Fauci Says Babies, Toddlers Eligible For COVID Jabs In Q1 2022

By Tyler Durden

Since the start of the pandemic – edging ever closer to two years now – 428 children aged 4 and under have died ‘with COVID’, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Putting that number in context, there are around 73 million children in America.

Dr. Daniel Rauch, chief of pediatric hospital medicine at Tufts Children’s Hospital in Boston, summed things up rather succinctly:

“The good news continues to be that this is not a common problem for kids.”

Source: CDC

So why oh why is all-knowing and unquestionable ‘science’-soothsayer Dr. Anthony Fauci now openly discussing that, even though he “can’t guarantee it,” babies and toddlers aged 6 months to 5 years could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccination by spring?

“Hopefully within a reasonably short period of time, likely the beginning of next year in 2022, in the first quarter of 2022, it will be available to them,” Fauci told Insider in an interview, though he cautioned that he was speculating, adding, “you’ve got to do the clinical trial.”

According to CNN, Pfizer is the furthest along in trials for those aged 6 months to 5 years, but Moderna is also conducting studies in very young children.

“We don’t have enough data now to present it for a regulatory approach, but right now, the data are being collected and analyzed,” Fauci said when speaking to CNN earlier this month.

“So we will be able to answer the question, I believe, within a reasonable period of time regarding the safety and the immunogenicity among those lower than 5 years old.”

Frankly, we have no words for this idea. It appears Big Pharma is running out of cohorts to jab and make money from? In Utero next? What about pets? Better safe than sorry, right?

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Some context…

“Think about it in terms of football stadiums,” Dr. Rauch said.

“In 100,000 kids, one of them is not going to make it with COVID. Everyone else who walked in is going to walk out.”

As USAToday.com reports, in August and September, shortly after cases began to rise, hospitalizations of children with COVID-19 increased across the U.S. Weekly pediatric admissions reached a peak of more than three kids per 100,000 the week ending Sept. 5 and have since declined in most states along with adult COVID-19 admissions.

Source: Department of Health & Human Services

And as far as deaths are concerned, things get even more extreme on the outlier scale.

Here is the official CDC data for the toddler and baby cohort (total deaths vs COVID-19 deaths)…

Source: CDC

In fact, the relative scale of COVID deaths among America’s 0-4 year-olds is so tiny that it doesn’t even show up on a chart…

Source: CDC

Given all of the above, what parent will willingly take the risk of vaccinating their baby against a virus that barely registers on the risk of hospitalization scale and is practically non-existent on the risk of death meter? And why is the scientist-uber-alles even suggesting this?

Source: ZeroHedge

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