Why Getting Outside For A Walk In The Cold Can Benefit Your Physical And Mental Health

By Mayukh Saha

Getting outside for a walk in the cold has several health benefits, which can energize your body and mind.

Walks are a great exercise for your pets and are a great opportunity for you to go out and stay fit. A walk in the cold can boost your physical health as well as energize your mental health while giving you the exercise that you need.

It is an ideal option in terms of physical activity as it does not require anything special. The impact is low while being safe.

Dr. Cedric Bryant from the American Council on Exercise stated that “Walking is an ideal option in terms of physical activity. It requires no specialized skill — everyone knows how to walk. It’s low impact and safe,”.

It might be nice to stay wrapped inside your blanket while sipping a cup of warm coffee, but getting this exercise is worth it. The experts on health are bullish on the benefits of walking.

How Is A Walk In The Cold Beneficial?

Bryant had stated that “Many of the systems of the body can benefit from walking.”

It can improve the health and functions of your cardiac muscles and develop your aerobic capacity. A walk in the cold can also improve your blood pressure and control the levels of your blood sugar (which reduces the risk of diabetes).

You can also increase your metabolism, maintain your weight and reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by taking a walk daily.

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It has been recommended by the US Department Of Health and Human Services, that your body requires aerobic exercise for 150-300 minutes a week. If you can get 30 minutes of proper walking for 5 days a week, it will help you get into the minimum values required.

If you are walking to reduce your weight or just manage it, you would need to walk for longer durations. You need to find 45-60 minutes of walking, on most days, with a 20-minute walk right after dinner.

You can also challenge yourself by making it more difficult, by wearing a weighted vest or walking on hills.

Healing Your Mind By Walking

If you choose to walk in the cold outdoors, this exercise can also boost your mental health.

Dr. Mark A Slabaugh, who works as an orthopedic sports medicine surgeon at Mercy Medical Center, stated that “Walking outside, being in nature, and getting out of the same place allows you to decompress, understand what’s been going on and refocus. In my experience, it helps you to be able to almost meditate, to get in touch with your thoughts, to understand what’s important, and to relax.”

Bryant is a fan of walking outdoor and said that: “There are so many wonderful benefits in terms of being able to have that positive distraction, a change in scenery, and getting sunlight and fresh air”.

A walk in the cold will help your clear your thoughts and enhance the creative trait inside you.

Once you build this exercise to walk in the cold, into your routine, you will like it so much that you will begin increasing the duration. This upward trend is quite beneficial as you would feel more motivated, make better decisions, have a healthy state of mind, and make great choices that will help you maintain your habit of walking.


Source: Truth Theory

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