Why Doesn’t America Use Ivermectin For COVID? (Updated)

By Neenah Payne

Ivermectin won a Nobel Prize in 2005, and in testimony before the US Senate in 2020, Ivermectin was described as a “miracle” drug for COVID. Yet, Ivermectin has been widely vilified by the US corporate media and largely ignored as a COVID treatment in the US. In fact, all early home care for COVID has been ignored in the US.

However, El Salvador gives free ambulatory home patient kits to COVID patients, family members, neighbors, and friends. The kits are also provided for free in areas with a high prevalence of COVID. The kits include Ivermectin. Why do people in El Salvador get Ivermectin to treat COVID while most Americans are denied this potentially life-saving medicine and many are instead forced to take the poorly-tested COVID injections or lose their jobs?

What would happen if the US followed El Salvador’s example now?

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El Salvador Distributes Ivermectin to all patients in Covid “Take Care of Yourself” Kit

Free COVID Home Patient Kit Includes Ivermectin

El Salvador Minister of Public Health Includes Ivermectin as COVID-19 Pandemic Continues says:
“Called the “Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19”, the protocol includes the following:

Medicines / Dose / Duration

  • Acetaminophen 500 MG 1 Tab VO C/6 hours
  • Loratadine 10 MG 1 Tab V C/12 hours
  • Zinc 50 MG 1 Tab VO/ day
  • Ivermectin 6 MG 1 Tab VO C/12 day
  • Vitamin C 500 MG 1 Tab VO C/day
  • Vitamin D 2000 MG 1 Tab VO C/day
  • Azithromycin 1 Tab VO C/day”

El Salvador Minister of Health

“El Salvador responded rapidly and effectively to the emergence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in the country. In line with WHO advice, El Salvador stepped up preparedness of its health system in mid-January and announced a national emergency on 30 January, the same day that WHO declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern. El Salvador’s strong response has been built on equipping hospitals, community level care and training health workers, plus preparing for vaccine rollout, which commenced 17 February 2021.”

Ivermectin’s Astounding COVID Success In India

India’s Ivermectin Blackout- The Desert Review

By Justus R. Hope, MD Updated Sep 8, 2021

Ivermectin Wins in India

News of India’s defeat of the Delta variant should be common knowledge. It is just about as obvious as the nose on one’s face. It is so clear when one looks at the graphs that no one can deny it. Yet, for some reason, we are not allowed to talk about it. Thus, for example, Wikipedia cannot mention the peer-reviewed meta-analyses by Dr. Tess Lawrie or Dr. Pierre Kory published in the American Journal of Therapeutics.

Wikipedia is not allowed to publish the recent meta-analysis on Ivermectin authored by Dr. Andrew Hill. Furthermore, it is not allowed to say anything concerning www.ivmmeta.com showing the 61 studies comprising 23,000 patients which reveal up to a 96% reduction in death [prophylaxis] with Ivermectin.

The graphs and data from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE database do not lie. On the contrary, they provide a compelling trail of truth that no one can dispute, not even the NIH, CDC, FDA, and WHO…. today, the data from India shows that Ivermectin is effective, much more so than the vaccines. It not only prevents death, but it also prevents COVID infections, and it also is effective against the Delta Variant. Likewise, the massive drop in cases and deaths in India to almost nothing after the addition of Ivermectin proved the drug’s effectiveness. This is a truth that the NIH, CDC, and FDA cannot allow because it would endanger the vaccine policy. Never mind that Ivermectin would save more lives with much less risk, much less cost, and it would end the pandemic quickly.

Ivermectin Won Nobel Prize In 2005

THE STORY OF IVERMECTIN (NOBEL PRIZE WINNER 2005) AND COVID-19 shows that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) not does recommend any early inexpensive proven treatments (including Ivermectin, vitamin D, vitamin C, HCQ protocol, or budesonide) for COVID patients.

Dr. Pierre Kory’s impressive résumé includes his work as a pulmonologist and Emergency Room MD in 2020 at New York’s prestigious Mount Sinai-Beth Israel Hospital. As a lung specialist and ICU MD in New York, which had one of the worst COVID outbreaks in the world, Dr. Kory had an up-close view of COVID.

Dr. Kory is the President of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC).

The FLCCC site says:

“Dr. Kory has led ICU’s in multiple COVID-19 hotspots throughout the pandemic. Having led his old ICU in New York City during their initial surge in May for 5 weeks, he then travelled to other COVID-19 hotspots to run COVID ICU’s in Greenville, South Carolina and Milwaukee, WI during their surges. He has co-authored 5 influential papers on COVID-19, with the most impactful being a paper that was the first to support the diagnosis of early COVID-19 respiratory disease as an organizing pneumonia, thus explaining the critical response of the disease to corticosteroids.”

In October 2020, the FLCCC released the I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 (see full 3-page doc) which El Salvador largely follows.

