Holiday Gift Giving: Think Twice About the Wireless Device

By Patricia Burke of Safe Tech International with Marcus Schluschen, Artwork Courtesy Floris Freshman

This story was shared by Canadian Building Biologist Marcus Schluschen.

“Several days ago, I met a fit senior who told me that whenever she hikes in nature, she gets dizzy.

She had apparently been hiking and became so dizzy that “she had to be helped out by hikers who happen to be coming by, as she was unable to go on.”

If they hadn’t arrived, who knows what would have happened.

Her Doctor Blamed Nature

Her doctor blamed sensory overload from fresh air, trees and the fragrances of nature for her dizziness.

After I asked her a few questions, it turned out that she carried her iPhone in a small purse, right on her chest (and heart).

When I measured the radiation levels, they were far in the extreme, even when I took readings from a couple feet away. 

“That’s not good, that’s frightening” she said to me.

Ever Since Her Son Gave Her the Smart Watch, As Well As The iPhone, She Did Not Sleep Well

Then she showed me her smart watch, which also emitted extreme radiation levels, and told me that ever since her son gave her both the smart watch, as well as the iPhone, she did not sleep well, felt fatigued, and suffered constant brain fog, which she found very disturbing since she used to be a journalist.

It turns out that she also keeps the iPhone right next to her bed on the night table, and wears the smart watch, 24/7.

Changes in Blood

I told her that according to research, iPhones and smart watches create blood abnormalities, such as Hypoxia / Rouleaux Formation. She put the i-phone and smart watch away and was happy to learn more. 

 I left her with a couple of science websites, and my email contact.

Since she suffered brain fog during a normal day, it comes as no surprise she would suffer dizziness when hiking, as more oxygen is required due to greater physical activity.

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She did mention a couple of times, that this only started after she received these wireless devices from her son.

How many people are misdiagnosed, receive unnecessary medications, suffer and die prematurely, because doctors are oblivious to RF science?” – Canadian Building Biologist Marcus Schluschen

Marcus noted, “It’s no mystery, when your blood starts clumping, you have lowered oxygen and you get dizzy.”

Dizziness was one of the complaints lodged when new next generation wireless smart meters were installed.

Changes in the blood in 3 different subjects exposed to smart meter transmissions, from the documentary film Take Back Your Power by Josh Del Sol

Weston Price Foundation Research on Radio Frequencies and Blood

In 2015 a study was published by the Weston Price Foundation, “Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood.” One question the study asked is “Does the blood as observed under a darkfield microscope change after human subjects are exposed to a smart phone for a short time period?”

RESEARCH DESIGN “An exploratory pilot study with ten normal healthy adult subjects who consumed the WAPF-recommended diet (Weston Price) to varying degrees was conducted to look for an effect. This study is an outcome type of design in which each subject served as his or her own control. A technique that has been called live blood analysis or whole blood microscopy was used. Peripheral blood samples taken from subjects before and after different types of exposure to a cell phone were placed under a microscope, photographed, and scored by a trained researcher []. These data were analyzed to discover which of various blood factors may have changed in relation to exposure condition, diet, subject age, and personal history of cell phone use. Because the sample size (N=10 subjects) was very small, statistical tests were not done.

RESULTS Nine out of ten subjects showed observable blood changes due to cell phone radiation exposure. One female subject, age fifty-three, did not show a significant effect from exposure in the study. In general, a particular sequence of blood changes was observed for cell phone radiation exposure in which the subjects’ RBCs first became sticky and aggregated, and upon further exposure, for most subjects, the cells became misshapen.

CONCLUSIONS AND DISCUSSION Results show substantial changes in the blood from short-term cell phone radiation exposure in nine out of ten human subjects. RBC aggregation and stickiness were mainly observed following 45 minutes of exposure to a smart phone in receiving mode worn by subjects in a backpack.

By contrast, RBC morphological (shape) changes including the formation of echinocytes (spiky cells) were dominant after subjects actively used the phone for an additional 45 minutes. It appears that RBC stickiness with clumping is the first stage of the cell phone radiation effect. Subsequently, the RBC aggregates tend to break apart, and then cell shape changes occur, in which echinocytes and other misshapen cells are observed. Not all subjects showed both types of changes. []

In light of these findings and those from other studies on the biological effects of cell phone frequency microwaves, the evidence suggests that their safety is uncertain. The public should demand more independent testing—outside of the industry. More funding should be made available to clarify the non-thermal biological effects of cell phone radiation and to investigate long-term effects, too. This would help establish appropriate safety standards with a solid scientific basis.”

There are multiple images of blood degradation at the article link.

Magda Havas Live Blood Analysis

In a 2 ½-minute video, Magda Havas of Trent University also chronicled live blood analysis after using a computer and a cordless phone.

