EMF/RF/5G IOUT Unscientific Science of Twelve Ways We Cannot Annihilate the Oceans with EMF in 2022

By Patricia Burke, Carmen Miranda Banana, and Flo Freshman

Carmen Miranda Banana is BACK! She was with us for April Fool’s Day, talking about Oturd Otard rule making.  Now, she’s on a rant of run-on sentences about unscientific science and yelling “Liar Liar Pants On Fire!” and singing “Oh Say Can’t You See?” and “the Twelve Ways of Not Christmas Wireless.”

Frankly, I Don’t Give a Damn

The Power Thesaurus gives 50 phrases with similar meaning for “I don’t give a damn”, including  “I don’t care, so what, I couldn’t care less, I do not care, I do not really care, I don’t even care, I don’t really care, I’m not impressed, it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother me at all, who cares, why should I care, I don’t give a pin, couldn’t care less, do not care, don’t really care about it.”

Internet of Underwater Things

We’ve had a run of articles at Natural Blaze questioning plans for the Internet of Underwater Things.  The reason why informed citizens who love whales, oceans, nature, and Earth are so concerned about the Internet of Underwater Things is that there is clearly something fishy with the reactions of decision-makers, regulators and industry, regarding the “science” informing policy making for wireless on land. Holy Mackerel, this can’t be extended to the oceans.

Because when individuals like young Amelia Gilardi are telling “the big people” that the cell tower in her neighborhood is hurting her and her family – and, as a society, we don’t give a rat’s ass – then we are up a creek without a paddle.

In not acting, decision-makers have been saying, “I don’t give a damn”, and  “I don’t care, so what, I couldn’t care less, I do not care, I do not really care, I don’t even care, I don’t really care, I’m not impressed, it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t bother me at all, who cares, why should I care, I don’t give a pin, couldn’t care less, do not care, don’t really care about it,” about harm to human health and the environment caused by wireless exposures.

“Experts” are setting “standards” for the “smart Ocean” for commerce and trade.  They want to guarantee that any IOUT product from any country can be sold to any other nation; thus the imperative to standardize exposure limits. This translates into bullying countries to accept the recommendations from the more powerful nations, who want more lenient guidelines, more money, less safety, less precaution, less monitoring, and – will cause a very predictable result = less whales.

History is filled with examples of products that were assumed to be safe, and later found to be not safe. History is also filled with devastating stories of manifest destiny’s carnage, including abuse of human rights.

Weaponized Product Defense

Even once it is clear that certain products are not safe, a certain type of individual is more than willing to lie their ass off.

Even though it would be a fairly easy undertaking to decide not to listen to people who lie their asses off as a profession, humans have devised systems where it is ok to have professional liars lie their asses off, professionally.

The Fact of The Matter Is That Humans Are Already Invading The Oceans For Minerals, Oil, Gas, Data, and War Games

Humans have not been able to safeguard themselves, or nature, on land, regarding EMF, where it is easier to quantify dead leaves and lost bees. We have intelligent, sincere, honest individuals, like Amelia, who can speak clearly, accurately, and sincerely, telling you when and how and where that they are being hurt. By a telecommunications tower.

The guardians of the Earth’s galaxy realize that there is no way that human decision-makers can protect the planet’s oceans, when it took 600 years to understand Galileo’s recognition of Earth rotating daily and revolving around the sun, unless enough everyday people start paying attention.

Galileo’s insight was opposed by the Catholic Church, astronomers, and the masses. “The matter was investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, which concluded that heliocentrism was foolish, absurd, and heretical since it contradicted Holy Scripture.”

The Holy Scriptures of Wireless

What is actually foolish and absurd and contradicted by reality is the EMF/RF/5G religion of “thermal impacts.” Even churches “believe,” and host cell antennas in their new steeples.  When combined with the fervent religion about colonizing Mars, we have a dead planet Earth.

