In Defense of Crickets Part 3 of 3; Havana Syndrome, Internal Electric Fields, Kilohertz Frequencies, Cell Signaling, & Sub-Carrier Waves

By Patricia Burke, featuring Paul Harding

Part 1 considered the historical record regarding the Moscow Signal, and the assessment by an advisory committee to the U.S. military that sounds most recently heard and recorded by injured diplomats (Havana Syndrome) were crickets.

Part 2 features Lyn McLean of EMR Australia, presenting concerns that some humans “hear” microwave radiation.

In part 3, Paul Harding discusses an unacknowledged culprit and likely mechanism of harm; artificial internal electric fields being introduced by kilohertz frequencies riding on subcarrier waves, in both wired and wireless applications.

Is the Indies Short-Tailed Cricket Mating Call the Culprit?

One year ago, a declassified document by U.S. military advisors was circulated indicating that the source of ’sound’ heard by injured diplomats had been identified.

National Security Advisory Expert Opinion

“Noises linked to mysterious injuries among US diplomats in Cuba were most likely caused by crickets — not microwave weapons — according to a declassified scientific review commissioned by the US State Department and obtained by BuzzFeed News” “It concluded that the sounds accompanying at least eight of the original 21 Havana syndrome incidents were “most likely” caused by insects. That same scientific review also judged it “highly unlikely” that microwaves or ultrasound beams — now widely proposed by US government officials to explain the injuries — were involved in the incidents. And though the report didn’t definitively conclude what caused the injuries themselves, it found that “psychogenic” mass psychology effects may have played a role.”

BuzzFeedNews reported, “The team was given eight recordings of incidents linked to injuries and performed an extensive analysis of two cellphone video recordings from one patient. After extensive comparison with recordings of various insect species, they concluded with “high confidence” that the sounds in that case came from a particularly loud species of cricket, Anurogryllis celerinictus.”

“A mainstay of the national security arena for decades, JASON contains the nation’s brightest technical minds. “This is a high-powered group of expert scientists examining this question,” said former Los Alamos National Laboratory chemist Cheryl Rofer. “This appears to be a very thorough scientific analysis, the kind which wasn’t done in the National Academies of Sciences report.” [] “What is available in the report is pretty dubious about directed energy weapons,” she said, “and pretty positive about crickets.”

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This is despite the fact that the ‘sound’ of crickets has never been causally linked to brain damage and other documented injuries.

“James Lin, a University of Illinois biomedical engineer who has argued that the microwave explanation for the injuries is very likely, told BuzzFeed News “A typical sound recorder would not be able to record the ‘microwave sound’, period,” [] by email, after reviewing the JASON report’s findings.” – Buzzfeed News

A recording of the cricket (dominant frequency 6.9 kHz) can be heard here. (Listening to the sound recording has not been associated with reports of physical harm)

In contrast, the report by the National Academies concluded “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible mechanism in explaining these cases.”

What Americans Heard in Cuba Attacks? The Sound (2017)

(Listening to the sound recording has not been associated with reports of harm)

Issues with “the Cricket Narrative” – Not Just Diplomats

Many individuals other than diplomats are experiencing adverse health effects including invasive sound associated with both wireless and wired technologies, including the utility grid.  This includes the sudden, acute onset of symptoms associated with the installation of solar, wireless utility meters and power-line communication technologies.

Other Species

Species other than humans are displaying adverse impacts as the result of frequency exposures, which cannot be dismissed as mental illness and ‘nocebo.’ For example, see David Stetzer’s testimony for the Michigan Attorney General regarding damage to dairy cow milk production and the economic consequences for farmers, and the 2022 court ruling in France where cows were also harmed, including fatalities.

“Microwave Hearing” in Locales and Seasons Where No Indies Short Tail Crickets Are Attempting to Mate

The cricket’s locale includes Florida and Cuba, but not other locations where invasive sounds accompanied by additional symptoms have been reported.

Microwave Hearing’ vs. ‘Tinnitus’, No Epidemiology, No Investigation

Unfortunately, there is no mechanism for independent investigation or data collection of reported harm to civilians, in part because the dynamic is discounted as phantom sound without a source, paranoia, or psychosis.

Smoking Gun?

Science has already pointed to the smoking gun.

Historical research indicates that sub-carrier frequencies in the kilohertz range are an avenue for electric fields to travel internal to the human body, and to cause harm.

Paul Harding notes, “Utilizing a variety of techniques using scientific instruments I have found that symptoms found in the Naval Medical Research Institute’s 1971 research paper were directly correlated with exposure to <100 kHz frequencies.

