EMF/RF/5G Thanksgiving; Addressing Past Colonialization, Our Militarized Present, and the Future Underwater Internet of Things? Part 3 of 3

By Patricia Burke

“Regulatory agencies should apply the Precautionary Principle when making decisions about acoustic activities to be conducted underwater.”

In Part 1, we looked at the on-going colonization and exploitation of indigenous lands and peoples by the U.S., including military-occupied Guam. (While the U.S. is promoting its de-militarization of Okinawa and commitment to climate action, it is moving personnel to Guam, a strategic position in anticipation of war with China with planned ocean “wargames.” Despite U.S. concern for “climate,” a redline forest has been razed to create a live ammunition firing range over the island’s main drinking water aquifer, and a coral reef has already been dredged. Authorization has been given for the military to kill and maim thousands of ocean mammals, including whales.)


In Part 2, we looked more closely at military wargames at sea, the impact on the ocean ecosystem including whales, and the U.S. regulatory response.

In Part 3, we look more at the marketing of the IOUT, which does not consider whales and their relationship to “climate.” Underwater sonar has been proven to harm whales, and whales are a keynote species.

Many of the people of the world want peace…. and do not support the colonial, militarized reach of the United States, including Guam, or the co-opting of the environmental movement to support industrialized capitalism.  They do not support the mistreatment of indigenous peoples, anywhere on the planet.  They do not support the “Incidental” killing of marine life. They do not support the militarization of the land, skies, and sea. And they do not support 5G.

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A sea change is required, immediately, that reveres the Rights of Nature.

Selling the Internet of Underwater Things

The World Smart Cities Organization presents the benefits of “Internet of Underwater Things, Communication Technology of the Future” here:

  • Protecting all kinds of water bodies.
  • Monitoring offshore oil and gas pipelines.
  • Early detection of natural disasters like tsunamis.
  • Monitoring health of the underwater ecosystem including flora and fauna.
  • Performing survey of shipwrecks and crashes.
  • Supporting archaeological expeditions and aquatic education.
  • Checking underwater pollutants.

What mainstream promotion fails to mention is military applications of the 5G/IOT/IOUT, unless the discussion is promoting military objectives, and defense budget expenditures.

5G and the Military, ‘Marriage Made in Hell’ on Land, in the Air, Now Under the Sea

In her overview of the militarization of space, Kate Kheel wrote:

“Robert O. Work explains that data gathered through 5G (and from former generations of 3G and 4G), satellites, and AI will provide ‘the means for a capable commander to take in the entirety of the data and information gleaned by the sensor grid, determine adversary plans and the decisive points in an adversary’s system of systems, and commit their forces against them.'”

This includes underwater warfare.

5G at Coastlines, and Internet of Underwater Things; Monterey, CA: “Unmanned Robots, Aerial Drones and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles”

In September 2021, Fierce Wireless reported, “AT&T has a new agreement with the U.S. military that includes experiments to connect unmanned robots, aerial drones and autonomous underwater vehicles in a single system, assisted by 5G and edge computing. It’s a three-year collaborative research and development agreement [ ]to support a variety of 5G-focused experiments at NPS facilities. [ ] The main aim of the agreement is maritime technology solutions for national defense and homeland security, but could also benefit commercial industries like shipping, oil and gas, and recreational boating.”

Then, in October 2021, “Monterey: Naval Postgraduate School launches 5G research with AT&T.”

“New research being conducted at Monterey’s Naval Postgraduate School with AT&T hopes to take lauded 5G communications technology into potential warfighting scenarios that can deliver critical real-time data transmissions [ ].

The research on fifth-generation wireless is being conducted at NPS’ Sea Land Air Military Research facility[ ]. The Navy hopes the research will lead to greater national defense capabilities, benefit intelligence gathering and help industries like shipping and even recreational boating.