Distorting and polluting the natural electromagnetic environment is like trying to live like a fish out of water for many individuals, and untold numbers of species. The strategies the industry has used to justify safety are the equivalent of giving a fish a bicycle (Irrelevant).

We need to progress ahead 600 years in many areas, because EMF/RF/5G/ IOUT “science” is filled with fish tales.  Here are a few concepts and practices that are absurd.

1 – The Thermal Threshold theory

2 – The Auditory Threshold Theory

3 – Disregard for cumulative exposures

4 – Disregard for chronic exposures

5 – Disregard for proximity to exposure source

6 – Disregard for sensitive populations

7 – Disregard for juxtaposed exposures

8 – Representative tissue, tissue averaging, engineering modeling, used to deny biological, physiological, biochemical, and electromagnetic harm. We have been protecting plastic heads since 1996.

9 – Reliance on tobacco science and product defense experts lying their asses off

10 – Acceptance of censorship and wargaming

11 – Lack of application of precautionary principle, lack of heed of late lessons from early warnings, lack of polluter pays principle, lack of common sense

12 – Lack of compassion

We already encountered many of these late lessons from early warnings, with other harmful scenarios, including history of the chemical and drug industries.

For a look at more issues ignored by the wireless industry, see:


“The task of the 2008 National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report, Identification of Research Needs Relating to Adverse Health Effects of Wireless Communication, was to identify any inadequacies in the research upon which the current US Radiofrequency radiation (RF) safety guidelines are based. The NAS Report did indeed find numerous inadequacies in that research record.

An inadequate research record results in safety regulations that fail to address all exposures encountered by the public. Based on the 2008 NAS findings it cannot be asserted that US RF safety policy protects all members of the public from all mechanisms of harm in all exposure scenarios.” – Janet Newton, EMR Policy Institute


Humans are making policy decisions as if the only way that humans perceive sound is through the ears.

We know that microwave hearing is a different dynamic, and that many suffering from “tinnitus” are actually experiencing waves of vibro-acoustic pressure inside the brain that they hear as “sound.”  Coincidentally, they are also reporting many other symptoms, like sleeplessness, intense thirst, headaches, pressure in the head, and digestive issues.  The ears-as-the-only-apparatus-impacted-by- sound is dead wrong. It will destroy the lives of ocean mammals and other species.

The military-industrial complex would like to absolve itself of harm to the oceans by putting a passive listening device into the water and then claiming that as long as the noise it generates is below an arbitrary sound limit, there is no damage being done, even if there is widespread harm.

This is similar to what the industry did with wireless smart meters. They looked at their devices and measurements and said the meters were safe, based on their measurements. This is how theory can lag 600 years behind evolution, especially with professional liars involved, lying their asses off.


Like measuring for sound against an arbitrary theoretical limit, one current “standard” measures the core body temperature of a plastic dummy model . The thermal theory denies those in physiological disarray caused by wireless exposures are being harmed, because the person does not have a temperature.

Again, Galileo’s insights were investigated by the Roman Inquisition in 1615, which concluded that “heliocentrism was foolish, absurd, and heretical since it contradicted Holy Scripture.”

There are many honest, forthright individuals working in the fields of telecommunications, engineering, and industry who know that the Holy Scriptures of their professions are green around the gills. Their voices must be heeded.

We can hold an attitude of unconditional pre-forgiveness to those innocently caught in the crosshairs of outdated paradigms.  But society must accept the responsibility to address the mercenary lying that is propelling humanity and earth towards senseless destruction.

Nature (“climate”) is not a perpetrator.  Nature is far more creative, protective, intelligent, abundant, nurturing, and relational than the paradigm we are bringing into 2022 for wireless, tech, militarization, and economic expansionism.

We can, and should, take stock….and also plan to move to New Hampshire, the most discerning state, in the Union, when it comes to RF/5G.  Carmen is already packing her bags.

Art courtesy Flo Freshman

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