Anthony Fauci’s Sham Retirement – Spanish Flu Gain of Function Research Underway

Op- Ed by Krishna Chandrasekaran

On August 23rd, 2022, news headlines were published about the “retirement” of Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIAID). I say the word retirement in quotes because the ulterior truth about Fauci’s “retirement” is that it’s a sham, as he’s only getting himself out of the public eye and his prestigious position as NIAID director while he continues Gain of Function(GoF) research on the Spanish Flu. This article by Tom Renz on his Substack page enlightening the world about Fauci’s pursuit of GoF on the Spanish Flu came out only one day before Fauci’s “retirement”; it’s very unlikely that the timing of that is pure coincidence.

For reference, here is the report detailing the GoF research that the NIAID was doing from May 2022 to July 2022, right on the eve of Fauci’s “retirement”. Furthermore, as explained at the 11:40 mark of this video by Owen Shroyer with Del Bigtree in studio, Fauci will apparently officially and fully retire in December 2022, with his announcement of it happening in August 2022. Bigtree & Shroyer believe Fauci’s waiting until December to officially resign is for the purpose of “covering his ass”.

My forecast is similar but also a bit different and more nuanced, and as such, is the following:

Fauci’s “retirement” is to get himself out of the public eye while he continues to do GoF research on the Spanish Flu. This would make sense in light of him waiting nearly four months from his “retirement” announcement in August 2022 to the completion of his “retirement” in December 2022.

Therefore, those four months from August 2022 to December 2022 gives him some more time in the NIAID to do his unethical Spanish Flu GoF research. As a Deep State agent, it is all so probable that he will continue such evil, destructive and shady activities like Spanish GoF research, similar to the GoF research he funded and enabled for COVID-19 in the infamous lab in Wuhan, China. Furthermore, when he fully exits NIAID – and by extension, public positions and public attention – he can avoid getting called in to answer for his GoF research by elected officials like Senator Rand Paul, who has rightfully grilled him on his GoF function in the Wuhan lab in China on COVID-19, which Fauci has lied about and denied. If Fauci does get called in or subpoenaed to testify and answer for his shady and unethical Spanish Flu GoF research, his “retirement” could very well serve as another lousy excuse about how his “retirement” from NIAID while the Spanish Flu GoF research was going on exonerates him from any culpability or responsibility.

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If the forecast of this post does not end up being wrong, nobody can say they weren’t warned.

For reference for both those who haven’t been paying attention to current events in recent history and those among future generations of humanity who read this(mainly though for the latter), Anthony Fauci was arguably the biggest and loudest public voice calling for all the lockdowns and other liberty-violating measures like mandatory mask wearing, social distancing, stay-at-home order, and the most heinous and destructive of all, vaccine mandates by all major entities in society ranging from U.S. state governors, airlines, schools, universities, and employers. Fauci has also lied numerous times, even going as far as saying in some interviews that he never advocated lockdowns! He might, and certainly should, go down as among the most heinous of all men in all of history, if not truly the most heinous of all men ever.

The Real Anthony Fauci

Source: Liberty Forecast Blog

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