Paul Harding of Total EMF Solutions – Kilohertz Frequencies Kill/Hurt

Natural Blaze/Natural Holistic Health News readers are familiar with Expert EMF Testing Specialist and Consultant Paul Harding’s story.   Paul was featured in the 2021 Father’s Day series Real Men Do Not Deny Real Harm From Microwaves.

Total EMF Solutions started as survival and personal journey to feel better (actually a fight for my life). I experienced poor sleep (waking up at odd hours 3-4 am) after a smart meter was installed on my bedroom wall in the beginning of 2011. I woke up at the same times the meter would “dump data”.  The result leads to low levels of melatonin and may lead to chronic illness. Some may term it as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, dementia, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, auto immune disorder, ADD/ADHD, along with other ‘incurable’ chronic diseases. After further research I found that smart meters also produce frequencies (<50 kHz) on the home wiring and electric field.  These correlate with those that are used to open the sodium and potassium ion channels.”

Subcarrier Waves: Wireless and Wired Risks

Paul notes, “The problem lies within the subcarrier spacing frequencies of wireless communications, and the phenomenon termed by electric companies as “dirty electricity.”


Internal Electric Fields

Paul explains, “The sub carrier frequencies are in the sub 100 Kilohertz range. This is a concern because internal electric fields can be created that are associated with cancer due to “cell proliferation, disruption of signal transduction pathways and inhibition of differentiation,” as noted back in 1999.

SOURCE: The 1999 EMF Rapid Report See Pages 26 & 27

The ‘smoking gun’ is in these two paragraphs from 1999, regarding exposures greater than 1 mV/m.

Cell Signaling; “Disturbances in This System Have Deleterious Effects and Contribute to Conditions Such as Neurological Diseases, Diabetes, and Immunological Disorders” (2013)

Paul explains, subsequently, in 2013, a Nobel Prize was awarded for discoveries in cell signaling.   

SOURCE: The 2013 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine – Press release –

Paul noted, “If the electric field were just the clean 60 Hertz cycle, the total body impedance would be 3,000 Ohms. But as the Kilohertz frequencies rise over 1.7 kHz, the impedance drops to 500 Ohms.   (See Schawn, 1968)


(Schwan’s study was also demonstrated with a graph on page 47 (2.4) of “Electrical Stimulation and Electropathology” by J. Patrick Reilly, (Johns Hopkins University, March 1992.) “… covering fundamental principles, specific human responses, and electrical safety. Subsequent chapters treat human reactions to electrical stimulation according to the nature of the response–sensory reactions, cardiac reactions, muscle reactions, electric and magnetic field exposure, and high-voltage and high-current injuries.”)

KHz Frequencies Are Used to Open Sodium and Potassium Ion Channels

SOURCE: Mechanism of Nerve Conduction Block Induced by High-Frequency Biphasic Electrical Currents (2006)

A 1981 research paper prepared for NASA’s Goddard Space Research Center also addressed the electrical potentials of sodium and potassium channels in the cell walls.

Paul states, “Empirical evidence has proven to me that once these frequencies are removed, the human body is able to repair. Diabetes has been a favorite of mine because these clients already monitor their blood sugar levels on a daily basis, whereas a client with leukemia may only get tested once a month.

I only have to rely on what other brilliant minds have found. All I do is measure and do what they have taught me. My main tool is a battery-operated oscilloscope. “

The image demonstrates that the smart meter is piggy-backing its information on the red 60-Hz electricity waveform and traveling along the energized household wiring. Otherwise, the red line would be smooth. Instead, it is laden with high frequency transients. The static on the jagged red line is the kilohertz frequencies.

Sam Milham concurs with Paul’s findings that internal electric fields are being introduced into the body.

As part of direct testimony filed in an electric utility rate case in Arizona, Samuel Milham, M.D., M.P.H. stated: “Because it is at the front end of a building’s wiring, the dirty electricity from the smart meter’s Switch Mode Power Supply has a gateway into that building’s wiring, and also into the earth via the house ground.  The house wiring acts as an antenna and the fields capacitively couple to the body through the air within 6 to 8 feet of the house wiring or extension cords plugged into the outlets. [] I believe that man-made EMFs, especially dirty electricity, are chronic stressors and are responsible for many of the disease patterns of electrified populations. It is my professional opinion that smart meters are a public health hazard.” – Smart Grid Awareness

The 1981 contractor report prepared for NASA listed symptoms associated with the introduction on internal fields into the human body.

