5G/EMF/RF Vibroacoustic Disease + Microwave Hearing + Beam Forming; This Is Not Tinnitus “of Unknown Origin”

By Patricia Burke

My friend’s grandson has been diagnosed with major behavioral issues, including Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

He has been prescribed powerful medications.

He is 3 years old.

His doctors cannot explain why his ears are so bright red.  If there were another drug for it, he would be on it.

This is a life lost.

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Years ago, the ancients recognized why that child’s ears are red, (just as Swedish researcher Olle Johansson, PhD recognized Screen Dermatitis and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity). Even though there were no cell towers and ‘small cells’ in early China and India, the science of marma points and meridians offers an explanation for the underlying  cause of recurrent headaches, toothaches, sleeplessness, and other symptoms.  We are beings of frequency, and we are being forced to live in an increasingly artificial environment for which we no longer resonate.

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (FULL MOVIE)

If I were a 3 year old, I would most likely receive a diagnosis for a behavioral illness. Instead, the societal diagnosis is “tin foil hat.”

Rather than conducting science-based investigation using accepted medical protocols for blood sugar levels, blood pressure, heart rate, and brain function of individuals experiencing adverse effects due to unnatural frequencies in the environment, we have little-to-no investigation.

When individuals are removed from the assaultive environment, their symptoms dissipate. We cannot continue to discount and ignore this. We need to reclaim this forgetting.

How Science Does and Does Not Progress

There are a number of ways that science “progresses.”  For example, autopsies and epidemiology can be used to establish new findings.

But long before statistics emerge, there is often a trail of suffering and reports of harm that can be suppressed, debated, ridiculed, and ignored, for decades. And after the fact, the data itself can be manipulated.

Another way that knowledge progresses is the way that wisdom was accumulated through-out millennia – through non-attached observation.

There is a difference between investigation in favor of pure unadulterated truth, and investigation to support a foregone conclusion. Massive resources are being devoted to support the latter.  Decision-based evidence-making is being skewed and weaponized, in favor of the accumulation of wealth and power, by those already holding disproportionate power and wealth. Installation of wireless infrastructure to support the collection of even more data, supporting increasing concentration of power, wealth, and control, is proceeding at breakneck speed. This is not to provide Wi-Fi coverage.

Frequency as Healer and Frequency as Harm

The article, 5G/EMF/RF And Human Experimentation: Frequency As Healer, Or Frequency As Harm, Including War noted the contrast between accessing frequency as healer, for example, with the scientific research of Royal Rife, and the use of frequency for harm, for example, through directed energy weapons.

Aside from the sharp contrast between intending either healing or intentional harm, in between there are many other scenarios requiring deeper discernment.

“Environmentalism” Promoting Frequencies Causing Harm

For example, adverse impacts caused by noise pollution are being reported due to ‘smart grid’ installations and industrial-scale wind, both promoted by many sincere, earnest individuals and groups who believe that they are advocating for ‘the high road” regarding sustainability.

Co-opted environmental groups are choosing to ignore reported harm, including sound pollution, which amounts to a form of torture for those affected, including wildlife.

Decision-makers and environmental influencers have not utilized science-based investigation, including measuring pure tones, infrasound, power quality, and low frequency sound, and radio frequency.

As noted in the article about frequency for healing or frequency for harm, political attention is being given only to the plight of diplomats, with continued dismissal of civilians.

Vibroacoustic Disease, a Tortured Life, a Tortured Death

In 2004, researchers in Portugal published their findings regarding Vibroacoustic Disease.


