5G EMF RF, Metta vs. Meta vs. Mars; Time to Reclaim Humanity’s Un-manipulated, Un-VR-immersed Future, on Earth, Now.

Compiled by Patricia Burke

 Entertainment or Entrainment?  – The “Connected” Sherwood Forest

The BBC recently announced, Sherwood Forest set for 5G upgrade and robot dogs.

“Robot dogs, internet-controlled drones and a 5G upgrade are among technology being trialled to enhance the visitor experience at Sherwood Forest.

Nottinghamshire County Council said the work would make it the world’s first 5G-connected forest.

The authority hopes the stronger signal can be used to offer visitors an augmented reality headset to view an immersive Robin Hood-themed film.

The drones and robot could be used to help with environmental research.” – BBC

Let’s be clear.

The connected forest is not designed to enhance the visitor experience. The connected forest is designed to experiment with and on visitors.  The “connections” being trialed are between tech titans and data about visitors’ behavior and manipulated sensory experience, while ignoring damaging environmental impacts.

How much more make-believe can the story get?

Van Gogh” Immersive Art” is Big Tech Immersed in Brain Function and Emotion

SOURCE: https://vangoghexpo.com/atlanta/

Promotion of Van Gogh, the Immersive Experience asks,

“Have you ever dreamt of stepping into a painting? Now you can! Welcome to Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience,’ advertising 360 degree projections, 15,000 foot screens, and virtual reality.  Total Artistic Immersion Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience features a one of kind Virtual Reality interactive, which guides you on a ten-minute journey through ‘A day in the life of the Artist.’ Walk alongside Van Gogh during this peaceful, visually rich journey to discover the inspiration behind eight of his iconic works, including: Vincent’s Bedroom at Arles, and Starry Night Over The Rhone River.”

Let’s be clear.

Tech is offering a future where humanity lives in an altered experience that provides inaccurate inputs into the body-mind system, separated from the actual time-space continuum, scrambling the body’s own intelligent, integrating “data points.”

E-Course: Herbal Energetics (Ad)

Ignoring imagination and shared community, for example, through story-telling and reading, (which do not need to be connected to a planetary internet of things), the entertainment industry is providing a testing ground for the tech industry and their partners, for the development of technology that has the potential to misdirect, scramble, and control human awareness and consciousness.

To what end?

How much more immersion into human physiology and psyche should we embrace?

Facebook’s Meta

What does the announcement of Facebook’s Meta plan, accompanied by the sacred symbol for infinity, mean?

Writing for The Atlantic, Brian Merchant notes,

…this means building out “an embodied internet, where instead of just viewing content—you are in it.”

[]… Zuck dropped by a CBS morning show to demonstrate Horizon Workrooms, where users would be embodied in sub-Sims-quality avatars—not just viewing a dull virtual conference room, but in it. Then Facebook launched its partnership with Ray-Ban to sell a pair of privacy-challenged augmented-reality sunglasses. Then came the news that Facebook was hiring 10,000 people in Europe to work on building the metaverse. Then, finally, word came last week that Facebook would rebrand itself with a moniker that reflects its newfangled metaverse aspirations. That name, we now know, is Meta. [ ]

Despite the lengthy presentation, it is still not really clear to anyone what Facebook’s version of the metaverse would actually look like in practice []…

And neither is it clear who would want to spend their time there. [ ]  But ‘the metaverse’ could generate enough momentum, enough knock-on interest, that it could bring this clumsy fantasy framework clattering to life. Which is exactly why this half-real, Big Tech–led effort to erect the metaverse is worth both laughing down and taking seriously.

The truth is that all of Silicon Valley, not just Facebook, is in desperate want of a big new idea.

Smart cities went bust. The dream of big data proved dubious, diffuse, and ultimately, dead. The app-based “Uber for X” model is, as we speak, collapsing under the weight of never-arrived profitability and its reliance on labor exploitation. And the social-media stalwarts are stagnating: Growth is down not just for Facebook’s flagship social-media app, but for the once-impervious Instagram. It’s down for Twitter and Snapchat too.

Meanwhile, the most important part of the hardware market, smartphone sales, has fallen flat for years.

It may be true, as David Karpf wrote in Wired, that historically, “metaverse” technologies like VR have been “the rich white kid of technology”—continually failing and yet being granted opportunity after opportunity to succeed. Same, to a lesser extent, with AR, which Google famously tried to make happen with its Glass and was laughed out of the room 10 years ago. Snapchat’s glasses barely made a blip, and the dustbin of technology past is littered with failed VR headsets. – Brian Merchant

Let’s be clear.

Meta is not for the users, nor is it about protecting the environment.

