Dr. Peter McCullough Suspended by Twitter Right Before Elon Takes Over

By Mike Campbell

Dr. Peter McCullough, who has over 500 thousand followers on Twitter, has been suspended by the platform for violating its terms and services.

“All my followers are asking what happened on Twitter. First with no warning they stripped all my followers to zero, then they executed their kill machine–SUSPENDED! Will let you know if I come off life-support!” he posted on Gab (an alternative social media platform).

Dr. McCullough wasn’t told by Twitter what he did or said that warranted the suspension, which comes just days after news broke that Elon Musk is about to take over the social media giant.

Dr. McCullough has routinely shared data and studies that suggest the safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines are less settled than some people seem to think. But until Thursday, he’d avoided getting suspended, unlike many other scientists who went against the pro-vaccine narrative.

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There’s speculation that Twitter employees may assume they’re on the chopping block, and suspending Dr. McCullough shows they won’t go down quietly.

Musk has discussed lifting permanent bans and making the platform more politically balanced.

In May, Musk tweeted “Free Speech is essential to a functioning democracy. Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?” A poll that Musk attached to the question had over 2 million votes, with 70% saying “No.”

“Peter McCullough is perhaps the most decorated cardiologist this country has ever produced. He’s also been a total badass against Covidstan, which apparently couldn’t take the beating anymore. So it had Twitter’s endangered species management suspend him on its way out the door,” tweeted Steve Deace of Blaze TV.

Last month, Dr. McCullough testified under oath that when it comes to giving children the COVID vaccine, “the risks far outweigh any potential benefits.”

He went on to share a tragic story of two teenage boys in the US who died 3-4 days after their COVID vaccination. McCullough alleged that autopsies revealed the COVID vaccines caused these deaths.

“The parents were horrified to find their children dead at home.”

“It is clear that a vaccine is being pushed, is being encouraged, and mandated, that in fact results in the death of children.”

“Results in the death of children,” he repeated.

Source: The Counter Signal

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