“Vibroacoustic disease (VAD) is a whole-body, systemic pathology, characterized by the abnormal proliferation of extra-cellular matrices, and caused by excessive exposure to low frequency noise (LFN). VAD has been observed in LFN-exposed professionals, such as, aircraft technicians, commercial and military pilots and cabin crewmembers, ship machinists, restaurant workers, and disk-jockeys. VAD has also been observed in several populations exposed to environmental LFN. This report summarizes what is known to date on VAD, LFN-induced pathology, and related issues. In 1987, the first autopsy of a deceased VAD patient was performed. The extent of LFN induced damage was overwhelming, and the information obtained is, still today, guiding many of the associated and ongoing research projects. In 1992, LFN-exposed animal models began to be studied in order to gain a deeper knowledge of how tissues respond to this acoustic stressor. In both human and animal models, LFN exposure causes thickening of cardiovascular structures. Indeed, pericardial thickening with no inflammatory process, and in the absence of diastolic dysfunction, is the hallmark of VAD. Depressions, increased irritability and aggressiveness, a tendency for isolation, and decreased cognitive skills are all part of the clinical picture of VAD. LFN is a demonstrated genotoxic agent, inducing an increased frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in both human and animal models. The occurrence of malignancies among LFN-exposed humans, and of metaplastic and displastic appearances in LFN-exposed animals, clearly corroborates the mutagenic outcome of LFN exposure. The inadequacy of currently established legislation regarding noise assessments is a powerful hindrance to scientific advancement. VAD can never be fully recognized as an occupational and environmental pathology unless the agent of disease–LFN–is acknowledged and properly evaluated. The worldwide suffering of LFN-exposed individuals is staggering and it is unethical to maintain this status quo.”

Assault by High Frequency; a Tortured Life, a Tortured Death

In his most recent newsletter, “The Most Dangerous Technology Ever Invented, Part One”, Arthur Firstenberg of the Cellular Phone Task Force wrote,

“……The problem for the telecommunications industry in 1995 was liability. Microwave radiation was harmful. Cell phones were going to damage everyone’s brain, make people obese, and give millions of people cancer, heart disease and diabetes. And cell towers were going to damage forests, wipe out insects, and torture and kill birds and wildlife.

This was all known. Extensive research had already been done in the United States, Canada, the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and elsewhere. Biologist Allan Frey, under contract with the U.S. Navy, was so alarmed by the results of his animal studies that he refused to experiment on humans. ‘I have seen too much,’ he told colleagues at a symposium in 1969. ‘I very carefully avoid exposure myself, and I have for quite some time now. I do not feel that I can take people into these fields and expose them and in all honesty indicate to them that they are going into something safe.'”

Microwave Radiation Damages The Blood-Brain Barrier

Firstenberg continues:

“Frey discovered that microwave radiation damages the blood-brain barrier — the protective barrier that keeps bacteria, viruses and toxic chemicals out of your brain and keeps the inside of your head at a constant pressure, preventing you from having a stroke. He discovered that both people and animals can hear microwaves. He discovered that he could stop a frog’s heart by timing microwave pulses at a precise point in the heart’s rhythm. The power level he used for that experiment was only 0.6 microwatts per square centimeter, thousands of times lower than the radiation from today’s cell phones.

Ophthalmologist Milton Zaret, who had contracts with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force, as well as with the Central Intelligence Agency, discovered in the 1960s that low-level microwave radiation causes cataracts. In 1973, he testified before the Commerce Committee of the United States Senate. ‘There is a clear, present and ever-increasing danger,’ he told the senators, ‘to the entire population of our country from exposure to the entire non-ionizing portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. The dangers cannot be overstated…’ Zaret told the committee about patients who not only had cataracts caused by exposure to microwaves, but also malignant tumors, cardiovascular disease, hormonal imbalance, arthritis and mental illness, as well as neurological problems in children born to them. These patients ranged from military personnel exposed to radar to housewives exposed to their microwave ovens.” – A.F.

Full Spectrum Dominance

We are assaulting ourselves, each other, and the planet with both low frequency and high frequency noise.  Decision-makers are now extending an attitude of entitlement and manifest destiny out into space. Ocean Full Spectrum Dominance is next.

Microwave hearing and vibroacoustic illness is not “tinnitus from an unknown source.”

When you or your neighbors experience alteration of brain function itself, whether intentional or not, someone should be investigating.

This is far too dangerous to discount. We must demand inner sovereignty, for ourselves and all of nature.

See: German Study Confirms Hum Source Radiating on the AMI (AUTOMATED METERING INFRASTRUCTURE)

“Latest research in Germany points to mobile communication radio waves (base station antennas) as source of the hum.”

Graphics courtesy Flo Freshman


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