FLCCC I-MASK+ Protocol

The FLCCC site says about the I-MASK+ Protocol:

“In October 2020, the FLCCC Alliance developed a preventive and early outpatient combination treatment protocol for COVID-19 called I-MASK+.

It’s centered around ivermectin, a well-known, FDA-approved anti-parasite drug that has been used successfully for more than four decades to treat onchocerciasis “river blindness” and other parasitic diseases. It is one of the safest drugs known. It is on the WHO’s list of essential medicines, has been given 3.7 billion times around the globe, and has won the Nobel prize for its global and historic impacts in eradicating endemic parasitic infections in many parts of the world.

Our medical discovery of a rapidly growing published medical evidence base, demonstrating ivermectin’s unique and highly potent ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 replication and to suppress inflammation, prompted our team to use ivermectin for prevention and treatment in all stages of COVID-19. Ivermectin is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of COVID-19, but on Jan 14, 2021, the NIH changed their recommendation for the use of Ivermectin in COVID-19 from ‘against’ to ‘neutral’….

Please download and share our  I-MASK+ Prevention & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19. (It is currently being translated into several languages). Below are a list of links to our one-page summary of the latest evidence for the protocol, plus videos of FLCCC Alliance doctors discussing the emerging evidence for the use of ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, and a short list of up-to-date studies and clinical trials on this topic.”

Ivermectin:  Magic Treatment For COVID-19?

Dr. Kory testified in the Senate hearings Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution (Video) and Early Outpatient Treatment: An Essential Part of a COVID-19 Solution, Part II (Video) held November 29-December 3, 2020. He spoke on behalf of a group of doctors who have published over 2,000 peer-reviewed documents.

Dr. Kory explained that Ivermectin is a MIRACLE drug when used in early outpatient treatment. Dr. Kory also explained that Ivermectin not only treats COVID, but also prevents it. So, family members of people who have COVID-19 can use Ivermectin to protect themselves. He says people who take Ivermectin cannot get COVID.

Dr. Kory showed that the NIH, FDA, and CDC have been ignoring this information — possibly costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of COVID patients. He called for the NIH to swiftly review the expansive and rapidly emerging medical evidence on Ivermectin which won the Nobel Prize in medicine for its anti-viral activity. It is used in sub-Saharan Africa. One dose is effective.

Dr. Kory said too many people are going to die while waiting for the experimental COIVD vaccine. He says Blacks, Hispanics, and the elderly are being most impacted by COVID. This may be because people with darker skin are especially low in vitamin D.

  1. Kory’s Senate Testimony: Download Testimony (92.6 KB)
  2. Doctor critical of vaccine mandates to testify before Senate on Covid treatments
  3. Doctor pleads for review of data on ivermectin as COVID-19 treatment during Senate hearing
  4. Pierre Kory, president of the FLCCC Alliance testifies before Senate Committee on Homeland
    Security and Governmental Affairs looking into early outpatient COVID-19 treatment

Why Is Ivermectin Banned In America?

The ‘NewsNOW’ feed of Dr. Kory’s impressive testimony had 5 million views on YouTube within the first 10 days (deleted by YouTube after 6 weeks).

YouTube Cancels the U.S. Senate – WSJ (video here) — It censors testimony from physicians on early treatments for Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Justus R. Hope is the author of the June 2021 book Ivermectin for the World.

Amazon Description

On May 1, 2021, the first edition of Ivermectin for the World, was released as a call to action for the use of Ivermectin to end the humanitarian crisis in India with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Cases had surged to 414,000 per day, and deaths exceeded 4,000 per day. There was no end in sight – until the country adopted Ivermectin. As a direct result of the use of Ivermectin, cases and deaths in India dropped immediately, and the crisis in India was averted. The second edition of the book, Ivermectin for the World, documented these results in real time, through articles and reports using data and graphs from the Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering, the JHU CSSE.

Among the highlights include the reprinted Desert Review articles,

“Ivermectin Obliterates 97 Percent of Delhi Cases,” and “Tamil Nadu Leads India in New Infections, Denies Citizens Ivermectin.” Following this, it became nearly impossible to deny the effectiveness of Ivermectin. A natural experiment in India developed, where one state, Tamil Nadu, outlawed Ivermectin, while others, including Goa, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh embraced it, and the divergence in cases and deaths left no doubt about Ivermectin’s effectiveness, indeed at greater magnitudes than the vaccine.

This book provides the history, the science, and the experience of India in quelling their COVID-19 crisis with Ivermectin. We have released this second edition and paperback version of Ivermectin for the World with another call to action, this time for Indonesia to use Ivermectin to help with their humanitarian crisis which mirrors India’s recent situation.

Ivermectin for the World, and its author, join with the British Ivermectin Development Panel, the Evidenced-Based Medical Consultancy and the FLCCC in calling for the immediate and widespread use of Ivermectin in Indonesia to end their crisis…. We call for the world to adopt Ivermectin, not instead of the vaccines, but in addition to them.

