Stop Endangering Our Children with Covid Vax Mandates!

By Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev

Alert for all U.S. citizens, but especially Californians—here’s a 9-minute video from The HighWire regarding California state senator Richard Pan’s new bill 871 to eliminate all student exemptions from the still experimental COVID19 shots. Unfortunately, mandates passed in one state often become law in other states as well, so beware America!

Type “Senator Pan’s bill to mandate COVID vaccine for all students” into the DuckDuckGo search engine and look what horrific danger our children are now exposed to. While Pan pushes this obscenity, 17,000 physicians and medical professionals around the world say children should not get COVID-19 vaccines. Healthy children are at virtually zero risk of death or severe illness from COVID19. Read the Rome Declaration they have signed. Check out this 17-minute NewsmaxTV segment featuring esteemed physicians discussing COVID vaccines for children. They say resoundingly NO!

Ironically, while these COVID shots continue to be mandated, a stunning legal filing for “crimes against humanity” has been submitted to The International Criminal Court in the Hague, which you can read here. The backstory of COVID-19 is introduced within those pages. The globalist “man behind the curtain” agendas, are exposed. Attorney Reiner Fuellmich spells out four primary goals for which COVID-19 and its inoculations are being used.

  1. Destruction of regional economies to make the population dependent on Mr. Global’s global supply chains.
  2. Shifting the wealth of the world’s populations from the bottom to the top – to the super-rich – to Mr. Global.
  3. Population reduction – you can call it genocide.
  4. The installation of a World Government under the UN which is now under the control of the WEF.” [World Economic Forum]

One of the many child victims “Maddie De Garey experienced a traumatic systemic adverse reaction to the second dose of the Pfizer covid vaccine on January 20th, 2021, while participating in the trial for 12-15-year-olds at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Neither insurance, nor Pfizer, will cover the medical treatment she needs.” She is one of an exponential number of COVID shot injuries and deaths.

Young athletes are dropping on sports fields all over the world, which you can see in this HighWire video report.

Here’s one of the latest athlete injuries.

A friend in Pennsylvania, was on a prayer team for a 19-year-old Pennsylvania college student that took the COVID shot as her college required. Four days after her jab she got myocarditis (heart inflammation) and then her heart failed! She was lucky to get a heart transplant but is now on immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of her life! All this from a not-needed experimental, yet forced, shot.

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STOP the madness. Say NO to Senator Pan’s bill. The COVID-19 shots offer no benefit to young people but plenty of potential danger. The injuries and deaths are legion. One type of injury, myocarditis, which results in permanent heart damage, is occurring at an alarming rate in adolescents and young adults.

To kill this California senate bill 871, contact California state legislators and share this info. Richard Pan’s SB-871 seals the fate for any exemptions from his prior passed law, the abominable mandate bill SB-277. The most important legislators to reach are these state senators: Toni Atkins (D), Pat Bates (R), Shannon Grove (R), Sydney Kamlager (D), John Laird (D). You can find all your legislator information at Stand for Health Freedom.

This awful bill has prompted a Los Angeles region event for a new Defeat Mandates March 5th event. You might find this of interest as well: HighWire episode 254 “America Rising”

I urge you to share this information with others, especially Californians.

Not sure if you’d seen my most recent article, “Are You a Target of Genocide?” 

Laraine C. Abbey-Katzev, is a Registered Nurse (emeritus) and Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) with a master’s degree in Biology/Clinical Nutrition. She has maintained a private practice, developed health and weight control programs and nutritional products, and was a featured newspaper columnist for health and nutrition articles. Formerly a psychiatric head nurse, Laraine earned the Huxley Institute Certificate in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice and her successful protocol for orthomolecular treatment of agoraphobia/panic disorder through diet and nutrient supplements was featured in many magazine articles and books. Laraine is a health activist and a member of the American College of Nutrition.

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