5G/EMF/RF Dispossession, S. Africa Rises: Indigenous Khoi and San; Confronting Dominator Cultures, Including Telecom, Columbus Day

Compiled by Patricia Burke, with Emma Kelly and Justin Craig Barnardo

Heed the indigenous populations, because society is being dispossessed of its land and culture by dominators, again, with entitlement now extending to the skies and the seas. One tool being used is addiction. Again. Yet, S. Africa is rising.

Awareness of marginalization of “Native Americans” in the U.S., Aborigines in Australia, and other native ethnic groups, whose cultures were historically decimated by dominator cultures, has been increasing. As an example, the “Black Lives Matter” movement recently captured the attention of the international media.

Yet at the same time, under the guise of expanding “internet access,” history repeats. The taking of lands (and space) and other abuses of human rights support the burgeoning surveillance, military, banking, and behavior-control economy enabled by the Internet of Things. Indigenous and non-indigenous populations are being affected on every continent, without informed knowledge and consent.

Indigenous Peoples Comprise Less Than 5% Of The World’s Population And Protect 80% Of Its Biodiversity

Indigenous groups worldwide struggle with enduring effects of centuries of cultural destruction, including economic repression.

They serve as a reminder of the violence of unbridled greed.

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The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre reports on issues surrounding the Human Rights and Land and Environment Defenders, including attacks. “Indigenous peoples, who comprise less than 5% of the world’s population and protect 80% of its biodiversity.” Defenders have been subject to attacks by many industries, including mining and agribusiness.

“Underlying these attacks are state development strategies that prioritize resource extraction and profit over sustainable development and respect for human rights and growing competition for natural resources in the context of climate breakdown.”

This characterization of state development strategies applies directly to the telecommunications industry worldwide.

As they heal their own history, indigenous groups are helping all peoples find their voice, to recognize and stand up to the dangers of the unrelenting drive for power and control that is the mark of the age of corrupted technocratic dictatorship. In Oct. 2021, the Khoisans of S. Africa are helping lead the charge.

The Khoisan Peoples of S. Africa

In S. Africa, it is the Khoi and San peoples who have been historically dispossessed of their land and their culture.

“Both the hunter-gatherer San and the pastoralist Khoi Khoi are estimated to have been living in parts of southern Africa for at least two thousand years. However, with the arrival of European settlers from 1652, and the establishment and growth of colonial settlements over the ensuing two and a half centuries, the Khoisan peoples lost many of their claims to land, land which largely has never been restored to them.” – South African History- Identity

Khoisan is the combination of the names of the pastoral Khoi and the hunter-gatherer San. Khoisans deprived of their land rights and sustenance lifestyle have seen the S. African government create hunting preserves, and introduce mining into sensitive nature environments, while pushing the Khoisans into reservations.

The BBC reported,

In Botswana, many of the indigenous San people have been forcibly relocated from their land to reservations. To make them relocate, they were denied access to water on their land and faced arrest if they hunted, which was their primary source of food.

Their lands lie in the middle of the world’s richest diamond field. Officially, the government denies that there is any link to mining and claims the relocation is to preserve the wildlife and ecosystem, even though the San people have lived sustainably on the land for millennia. On the reservations they struggle to find employment, and alcoholism is rampant. For a people who have spent most of their lives roaming the land freely, hunting wild animals and gathering berries and nuts for food, this place offers them no chance to live off the land.

Heed the Indigenous Populations, Because Society Is Being Dispossessed of its Land and Culture by Dominators, Again, With Entitlement Now Extending To The Skies And The Seas. One Tool Being Used Is Addiction. Again. S. Africa Is Rising.

In S. Africa, protests and government opposition has unified around topics including corruption, 5G, towers, antennas, satellites, technology, technocracy, surveillance, vaccines, medical mandates, and race.

Rather than infighting and separation between groups and concerns, inclusivity and tolerance among activist interests is allowing S. Africa’s voice to rise.

Citizen leaders exposing corruption have connected the dots between a wide range of agendas.

Activists issued the “Activation of International Constitutional Tribunal – for World Peace” on Oct. 3rd. They have called for the corrupted government to step down, within ten days.

South Africans Serve the ANC Government: Activation of Constitutional Tribunal


South Africans take on the New World Order and serve the ANC Government with documents, (live streamed by Loving Light Australia independent media)

Video timeline: The Khoisan settlement on the grounds of the Pretoria Union Building (one of 3 of S.Africa’s capitals) is displayed at about 2:22:30.

The Khoisan King appears at 2:25.

The Khoisan King

The Khoisan King has been sitting at the capital city Pretoria Union Buildings in S. Africa, camping in a garden settlement for 3 years. The protest garden serves as an educational display of tribal hunter-gatherer society, and historical abuses.

