UK Court Action Against 5G Postponed

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International

The UK Court Action Against 5G originally scheduled for Dec. 13 was graciously postponed by the court until Feb, 6,7, 2023, after the beloved Barrister Michael Mansfield was injured in a fall.

“Michael Mansfield QC is leading the legal team challenging the UK Government over its failure to take notice of the health risks and public concern related to 5G. One of the most venerated barristers of our time, Michael Mansfield has led legal teams in high profile cases of civil liberty and miscarriages of justice. He has represented the families of Grenfell Tower, Lockerbie, the Ballymurphy Massacre and Stephen Lawrence. He was recently described as “the king of human rights work” by The Legal 500 and as a Leading Silk in civil liberties and human rights.” – SOURCE

About the Case

Action Against explains, “The case concerns an important issue of public safety. It raises the risk to which members of the public, including particular vulnerable individuals, and children, are being exposed without having consented to or agreed to expose themselves to that risk; and without an adequate and proper consideration undertaken by the relevant safeguarding authorities of the creation of those man-made public health risks.

We provided documents containing evidence from a multitude of respected and eminent experts concerning the health effects of the technology used by 5G, and the attendant risks to the public and individuals, upon which the Defendants declined to act.

The Defendants cannot lawfully continue to ignore or overlook the evidence that indicates the existence of a risk that has not been quantified. To date there has been a failure to engage with this body of evidence, and an inappropriate attempt to delegate any assessment of risk to an external body – a body against which membership legitimate criticism of industry finance and conflict of interest is levelled.”

Although additional information cannot be introduced into the case record, supporters of the case remain steadfast and encouraged.

The delay serves the greater good by giving the general public more time to become informed about the need to address problems regarding the roll-out of 5G technology, which continue to mount.  Here is a quick look at some recent news from around the world about 5G and wireless technology issues.

Threat to Biodiversity

As Canada is hosting the “United Nations Biodiversity Conference” COP15 / CP-MOP10 / NP-MOP4 in Montreal, 7-19 December 2022, Prevent Cancer Now Chairperson Meg Sears and the widely respected David Suzuki Foundation raised the issue of threats to the environment posed by wireless communication.

From Canada’s “National Observer” “The silent culprit in the monarch’s decline” By Meg Sears | Opinion, Climate Solutions Reporting | December 6th, 2022

“Recognizing that monarch butterflies are endangered should inspire actions on several environmental agents. During migration, monarchs might not only be starved, baked with climate change and poisoned with insecticides; they could also be getting lost. Wireless radiation for telecommunications impairs monarch navigation ability. Fortunately, safer tech options are faster and more resilient.” – Meg Sears, Chairperson, Prevent Cancer Now

David Suszuki Foundation Press Release: Will Canada finally protect monarch butterflies?

“Another co-factor, radiation from wireless communications can affect navigation during migration.”

Will Canada finally protect monarch butterflies? – David Suzuki Foundation

“This key factor in the ongoing collapse of biodiversity must no longer be ignored if efforts to limit the impacts from other factors are to succeed.”

5G Investments Show No Clear Signs of Paying Off

On December 13, Light Reading reported, “Operators’ 5G investments show no clear signs of paying off”

“Over the past few years, big wireless network operators all over the globe have spent billions of dollars building speedy 5G networks. But so far most have little to show for their efforts.

And some analysts are beginning to worry that things are just going to get worse.

“Absent any new way of using our phones then the most data intensive usage is video, and there are only so many hours a day when anyone wants to watch video on a mobile device,” wrote analyst William Webb, of Access Partnership, in a LinkedIn post. “Of course, radical new applications are always possible, but none are likely for mass adoption in the next few years.”

Meaning, 4G is mostly good enough for today’s mobile users.

Perhaps the most worrying numbers come from Tefficient. For years, the analyst firm has tracked global mobile data traffic across 46 countries. Its latest findings show that mobile users in general aren’t showing as much demand for mobile data as they have in the past.

“In our previous reports we could see that the pandemic drove the mobile data usage. But during the second half of 2021, the demand for more mobile data slowed,” the firm wrote in its latest report. “And this trend continues into the first half of 2022.”

But there’s even more concerning news for global operators. Tefficient reported that most operators around the world haven’t been able to increase their average revenues per user (ARPU) in recent months. Meaning, operators in general aren’t earning any more revenues from whatever demand they’ve managed to generate.”

5G Can’t Penetrate Energy-Saving Low-E Glass, Grass Hedges, And Concrete Walls

Another article by Light Reading, DoCoMo Claims It Can Smash the 5G Glass Barrier notes

“Millimeter Wave 5G has amazing raw speed, getting downloads of 1-gigabit plus wirelessly, but has terrible coverage range (1,000 feet to 2,000 feet) and can’t penetrate energy-saving low-E glass, as well as grass hedges and concrete walls. This means that early high-band 5G networks don’t work inside buildings, a major failing for the newest high-band cellular standard.

