5G/EMF/RF When Information Wars Prevail: Govt. Propaganda vs. Via Local News, This is Another Wake Up Call

By Patricia Burke

When the Military Used Covid to Wage Disinformation On the Citizensry

As noted by Natural Blaze, the Ottawa Citizen reported this September that the Canadian military’s Joint Operations Command took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to wage an information war against its own domestic population, testing out propaganda tactics on Canadian civilians.

Although the article does not go into great depth to explain exactly how this operation would have been carried out, or what was involved, the public is demonstrating growing distrust of mainstream media narratives.

For example, as noted in the recent article at Natural Blaze, international news reported last year that anti-5G activists were lighting telecommunications towers on fire because they feared that 5G waves were spreading Covid.

The claim is unsubstantiated, may be exaggerated, or possibly fabricated.

Was this a case of an experiment being conducted on the public without knowledge and consent, that cultivated an attitude of ridicule, marginalization, and dismissal to those voicing legitimate concern?

If this is the case, what was the motivation behind the arson fire-story that captured the public’s attention, fueling their fears, and cultivating a discriminatory attitude to those opposing 5G?  Was there a concerted effort to divert attention away from the many health and environmental concerns about telecommunications infrastructure harm, when the public was so consumed with the desire for access to internet connectivity caused by pandemic restrictions?

When and how to we get back to integrity?

Inserting Conspiracy Theory into News Media

In 2018, Top Secret Writers reported,

“….the term Conspiracy Theory was created by the CIA in 1967 as a way to discredit anyone who dared to challenge their official version of the truth.”


Censorship on Economic Steroids: When Public Discourse Suddenly Stops

When the mainstream news media operated more independently of industry influence, the CIA would seek out “propaganda assets” in the form of sympathetic writers and editors.

Now, small town newspapers are increasingly being bought out or put out of business, with job loss and economic devastation for truth tellers.  Advertising revenues are also controlling content. When the mainstream media is filled with advertisements for 5G phones, readers can rest assured that they have entered the realm of a corporate controlled narrative.

When Worcester Activism Went Dark

In Worcester, MA, when local and state-wide activism groups were opposing the controversial National Grid Smart Meter Pilot Program, initially, several local media outlets provided coverage.

At some point, it stopped.

When this occurs, a newspaper will no longer respond to inquiries from the public. The tone of the reporting will change. Familiar reporters will disappear.

The paper will often print an unsigned, pro-industry and anti-activist editorial that doubles as advertisement for the industry.  Archives to early articles will disappear, links will be broken, internet searches will take the reader on a wild goose chase.

The public needs to develop a skillset to recognize the forensic footprint of this growing centralization of power.

Even if it is not possible to see what is happening behind the scenes, it is possible to see the result.

The house of cards is already collapsing.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Installation Did Not Stop During Covid (The Address Filed On The Application Is 60 Acres Away From Where The Tower Was Installed)

Although many industries were stopped in their tracks due to Covid, especially small businesses, the rollout of new telecommunications infrastructure did not stop, for example, in Pittsfield.

Natural Blaze is one of the few independent news groups reporting on the carnage that resulted in the “Shacktown” community, when a tower was installed on a hilltop abutting a number of residential roads.  See: Amelia’s story and Courtney’s story.

Amelia (center) is holding a 20-year old sign on loan from Peg Patton, who helped develop protective zoning in Wayland, MA. See the story here.

The Berkshire “Opinion”

This weekend, a local paper in the Berkshires published an unsigned opinion piece:

Our Opinion: Pittsfield Health Board sets troubling precedent by asking Verizon to move tower

http://www.berkshireeagle.com/opinion/editorials/our-opinion-pittsfield-health-board-sets-troubling-precedent-by-asking-verizon-to-move-tower/article_6e84d598-2b94-11ec-b8b2-035d056a2a46.html (Should a broken link occur, or a requirement to register and give access to all of your accounts, the content of the article is also available here: https://smartmeternewsupdates.wordpress.com/2021/10/15/pittsfield-health-board-sets-troubling-precedent-by-asking-verizon-to-move-tower/)

“…. the Board of Health has set a poor precedent for future infrastructure projects that attract controversy” 

“After its construction, some who had previously opposed its nearby siting began registering health complaints, claiming they were caused by the tower’s radiation”

“report showed the tower was emitting, at most, less than one-fiftieth of the Federal Communications Commission’s safety threshold.”