“”Electromagnetic Field Interactions With The Human Body: Observed Effects and Theories The effects of nonionizing electromagnetic (EM) field interactions with the human body were reported and human related studies were collected. Nonionizing EM fields are linked to cancer in humans in three different ways: cause, means of detection, and effective treatment. Bad and benign effects are expected from nonionizing EM fields and much more knowledge is necessary to properly categorize and qualify EM field characteristics. It is concluded that knowledge of the boundary between categories, largely dependent on field intensity, is vital to proper future use of EM radiation for any purpose and the protection of the individual from hazard.”

19810017132.pdf (

Naval Medical Researchers also compiled a list of symptoms associated with radiofrequencies in 1971.


Solar invertors, electric cars chargers, dimmer switches, variable speed motors, smart meters, and ‘energy efficient’ CFL and LED lighting are sources of electrical pollution present on household wiring. The electrical pollution can be seen and measured with an oscilloscope. (Frequencies can also be measured on faucets and sinks because household plumbing and electrical systems are bonded.)

Paul Harding notes,

“It is becoming more difficult to remedy a person’s environment with the proliferation of power line communications, solar, cell towers, and energy efficient appliances.  The earth is an excellent conductor and unfortunately becoming a conduit for these kilohertz frequencies. It’s not just through the air but through the ground we all share. When people walk barefoot on the tile floor in their home, or on the ground, they may be being exposed to kilohertz frequencies that are increasingly ubiquitous.”

The earlier transmitters were in the sub 100 kHz range and were very powerful.”

“During the “Spanish Flu” Woodrow Wilson shut down all wireless, except for the Government’s antennas.”

“Interesting that a pandemic first complained about during an era of sub 100 kHz carrier waves (1917-27) is similar to that reported today.”

“Could it be possible that some tinnitus is a biproduct of kHz frequencies radiating from the wiring located in walls, ceilings, and sometimes floors of people’s residences?  Or from talking on a cell phone that has KHz frequencies within the subcarrier spacing?” – Paul Harding

Crickets or Microwaves?

Returning to the question of whether the sounds associated with Havana injuries were crickets or microwaves, Paul clarifies that the problem is the internal electric fields created by the kilohertz frequencies riding on the subcarrier waves. They could be sourced from wireless or wired technologies.

(Why are some individuals hearing frequencies, and not others? A 1994 research study “Resonance frequencies of the human skull in vivo” noted, “it is assumed that the resonance frequencies do not significantly affect bone conducted sound. In the transcranial measurements, however, a few large antiresonances were found which may affect bone-conducted sound. Intersubject variations were large, probably due to individual variations in skull geometry and in mechanical parameters. The results were shown to be consistent with previous results obtained on dry skulls.”)

When JASON researchers advising the US military discovered that the mating call song of the Indies short-tailed cricket has a dominant frequency of 6.9 kHz, they reportedly told the public that it was the source of Havana Syndrome “noise,’ along with psychogenic mass psychosis.

Let’s be very cautious about redacted documents, projecting hysteria and mass psychosis, ignoring mounting neurological illness and death rates, and ridiculing the pain and suffering of others, while scapegoating crickets and their mating calls. They were framed.

Learn More

George Carlo

In this internet archived video, (39 minutes) “World-renowned Epidemiologist Dr. George Carlo provided a high impact presentation that exposed the dangers of living in the wireless age in a way that everyone could understand. As the chief scientist of the world’s largest research effort into wireless safety, the Safe Wireless Initiative (SWI), he discussed the effects of electromagnetic radiation, specifically Information Carrying Radio Waves (IRCWs) and how they negatively affect the body’s ability to function and repair damage affecting our cells.”

Sam Milham

Dr. Milham’s groundbreaking research demonstrates a strong correlation between the rise of the so-called ‘diseases of civilization’ and the historical spread of electrification. He explains how the harmonics and frequency distortions generated by appliances and microwave antennas and riding on the 60 cycle current running through household, school and office wiring can seriously impact human health. This information is especially relevant in the context of the current controversy over wireless so-called ‘smart meters.’ Milham’s findings show that just turning the ‘radio off’ in the ‘smart meters’ will not solve the full problem of the human health risks posed by the devices – and already experienced and testified to by thousands of injured and outraged customers. Also contained in the poorly designed devices is at least one more source of electro-magnetic pollution; a ‘switching mode power supply’ (SMPS). known to be a source of ‘dirty electricity’ capable of making many people sick.

Warren Woodward and Paul Harding

From the James Russell Documentary Film “Resonance, Beings of Frequency”

Source: SafeTechInternational

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