EMF/RF/5G/IOUT; 2021 Holiday Season’s Miracle Birth vs. Ocean Cries? Do You Hear What I Hear?

By Patricia Burke with Flo Freshman

As Christmas approaches, nativity scenes depict the birth of a newborn child in a manger.  Catholics worldwide are observing the Advent season, with candles, wreaths, and prayers.

In truth, centuries earlier, before the Church took the calendar away from Nature, communities would gather for the Winter Solstice.  In indigenous societies, human activities were organically intertwined with the rhythms of nature (instead of dissociated and disconnected).

We still have not recovered what was lost.

The news of another miraculous but imperiled recent birth might have been missed. This may or may not have a happy ending. We must still pay attention.

Snow Cone, with fishing rope dragging from her mouth, and her newborn calf on Dec. 2. SOURCE

According to reporting by Huffington Post,

A female North Atlantic right whale who has been entangled in fishing gear for months has given birth to a healthy calf, but scientists fear for the small family’s welfare in the long term.

The mother whale, nicknamed Snow Cone, was first seen dragging fishing rope behind her in Massachusett’s Plymouth Bay in March, [ ]. Rescuers were able to get some, but not all, of the rope off of her before she left the bay.

More attempts were made to free her in May and June, but Snow Cone resisted efforts [ ].

No one knew at the time that Snow Cone was pregnant. But earlier this month, scientists spotted Snow Cone ― still dragging thick, heavy rope from her mouth ― with a newborn calf off the coast of Georgia.

NOAA scientists were both “surprised and concerned” that Snow Cone had managed to give birth while entangled, the agency’s statement said.

The calf is healthy, uninjured and not caught in the rope, but scientists fear the baby could get entangled, too.

“[Snow Cone’s] still got two pieces of rope, about 20 feet, coming out from the left side of her mouth,” Clay George, a biologist with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources biologist told the Associated Press. “If those two pieces of rope ended up getting knotted around each other and there’s a loop, you could imagine that calf could end up becoming entangled.”

[ ] the stress of the situation still poses a major threat to both the calf and Snow Cone’s health.

“Entanglement alone is a costly energetic drain and so is nursing a calf,” Barb Zoodsma, a large whale recovery coordinator at NOAA, said in the release. “The severity of her mouth and head injuries are also disconcerting. For these reasons, Snow Cone may be facing her biggest challenge yet in the upcoming months.”

She noted, however that Snow Cone’s perseverance ― her previous calf was killed in a boat collision last year ― shows that the mother whale “clearly” has “game.”

In the meantime, scientists say that, while her newborn is close by, it’s too risky to get close to Snow Cone to try again to disentangle her.

North Atlantic right whales are critically endangered, and both fishing gear entanglements and collisions with ships are major threats to the species. According to NOAA, there are fewer than 350 of the whales left, and they’re currently dying out faster than they can reproduce. – Huffington Post

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While the news story notes Snow Cone’s entanglement, as an ocean mammal, she faces countless other challenges – not from nature or “climate” but from multiple, avoidable risks caused by reckless human exploitation and aggression.

Coastal fishing communities are caught in the crosshairs of the fishing gear debacle, with calls to Save the Lobster Fisherman opposing efforts to Save the Whales.  The birth of Snow Cone’s calf followed on the heels of a failed legal attempt to address damage caused by vertical buoy lines used in lobster fishing, by limiting fishing in a whale habitat for a portion of the year.

And, Then, There Is The Unregulated Exploitation Of The Seas For Warfare, For Example: Detonating Underwater Unexploded Bombs

UK campaigners recently lobbied to change the way that unexploded underwater bombs were detonated. WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation is the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins in the UK.

“The Government has recommended that unexploded bombs located in the sea should be detonated quietly to protect whales, dolphins and porpoises. The announcement comes following a long running campaign championed by actress Joanna Lumley that WDC has supported.

The Stop Sea Blasts campaign called for a change in the way unexploded war munitions found in the water are disposed of, instead using deflagration technology that drastically reduces the underwater noise caused when a bomb is detonated.