“What also deserves serious consideration is that they have made a hefty claim about these ill effects — from tinnitus and headaches to an alleged higher occurrence of cancer — being directly tied to the tower’s operation and location, while offering scant actual evidence for this alleged causal link. “

“ …..the National Cancer Institute, National Toxicology Program and the Environmental Protection Agency, all of which have largely given cell towers and radio frequency radiation a clean bill of health in reaction to rumored effects on surrounding populations.  

“they’re formally asking Verizon to remove without compensation a key piece of communication infrastructure that’s already been built based on health-based arguments that the board knows to be so far uncorroborated. “                            

“Given the fact that 5G networks will require larger buildouts, these conflicts stand to rear their head repeatedly. Now, a troubling blueprint has been set, not just for cell towers but for any potentially controversial infrastructure project — even after completion. Forceful but unsubstantiated pushback is legitimized.”

“Health officials defer not to scientific consensus and the existing regulations based on it but to the heckler’s veto.”

“It’s never a good time to weight the flawed wisdom of crowds over the tested groundings of science, but a pandemic is a particularly bad time for health officials to do so.” – October 13, 2021 Berkshire Eagle Unsigned Editorial

Setting aside some of the more alarming aspects of this case, including lack of notification to abutters, the fact that the location filed on the application was a 60 acre parcel with an address in a different ward from where the tower was installed, and that an unauthorized road was constructed on the hillside to enable to tower build, according to the editorial, as citizens speak to concerns, readers should be alarmed that the industry is under attack.

FCC Exposure Guidelines Are Not Evidence-Based

A court in the United States has recently ruled that the decision not to review exposure guidelines in place by the Federal Communications Commission was arbitrary, capricious, and not evidence-based.  One reason why the court came to its decision was that 11,000 pages of evidence  was ignored.

And speaking of whitewashing of evidence, those who have been following the National Toxicology study know that it did not give cell towers a clean bill of health.

The editorial is correct in that the build-out of 5G requires the construction of many more towers and antennas. Not mentioned is the excessive energy consumption.


the 5G network in that 36-block area would lead to a 6-fold increase in ambient radiation (an important finding in its own right). Their September 2020 paper was read by Paul Ben Ishai, a physicist at Ariel University in Israel, who decided to calculate the amount of electricity needed by 5G in that same 36-block neighbourhood. [ ] A report from MTN Consulting estimates that a 5G base station will consume almost double, and possibly triple, the amount of power used by its 4G equivalent, while ABI Research predicts that whereas a 4G site uses 6 kW, a 5G site “will need 14 kW on average and 19 kW at peak load.”

Cumulative, Chronic, Juxtaposed Exposures To Radio Frequencies, Bent Science,  and Manipulation of Public Opinion

We need to recognize and address the weaponizing of science and public opinion.

Mounting evidence of environmental harm indicates that this is not “in the heads” of those canaries who are reporting harm, because nature does not exhibit the psychological complexes that are being projected onto the populations in harm’s way.

We have been down this road with other harmful industries … the tactics of deny, defend, attack.

Let’s not repeat history, again. We can stop this.


To learn more about the hazards of cell towers in residential areas, you can listen to some very earnest, honest, informed discussion here:

Pittsfield, MA Cell Tower Discussion 5 July 2021

(About 2 ½ hours) Verizon turned on a cell tower next to a neighborhood during COVID-19 and more than a dozen children and adults are suffering microwave sicknesses. Courtney Gilardi, Dr. Kent Chamberlin, Theodora Scarato and Cece Doucette discuss the hazards of cell towers in residential areas, and explain why the FCC public radiation exposure limits do not protect human health or the environment.  (Note: The video was filmed prior to the court decision against the FCC for its failure to review its exposure guidelines, and not responding to 11,000 pages of evidence.)

See Part I on Covert Cognitive Warfare here.

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