Enabled by the energy hog wireless 5G network, big tech has nothing to do with addressing the digital divide, or extending assistance impoverished nations, or ‘sustainability,’ or any other altruistic justification. Nor is it about defending against adversaries.

It is not embodied.

It is not about freedom.

What it will look like to those controlling the metaverse is clear. It is about control.

A seemingly innocuous example?  In-Depth: Scientists warn of dream manipulation.

What Form of Consciousness Trashes Earth to Get to Mars?

Elon Musk would like us to allow him to be the arbitrator of which planet we should inhabit, by embracing his determination of what constitutes “the light of consciousness” deserving of preservation. (This includes determining who gets a seat on the rockets.)

In opposing paying higher taxes, he wrote,

Consciousness is not an issue that we address once we exploit one another and another planet.

The ancient wisdom traditions teach us that it is here and now, on this planet, in these bodies.

Earth – “For the Birds”

For example, the American Bird Conservatory writes, Help Birds Threatened by SpaceX Launch Operations.

Musk’s “Aerospace company SpaceX is putting birds and other wildlife at risk in the coastal region of Boca Chica, Texas. The SpaceX facility in Boca Chica is surrounded by federal and state public lands used by hundreds of thousands of individual birds of many different species throughout the year – from the federally Threatened Piping Plover and Red Knot to the Endangered Northern Aplomado Falcon. These lands also support several species of sea turtle and mammals listed under the Endangered Species Act.

Despite the area’s ecological importance, SpaceX has conducted operations with little oversight from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Now, in spite of major expansions in operations and infrastructure in Boca Chica, the FAA has not conducted a full Environmental Impact Study.

Comments are accepted through Nov. 1  here.

The Co-opting of Terms and Symbols from the Ageless Wisdom

The ancients have passed down exquisite guidance on how to work with ‘the human energy field’ as the conduit of the light of the soul, by understanding and harmonizing with the cycles of energy emanating from the sun and the cosmos.

From yoga to tai chi to chi gong; to meridians to marma points; to chakras to the aura; to harmonizing the brain through breathing techniques and chanting; to mediation, prayer and devotion – embodied reverence for nature, and the life force it manifests, is our birthright.

Disembodying technologies that utilize man-made artificial frequencies will never act as conduits of light.

In fact, disembodying technologies have the potential to damage every living organism that has co-evolved with the energies of this planet.

In 2012, Zen Gardner analyzed George Bush’s use of an expression from the Ageless Wisdom in his State of the Union Address.

“We can find meaning and reward by serving some higher purpose than ourselves, a shining purpose, the illumination of a Thousand Points of Light.”

Can we confront the power of this subconscious manipulation?


Writing for Tricycle Magazine in “What is Metta Meditation? Discovering your capacity for lovingkindness” Sharon Salzberg explains,

“In metta meditation, we direct lovingkindness toward ourselves and then, in a sequence of expansion, towards somebody we love already. Somebody we are neutral towards. Somebody we have difficulty with. And ultimately toward all beings everywhere without distinction.”

Tricycle’s Buddhism for Beginners explains.

Metta meditation is an ancient practice championed by the Buddha as an effective antidote to fear and enmity. All schools of Buddhism engage in some form of metta, either as an aspiration or as a formal meditation, and it has become an especially popular practice in the West. The word metta comes from the ancient Pali language (the Sanskrit word is maitri); it may be translated as “goodwill,” “lovingkindness,” or “benevolence.”

[ ]…the Buddha presents lovingkindness as a dynamic aspiration that counteracts any tendency to single out those we choose to care about.

In formal lovingkindness practice, meditators focus on the genuine happiness of all beings: ourselves, the beings we care about, and those we feel neutral about or don’t generally notice, as well as those who arouse reactions of fear, disgust, ill will, and aggression in us.

Ultimately, all beings are included. If the heart and mind are filled with benevolence, there is no space left for negative emotions to arise and thrive.

Metta meditation may be practiced in silence, as a visualization, or by repeating verses such as “May all beings be happy and safe. / May they be well and at ease. / May they be filled with lovingkindness,” either silently in the mind or out loud.

With loving kindness, and opened hearts, we can say no to robot dogs, smart glasses, immersive art, 5G, IOT, VR, and blasting bird habitats to get to Mars.

Embodied consciousness doesn’t mindlessly leave carnage in its wake to fuel misbegotten ambition

There is nothing metta about tech aspirations to manipulate and control consciousness and the cosmos.

The time to put an end to human experimentation is now.

The course correction requires disciplined discernment, and rejection of invasive, irrelevant, unnecessary, invisible, manipulative wireless tech.

Top Image:  Lucrezia Carnelos/Unsplash via  https://theconversation.com/what-is-the-metaverse-2-media-and-information-experts-explain-165731

Help Birds Threatened by SpaceX Launch Operations comments due today Nov. 1.

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