NTT DoCoMo has now tested a new window material that it calls a “prototype dynamic transparent metasurface.” The material is manufactured by Japanese global glass manufacturing company AGC, and can be used in the windows of buildings and cars. “The metasurface, an artificially engineered material, comprises a large number of sub-wavelength unit cells placed in a periodic arrangement on a two-dimensional surface covered with a glass substrate [underlying layer],” DoCoMo says in a statement.

In the trial, 28GHz radio waves were beamed to measure penetration in two modes: full penetration, where the glass substrate and moveable transparent surface were attached to each other; and full reflection, where the two were separated by more than 200 micrometers.

DoCoMo says that the prototype material can be used with frequencies higher than the millimeter wave band (traditionally listed at 30GHz to 300GHz). This means it can be used in 6G communications that go up into the 120GHz and even the Terahertz (THz) range.

The prototype window material allows mmWave signals to pass through the new glass. This is technically important for 5G cellular.

So far, DoCoMo has only tested this technology on a small piece of prototype glass. The much larger issue is the cost of new and replacement glass that would be needed in millions of buildings around the world. It is way too early for DoCoMo to have any figures on how much it might cost to replace all existing windows with its new glass substrate, but it would doubtless be incredibly expensive!”

The testing of the prototype material under controlled research conditions mirrors concerns about the health and safety testing of 5G that does not replicate real world variables and results, especially when harm is reported, and when testing is performed by industry-funded groups.

Removing and replacing energy efficient glass to accommodate 5G challenges unfounded assertions that 5G is a sustainability initiative.

Cell Towers in Space

As noted by CNET, ‘Astronomers Worldwide Troubled by New ‘Cell Phone Towers in Space’ “An international group of scientists is concerned by the brightness of a huge satellite, in terms of both visible light and radio waves.” “Astronomers have been more concerned about the potential impacts from mega-constellations of thousands of satellites like SpaceX’s Starlink, but the IAU says AST SpaceMobile’s plans raise new issues because of the strong radio waves they will transmit that could interfere with astronomical observations.”

Other Concerns About 5G – Catching the Public’s Ear

The Militarization of Space

For Heaven’s Sake – Examining the UK’s Militarisation of Space

BBC News story includes unbearable noise from 5G

The Hum: Villagers say they’re ‘tortured’ by mystery noise

The Manufactured Debate: Thermal vs. Non-thermal Effects

One of the most significant variables contributing to the debate about the safety of 5G and other wireless technologies is the issue of thermal vs. non-thermal impacts of wireless exposures. As independent researchers and the public report risks and documented harm not caused by heating, and that is different from the harm associated with ionizing radiation, the industry and its financial partners continue to measure the temperature of inanimate engineering models as evidence of “safety.”  (For example, see the Report Non- Thermal Effects & Mechanisms Of Interaction Between Electromagnetic Fields And Living Matter, published in the European Journal of Oncology, a study by the Ramazzini Institute: National Institute for the Study and Control of Cancer and Environmental Diseases, Bologna, Italy 2010).

Will They Come Clean?

Gillian Jamieson, of the UK, asks, When will they come clean over the radiation risks of 5G? outlining some of the UK’s historical failings.

“Aside from the Government’s failure to inform the public about the health risks of wireless technologies, it has never asked the relevant committee (COMARE) to investigate or report on the health effects, but instead, fingers in ears, is desperate to blanket us all in inescapable radio-frequency radiation. It has absolutely no idea about its safety and seems to have no qualms about exposing us all to ever-increasing levels of radiation. [ ] In the meantime, I suggest we all ditch our smartphones along with the meaningless terms ‘conspiracy theorist’ and ‘misinformation’.”

The Cancer Question

Louis Slesin, PhD Editor, Microwave News, asks a similar question this week in his article IARC Will Soon Reassess RF Cancer Risk —Or Maybe Not, Mixed Signals from the Director.

“Calls for a new IARC evaluation have been mounting for some years following the release of two large animal studies showing elevated tumor counts after lifelong exposure to RF radiation. Many believe that the animal experiments leave the Agency little choice but to increase the cancer risk classification at least one notch to “probable” from the current “possible,” or perhaps to its highest classification, a known human carcinogen.” [ ]

“The stakes are high. RF health concerns have long been on the back burner, a situation made possible by industry-friendly exposure standards that discount cancer risk. An upgrade would most probably change all that. The ongoing siting of hundreds of thousands of new 5G antennas would add fuel to the fire.”

Be a Light to the World

Dec.17/18 the Global 5G Protest for Freedom invites the public, worldwide, to take a “Light Picture” – either collective or individual, or a Stop 5G message with a candle/warm light lantern. Please list the location, then send to Global Action to Stop 5G at

Images Courtesy Tanja Katarina Rebel and Safe Tech International

Actions now feature even more well wishes for England. Throughout the UK and around the world, the public is supporting Barrister Michael Mansfield’s healing and highest good as he prepares to represent the people and the planet in the Action Against 5G in 2023.

Source: SafeTechInternational

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