Dr. Magda Havas’ Live Blood & Electrosmog.mp4

German Researchers Describe Blood Clumping as the “Money Roll” – “looking like a stack of coins”

“Since it effects people 2 meters (6.5 feet) away from the cell phone, it excludes the thermal effect theory.” translated from German

Marcus Schluschen notes, “Many German doctors who practice integrative medicine, use live blood analysis in their own clinics, when they work with patients.

Recently I watched a video of such a live blood analysis of 6 patients, where the doctor pointed out heavy cell phone users, and warned them of the long term consequences.  Apparently the blood clumping from cell phone use, has a recognizable pattern, which lingers for quite some time.

According to the German Dr.’s Site Arzte and Mobilfunk “Doctors around the world have been observing the effects of mobile communications on health in science and practice for years.”

There are now very vivid and comprehensible experiments that demonstrate the effects of a mobile phone call. One example is the so-called money role formation, which has been proven by pupils.

Several people between the ages of 17 and 20, who were not allowed to use their mobile phones for 24 hours, had their blood drawn. Immediately afterwards, the young researchers had their test subjects make calls with a mobile phone (Siemens ME 35) for 20 seconds and then drew blood from their earlobe and finger. Ten minutes later, the procedure was repeated again. The result of this field study is explosive: After each phone call, a clear cluster formation of the ear and finger could be seen and even on images taken ten minutes later, clear blood clusters were still visible. Due to the clumping, the blood becomes more viscous and can therefore clog capillaries and constrictions more easily. Furthermore, less oxygen is transported by the surface reduction of the red blood cells. This can, for example, result in cardiovascular problems (Hutter et al. 2002), fatigue, lack of concentration, etc.”

Repeating the History of Tobacco

Here is the bigger issue; this is not just about individual consumers and their cell phones.

The telecom industry is ushering in 5G and the Internet of Things. Monopoles and small cells to support 5G are being erected overnight, outside homes and businesses.

For decades, the tobacco industry suppressed evidence of harm by focusing only on the issue of lung cancer in smokers. But smoking did not require the installation of telecommunications infrastructure in residential and sensitive areas. Nor did it involve children. This is about the infrastructure, and ubiquitous, inescapable exposures of non-benefitting, non-consenting populations, and doctors who used to carry a pack of cigarettes in their shirt pocket who are now carrying cell phones.

Source:   The Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising (SRITA) collection currently contains 59,913 tobacco advertisements.

Individuals are reporting many symptoms indicating involuntary alterations in their physiology and brain function, and pain and suffering, when exposed to artificial frequencies. They are being ignored.

5Ghz Wi-Fi is Not the Same Thing As 5G Fifth Generation New Cellular Standard, Small Cells are Not Small

Many consumers are learning about 5G only through industry advertising, and believe 5G to be only about faster and more reliable download speeds. In addition, many consumers are confused about the difference between 5G and 5GHz Wi-Fi. 5G is not 5 GHz Wi-Fi. As an industry overview clarifies, “using these technologies changes the radio access from cell coverage to beam coverage, a significant difference compared to 4G radio access networks.”

The wavelengths adopted for 5G are shorter, faster, cannot travel long distances, and are subject to interference from foliage and buildings. Therefore, many more antennas are required, closer to homes and businesses. The Environmental Health Trust explains:

“The radiation from small cells is not small: Wireless antennas emit microwaves — non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation — and essentially function as cell towers. Each installation can have over a thousand antennas that are transmitting simultaneously.

Millions of small cells to be built in front yards: The Federal Communications Commission estimates that millions of these wireless transmitters will be built in our rights-of-way, directly in front of our homes.

5G will add to — not replace — our current wireless technology: 5G will not only utilize current 3G and 4G wireless frequencies already in use but also add higher frequency — submillimeter and millimeter waves — in order to transmit data at superfast speeds.

Brain Scan Abnormalities

Not all researchers embrace live blood analysis. But beyond concerns about red blood cells, Environmental Health Trust quotes Susan Foster: “A 2004 SPECT brain scan study of firefighters in Central California found brain abnormalities in all the men tested, as well as delayed reaction time, lack of impulse control and cognitive impairment. None of the men worked HazMat, so chemical exposure was ruled out. All the firefighters tested had suffered from sleep disturbances, headaches, lack of focus and memory loss following installation of a tower adjacent to their station five years earlier.”  

One of the reasons why the tide of opinion turned for tobacco was when research indicated that the widows of smokers, who were non-smokers, were also dying of higher rates of lung cancer.

But alongside cancer, there were many other adverse health impacts that are now associated with smoking that were ignored, until they weren’t.  We are living another chapter of historical suppression of evidence of harm, vs. the dawning of increased consumer awareness about damage caused by artificial, man-made frequencies.

We don’t need faster 5G networks; we need to facilitate a faster evolution in our understanding of the harm being inflicted on human health and the environment.

Be on the right side of history. If you love her, think about not gifting grandma with the risk of sleep disturbance, headaches, lack of focus and memory loss. Hardwiring is the way to go. We’re drunk on wireless.

Source: SafeTechInternational

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