‘AT&T’s experience with the existing 5G infrastructure on the Monterey Peninsula will facilitate our collaboration on the next generation of mobile networks.’ Edge computing also provides for improved cybersecurity protections.  [ ] The reason 5G technology is becoming an important tool to the military and industrial enterprises is because it is designed to deal with moving lots of data very fast with little interruption. ‘This high bandwidth, low latency capability means that a swarm of drones can share information in near real-time to execute missions,’ said Ray Buettner, an associate professor of information science at NPS. []

In a battlespace, the military assumes that their adversaries will try to isolate forward units by ‘cutting’ the communications links to the rear. But with edge computing, ‘serious computing power sits right behind the node (a connection point in a communications network).’ In a potential real-world example, Buettner described a U.S. Marine Corps unit operating far forward on an island in an area where air combat is occurring. The unit takes casualties in a firefight but is unable to call for a medivac because the enemy is jamming satellite systems. Even if they could contact rear units for a medivac, helicopters might not be able to respond because of enemy fighter aircraft. The field medic, using 5G-enabled augmented reality technology, ‘might be able to perform surgical tasks that she has never done before to save lives on the battlefield,’ Buettner explained.

[ ] NPS [ ] will be testing many other applications for 5G technology, including communications among both manned and unmanned sea vessels, autonomous air vehicles (think drones) and underwater robotic vehicles.” – Description of  Sea Land Air Military Research (SLAMR)

The use case of 5G-augmented battlefield surgery implies that technology will be used defensively, when, in fact, the U.S. is in active pursuit of planetary Full Spectrum Dominance.

An astute California resident noted, “Until now, AT&T has repeatedly emphasized that their new upgraded towers in Monterey are 4G and denied these were 5G. That has now been exposed as disinformation. This was the plan all along.” Every coastal community that authorized 4G tower installations and antenna placements in recent years may have unwittingly authorized 5G and IOUT military infrastructure.

Colonialism, Climate, Exploitation, Indigenous Rights, War, and the Digital Dog and Pony Show; Underwater IOT, Sonar, 5G, Whales, and Killing Our Planet, As An Expression of Empire

Is it time to reject the colonization, exploitation, and abuse of Rights of Nature unfolding under the guises of both sustainability and military defense, and the supposed intention to provide ubiquitous wireless connectivity that enables full-scale surveillance and domination, turned inward on every nation?

Yes, it is time to reject the exploitation, and the guises.  And yes, they are all related.

Koohan Paik-Mander explains,

“An assortment of large-scale joint naval exercises takes place every year across the Pacific. The events are attended by patron-countries of the U.S. weapons industry [ ]nations include Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, France, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises, held every two years in Hawaiian waters since 1971are slated to run again in 2022. In 2018, RIMPAC drew 25,000 troops, 52 ships, and submarines from 26 countries. Weapons dealers from all over the world view RIMPAC as an opportunity to show off their wares, making the event part-Vegas trade show, part-World Cup. For marine life, it is four weeks of blitzkrieg.

This fits nicely with the policy cited in the 2019 Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, which calls foreign military sales the ‘tool of first resort in strengthening alliances and attracting new partners.’ In other words, for the United States, partnerships are not rooted in a shared philosophy of justice and diplomacy. Rather, they are anchored firmly in weapons sales.”

Incrementalism will not get us anywhere.

Guam activist Julian Aguon stated, “Incrementalism will not get us anywhere.”

We can’t only protect some whales in some oceans some of the time.

We’ve been told that virtual reality is the next best thing- better than sliced bread.

The military can stop the live ammunition games now, and conduct its war exercises virtually.

And, for those shopping for Black Friday, think twice about wireless and IOT “gifts.”

Remember those trinkets given to the indigenous peoples back in the day?

Be on the Right Side of History.

Take Action Now:

  1. Sign the petition to protect whales in the Pacific: https://www.change.org/p/us-navy-protect-our-marine-mammals-stop-active-sonar-in-the-mitt

Signing the petition informs the people of Guam that those of us residing elsewhere recognize that what is occurring, in military training areas on the other side of planet, matters.

  1. Sign the petition to stop excluding military pollution from climate agreements


This effort will be continued in anticipation of the next COP meeting. Signing keeps you connected to the effort.

  1. You will receive many solicitations from environmental groups over the holiday season. Those supporting increased telecommunications infrastructure 5G/IOT/VR/AR on land, in space, and in the oceans are co-opted. Choose wisely.

How Whales Change Climate






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