“Around 100,000 Tonnes Of Unexploded Wartime Munitions Still Sit On The Ocean Floor”

It is thought that around 100,000tonnes of unexploded wartime munitions still sit on the ocean floor in UK waters. Scientists calculated that detonations in the North Sea are injuring and possibly killing thousands of porpoises every year. The disposal blasts can cause injuries to marine mammals, damage their hearing and affect their navigation and communication within their groups. This can lead to stranding on shorelines.

In 2011, 19 long-finned pilot whales stranded and died at the Kyle of Durness, Scotland, after they entered the bay at high tide. The report into the stranding concluded that bomb disposal operations in the area in the days leading up to the tragedy were likely to have caused the whale strandings.

The new Government policy paper published states that the effects of noise associated with blasts are “key environmental concerns’, and that alternative lower noise methods were preferred. [ ] there are still some unanswered questions around the use of deflagration, including potential for toxic pollution. But there should be less noise pollution as a result of this decision.” – WDC

What is glaringly clear is that the seas are under active assault for both militarizationand short-term economic gain.  Ocean destruction is not a sustainable scenario for earth.  And, the U.S. is the leader in militarization and economic expansionism.

Ocean Floor Mapping Using Sonar, while knowing it causes devastation to Whales?

Another threat to marine life is sonar, known to cause harm to cetaceans.


Saildrone is thrilled to [ ] advance deep-water ocean mapping capabilities with a new 72-foot unmanned surface vehicle (USV) known as the Saildrone Surveyor. [ ] The increased size of the vehicle will provide the power, speed, and payload required to carry a Kongsberg EM 304 multibeam sonar. The Surveyor will collect detailed mapping of the seafloor and water column, which will be transmitted back to shore in real time. Researchers [ ] will analyze [ ] data collected by the new vehicle and lead the development of autonomous data quality monitoring tools to identify targets of interest. MBARI will work to integrate environmental DNA (eDNA) capabilities—DNA originating from the sloughed-off skin, mucus, and excrement of a wide variety of marine animals—into the Surveyor platform.

Fishing, Warfare, Explosions, Plastic, Pollution, Noise, Sonar, “Incrementalism Will Not Get Us Anywhere”

It’s very prescient that the Saildrone can work with DNA from skin, mucus, and excrement, as that may  be all that remains of many species, unless humans change course.

Activist Julian Aguon, highlighting the plight of U.S. military-colonized Guam stated, “Incrementalism will not get us anywhere.”

We can’t only protect some whales in some oceans from some stressors some of the time, as we build out the Internet of Underwater Things and wireless “ecosystem” – as recklessly as we are building out telecommunications on land and in space – devoid of environmental testing, monitoring, and appropriate response.

The Elephant in the Room, Environmental Groups that Don’t Address Militarization (Now Targeting the Oceans) Are Engaged in Something Other Than Protecting Nature

A colleague recently noted that many environmental groups with the highest salaries have been unwilling to question the military’s impact on the planet’s oceans. In addition, many environmental groups have been unwilling to address the threat posed by wireless telecommunications.

As Kate Kheel explained, 5G and the Military is a Marriage Made In Hell.

Full Spectrum Dominance is being pursued by the US, as explained by Koohan Paik-Mander of the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons In Space, including the Internet of Underwater Things and militarization of the oceans.

Rather than allocating resources to military might, colonizing mars, and billionaire space tourism, humans could prioritize fishing that does not entangle whales, and clean up the carnage left by previous wars on the ocean floor without creating unsafe chemical pollution, before starting another war. (If artificial reality is so wonderful, the military can stop live ammunition games now, and conduct war exercises virtually.)

War is an outdated, un-survivable scenario.  And so is the next wireless assault on the ecosystem, now aimed at the oceans.   We already know enough.

There is nothing sustainable about unsafe telecommunications for “climate” data collection, from sonar to satellites.

“Honor the dead, heal the wounded, stop the wars,” because the carnage includes too many dolphins, turtles, and whales.

Top image Flo Freshman with Patricia Burke

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