Local Chief,  and Local South African Citizen of Khoisan Culture, Earth and Nature Consciousness Justin Craig Barnardo

Local Chief Justin Craig Barnardo, of the Tribe of The Goringhaikona Khoi Khoin Indigenous Traditional Council, shared his thoughts about “The prophetic destiny of the Khoi people, Repairers of the Breach.”

He wrote,

It has been a beautiful journey. And though we may not have achieved everything, we have made good progress.

It is of the utmost importance that all people, especially our indigenous and aboriginal tribes, recognize the purpose and spiritual calling of the First Nation inhabitants of the various continents on Earth, so that humanity not go astray and lose perspective on the true meaning of life. We must hold our place and find our way within the global community, by having positive thoughts, a vision of ensuring that our natural rights, dignity and humanity are upheld. The preservation of all life on earth, and a clear, peaceful, and sustainable means of living will help us to see how to move forward from this point on into the future.

Local Chief,  and Local South African Citizen of Khoisan Culture, Earth and Nature Consciousness Justin Craig Barnardo

In a wide-ranging conversation with Stop 5G International, and S. African activist Emma Kelly, Justin shared,

Mass development has taken over, without the knowledge and consideration of the indigenous people.

Consciousness has taken hold among our people previously known as “colored” and about our heritage and identity. We are growing stronger and stronger. We are not stuck in our own tribes but stretch our arms out to other tribes within the Khoi community.

I so much appreciate that there is an international community (referring to Stop5G International) standing by the indigenous people of Southern Africa to see what it is that we envision, not just for ourselves, but for humanity.

We believe that this is what is known as the Cradle of Mankind. Large numbers of the First People were established thousands of years ago in this part of the continent.

To have your support and thoughts with us, to know that you are aware of our existence as people who have been marginalized in colonial S. Africa, we are now rising not for our own means only, but to see that we bring to the world a message of hope – that which the world deserves and needs – and that is to be connected to the earth, to nature, connected with themselves, and to realize it is time to go back to basics, and see that we bring humanity back to where humanity was, and that is its identity – that we are people of the earth. We should live in harmony with Mother Earth.

A Tower Was to Be Erected in the Center of the Community

In 2019, a tower was to be erected in the center of the community. Only a few individuals were informed. We were suspicious because this is a strategy used by politicians to only tell a few. As co-owners of the land, we asked our community what they thought, and gave reports.

We were told that the tower doesn’t need an Environmental Act. We are very spiritual people….we went into closets and began to pray. That property became seized due to other issues, for now. But they want to move it closer to the school.

We do not want these towers erected in our communities. We are very concerned about EMFs. We have lots of elderly and baby populations, vulnerable community members. This is a strong community. If we are not totally informed, we are not allowing this.

Our community is integrated with technology. Many are using cellphones, internet banking. The elders are more conservative. I hope to be successful in convincing them to use wired and not wireless.

Parents do buy their children cellphones…it has impacted the culture of our community immensely.

The last 20 years, cellphones were not so big, people were more social, interacting with each other. They have become more unsociable, as they can log in to a virtual event. Being in your own space has become the norm. They like their phones. People think its normal…. it’s the next babysitter, internet on TV.

What I can say is there are still strong values and principles present, people do believe that they need to make sure certain content is hidden from the children. Our people do not like explicitness, they aware of the dangers….even as much as when a man and a woman kissing on tv they would close their children’s eyes because that is how we grew up.

Our people still have the values. That consciousness is still there to make sure they do not allow the children to go totally astray and indulge in what technology expose them to. But yes. There is the effect on the community. The fiber is nearby. We can be wired.

We are hopeful we can bring our people back to basics, back to knowing there are dangers around technology, to cultivate supervision when it comes to children. – Justin

“Columbus” Day?

Indigenous communities embody the living history of decision-makers abusing power and imposing rule without representing the people, and exploiting nature, worldwide.

“For many Americans, the second Monday in October is a celebration of Italian heritage and Christopher Columbus’s 1492 voyage to the Americas. But a growing number of cities, states and universities are abandoning ship and replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day, also known as Native Americans Day.” – USA today

Khoisan communities in S. Africa are seeking the right to restore their cultural heritage. This includes the right to oppose wireless telecommunications infrastructure being foisted on their land. It also includes the choice for moderation in the use of technology, and the influences it introduces.

The recent news that Amazon intends to set up its African headquarters on sacred Khoi land is yet another example of abusive entitlement that is raising opposition.

Whether or not the mainstream news reports it, and regardless of widespread censorship, informed, engaged activists worldwide stand with the Khoisans, and their King, in S. Africa.

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