EMF/RF/5G: Anne Mills, All EMF*d Up and On the Move, Again, Part 2 of 2

By Anne Mills with Patricia Burke

Anne Mills is the author of All EMF*d Up (*Electromagnetic Fields): My Journey Through Wireless Radiation Poisoning plus How You Can Protect Yourself Paperback – May 28, 2019

Unlike many individuals who have faced disbelief and lack of support from their partners, family, and community, Anne and her husband Eric experienced success in educating their small community in Northern California.

Anne was able to participate in society, for a time, until she wasn’t, and was forced to move, again.

Her son removed the sources of wireless transmissions from his home so that his mother could visit safety. This is part 2 of Anne’s story. Read Part 1 HERE

More Wireless Intrusion

So for the next year plus, we monitored the EMF readings from our back deck as it overlooked the ocean. There were instances I had to run inside from watering my garden as readings had become too high. Many of the high readings were coming from a cell tower thirteen miles away as it put out huge illegal emissions, at times peaking the meter.

Amazingly, we found extreme high readings were also coming off the ocean! We discovered this by going to marine traffic dot com and seeing that the high spikes of radiation correlated to military ships off shore, out of line of sight. We had already attached metal window screen from ground to roof line, so now, at great expense, we replaced our roof and lined it with metalized foil underlayment. It did make a difference for the better. Hopefully I could now be safely in our home.

Forced To Move Again

Soon after, we found that there was a new cell tower being put up only a couple miles away from our home, direct line of sight. We were one of only a few voices in opposition to this tower. Most new citizens wanted their fast internet connectivity like they had in the city. They were willing to give up their healthy forest living for a few seconds of gained download time. Just for them the telecom company “prettied up” a tower to look like a tree.

What now of our retirement dream home? I guess living in one place for ten years had been an amazing gift. It was now time to move again, but the ‘where to’ is the challenge. We live in a world of corporate grab of airwaves, and it would prove difficult to find property without EMF.

Travel is Challenging

Eric and I have one son. In seeing our dilemma, he asked us if we were willing to search for our new retirement dream home closer to him and his family. It would be wonderful to be close to our grandchildren. This would also be a move to the state where my husband grew up, and where much of his family resided. We hated to leave our much-loved community, friends and oceanside, but if we had one choice, this was a great chance to be with family.

In order to see if there were any safe areas in this state to live, we felt we needed to travel there. Due to my sensitivity to EMF, travel is extremely difficult.

Radiation along the highways is extremely high. To combat this, Eric made our vehicle into a Faraday cage. He did this by applying specially tinted window film that shielded RF and metal window screen where possible. Even so, there were many areas we passed through that I still needed to wear my shielded metalized clothing inside the vehicle. Wearing metalized veils inside a vehicle can be uncomfortable, as it is heavy and cloying in hot weather.

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I am unable to eat in a restaurant, sleep in a hotel or stay in many campgrounds due to others’ need for wireless devices. Due to my sensitivity, we needed to not only plan travel with the cooler weather, we had to try to avoid high EMF areas. We had to pack very light, as we would be essentially living in the small van, eating and even bathroom. If that wasn’t enough, there were now political uprising and the Covid virus was upon us.

It took months of Eric planning the safest routes, possible areas safe enough to stay the night and weather considerations, before we finally started our journey. Due to the many travails along the road, a book in its own right, some days we drove seventeen straight hours. We were able to take brief naps in the shadows of overpasses that shielded us from a tower or spend the night in a field between two metal barns. We made the cross country trip in three angst filled days.

How My Son Accommodated Me in His Home

When we arrived at our son’s home, he had made a small apartment in his basement for us. Previously, we had purchased and sent our son a Safe n Sound Pro EMF meter (from Safe Living Technologies), just like the one we own.

Does it make wireless: safe and sound meter

Our son used it in identifying EMF levels in his home and taking steps to mitigate. He laboriously configured his whole house to be wired. He found he could wire his children’s notebooks and laptops. Our son spent time and expense experimenting with best ways to wire his and his wife’s phones, thus putting out no EMF.

Our son made a new routine. Upon arriving home, put the phone on airplane mode and plug in to broadband through the home’s cable network. All this, just so I could stay with them in their home.

In addition to connecting to broadband without wireless, our son found numerous sources of EMF that he was able to address; including his thermostat, Roku, Alexa, security system, microwave oven and his HVAC air conditioning units.

Though we were in his basement, and the small apartment was relatively free of EMF, our first night’s stay was not good. I would awaken with night sweats and seeing grids and other symptoms of exposure. It was necessary for me to wear my RF shielding blankets and veils to sleep. The next day we stretched metal window screen over the one window in the basement apartment on the inside. In the days that followed, we identified other areas that we systematically addressed. In this way, we just steadily found ways to make improvements.

We used our Tri-field RF meter that measures Low Frequencies, and found we needed to turn off the HVAC and central furnace at night. We quickly applied Stetzer filters but found it needed more.

We were able to find a whole house ELF filter (Satic Power Perfect Energy Management System) that fixed it all! I was now able to sleep and feeling well.

Our son had previously built a small Faraday Cage for the testing of various shielding materials. He utilized a Roku RF source in the box and tested various foils, window tinting and wire mesh. He found that he could convert this testing box for shielding around his microwave oven. He put his microwave, in this shielded box and placed it just outside the kitchen in the garage. I no longer had to run to the basement whenever the microwave needed to be used.

Does it make wireless: microwave, wifi box works!

There was still high ambient RF in the upstairs living area, coming in through the street-facing windows. Our son applied metal window screen the full length of the front of the house on all street-facing windows. Now I was able to safely be in the living room. So, Yay, the house was safe at last, but I couldn’t be outside due to high ambient radiation. I was housebound.

Our son’s backyard still had high EMF readings, so we installed shielding foil around the offending smart meter but this had limited effect.

He immediately opted out and paid to have both gas and electric smart meters switched to “dumb”, non-emitting meters.

Does it make wireless? Smart meter with no neighbors

The house and back yard were now safe for me to be in. It felt great to be sleeping well and be outside again. We were so happy we painted the grandkids swing set yellow and green with flowers.

Our son’s house and back yard were now our shelter while we looked for a safe place to purchase for our own retirement safe house.

Anne Mills, author, ALL EMF*d UP

You can view more videos on how our son made his house safe for me by visiting https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL00ZlsgwgWSjovfzz4y_WDSFtu-Y0MTdy

Increasingly, society must come to a reckoning about how wireless technologies are impacting not only health-vulnerable humans, but all species with whom we share the planet.

This industries involved do not want us to know.

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