countries 1989–2010: Cause for concern – Surgical Neurology International

A child who develops ADHD or autism (another condition which is skyrocketing) as a result of wireless exposure may never fulfill the potential he or she would have had—this too is morbidity. These conditions are not deadly, but they are not life-enhancing. These children should be counted among the victims—the bodies—of wireless technology just as much as those whose lives are curtailed. And what of people who develop chronic asthma, or whose thyroid glands stop functioning? What of the people whose electrosensitivity curtails their ability to function in society?

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Monday 6th February Campaigners gathered outside The Royal Courts of Justice where, Barrister Michael Mansfield QC and his team is launching a case against the UK governments negligent roll out of 5G across the country. Supporters brought yellow cut out ‘EMF exiles’ to symbolize those who could not attend and who were excluded due to high levels of Electro-Magnetic Radiation. Electro-hyper-sensitive people’s lives and activities are restricted due to increasing ambient exposures. Many can no longer travel to London or other urban areas due to symptom onset associated with EMF/RF exposures. Read more here: The UK 5G Legal Action and the EU – Helping Us Secure a Safer Future – Safe Tech International


Last but hardly least, I believe we should count among the bodies all those children who have not been born, who will never be born, because one or both of their parents is sterile due to wireless exposure. Fertility has fallen by some 60% in men globally, and it is a fact that wireless exposure kills sperm. Wireless exposure damages developing ovaries in young girls, and wireless exposure such as proximity to cell towers can result in miscarriages and spontaneous abortions in one woman in three. Sterility is by no means limited to human beings, either. Animals, birds and insects are also made sterile (via damaged DNA) by wireless exposure.

So what’s the wireless body count? You tell me. What I know is that it’s huge, and it’s growing. Is this technology so wonderful, so useful, that it’s worth dying for? Governments may think so, but I don’t. I’d rather have the dawn chorus.

*It is tragic that the monumental mishandling of the Covid pandemic has given such a bad name to vaccines and eroded so much faith in the medical profession. There are undoubtedly risks associated with some vaccines; on the other hand, no one would want to see their child die of a preventable disease.

** In his essay, “The Turning Point of My Life”, Mark Twain recalls an epidemic of measles in the small Missouri town where he grew up in the 1840’s. “For a time,” he writes, “a child died almost every day. The village was paralyzed with fright, distress, despair.” Children in the developing world still die of measles.

Some interesting reading for those who want to know more about the effects of wireless technology and its effects on human beings and other creatures:

1. Giving Life the Electric Chair — The Plain Physics & Biophysics of Phone & WiFi Radiation This article is an excellent overview of how wireless radiation is detrimental to all life.

2. “Electromagnetic Fields of Wireless Communications: Biological and Health Effects” This contains abstracts of all the chapters of a new book called Electromagnetic Fields of Wireless Communications: Biological and Health Effects, edited by Dimitris J. Panagopoulos. Well worth a read even if you can’t afford the book.

3. Electrosmog and autoimmune disease This interesting study shows how much irradiating the brain with EMFs affects autoimmune diseases.

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Blog – Anti-Wireless Shop Website (wordpress.com)

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Sourced from SafeTechInternational

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