The hope is that the world and the public can break through the censorship and misinformation about this safe drug, and see the truth contained in this anthology of the Pandemic and learn from its use in India, Slovakia, and Mexico, where those countries conquered COVID-19 within weeks of adopting Ivermectin.

The New Edition, released June 10, 2021 includes:

  • How Ivermectin Saved India
  • The Dangers of the Spike Protein and Ivermectin’s Protective Effect
  • Peter McCullough Speaks Out: His Warning to the World
  • Legal Action Pending Against Corrupt Public Officials

Importance of Early Treatment For COVID

Dr. Peter McCullough is the lead author on the paper “Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)” which shows there should be four approaches to handling COVID-19. However, the US government has skipped outpatient treatments which could have saved millions of lives in favor of poorly-tested “vaccines”. Why?

The article points out:

“There are four pillars to an effective pandemic response: 1) contagion control, 2) early treatment, 3) hospitalization, and 4) vaccination to assist with herd immunity (Fig. 1).  Many countries have operationalized all four pillars…. In the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Western European Union, Australia, and some South American Countries there has been three major areas of focus for pandemic response…Thus the missing pillar of pandemic response is early home-based treatment.”

Ivermectin Used For COVID Worldwide

Global Medical & Scientific Experts Call Upon World Governments to Act Now to Save Lives (Video)
(March 19, 2021)

At a March 18, 2021 press conference, a group of medical and scientific experts convened by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) called for action to put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic by immediately adopting policies that allow for the use of ivermectin in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Scientists and physicians from the US, UK, EU, South America, and Israel gathered to discuss the latest data on how ivermectin has reduced positive COVID-19 cases in major cities across the world, ivermectin’s role in the early treatment of COVID-19, and why ivermectin needs to be adopted as safe and effective prevention and treatment of COVID-19.

Source: Global ivermectin adoption for COVID-19ivmstatus.com (constantly updated)

Approve Ivermectin For COVID In America

The British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group (BIRD) is a truly grassroots initiative bringing together clinicians, health researchers and patient representatives from all around the world to advocate for the use of ivermectin against covid-19.

The seed was planted late in December, when Dr. Tess Lawrie watched Dr. Pierre Kory of the Front-Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) testify before the US Senate on the potential of ivermectin for prevention and treatment of covid-19.  She looked into the data and decided to conduct a rapid systematic review and meta-analysis to assess the data for herself.  She was struck by the seeming efficacy of the drug in reducing mortality and morbidity, and, as a doctor, considered it her duty to inform the UK health authorities about this potential breakthrough treatment.

She wrote to the authorities, and when no one replied, she made a video appeal directly to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Early in January, Dr. Tess Lawrie and a small team from the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy in Bath, came together to plan the first meeting of the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development Group, inviting health professionals and patient representatives to share with them the evidence from her rapid systematic review and meta-analysis on the effectiveness of ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.  On Wednesday, the 13th of January, 2021, Dr. Lawrie presented the evidence to 20 experts and stakeholders from the USA, Belgium, South Africa and the UK, including 13 clinicians and medical researchers, and seven public/consumer/media representatives.  The consensus…was that the evidence that ivermectin prevents morbidity and mortality from Covid-19 was so compelling, that further placebo-controlled clinical trials of ivermectin (versus no Ivermectin) for treatment of covid-19 would be unethical.

The next BIRD group meeting…was attended by over 60 experts from around the world who evaluated the updated evidence on ivermectin for covid-19 and subsequently made a recommendation document for the implementation of ivermectin for covid-19, using the standard procedures for guideline development as described in the World Health Organization Handbook for Guideline Development. The attendees of this second meeting make up the core of the BIRD group, and have continued to actively engage with its aims in a number of ways.”


Published September 27, 2021

Attorney Thomas Renz Releases Stunning Data from Never Before Seen Vaccine Injury/Death Tracking System Thanks to a Whistleblower that came forth to Attorney Thomas Renz, the public is now seeing, for the first time ever, hard data from the largest database available in the U.S. to study the COVID-19 impact including deaths & injuries; The CMS Medicare Tracking System.

During an extraordinary speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour, Attorney Thomas Renz shocked the crowd of thousands in attendance and millions watching via livestream as he revealed:  That data from the Medicare Tracking System reveals that 19,400 people less than 80 years old have died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. In addition, 28,065 people have died that are over the age of 80 within 14 days of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. The Total number of American Citizens that died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is 48,465 according to hard data revealed in the Medicare Tracking System.

After proving that over 45K people have died from the COVID-19 vaccine, Attorney Renz then moved his attention to focus on the amount of people that are being killed in American hospitals by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s instituted protocol of Remdesivir.  Attorney Renz is also in possession of Remdesivir death data from the Medicare Tracking System that has been withheld by the government from our citizens.  The Remdesivir data reveals of the 7,960 beneficiaries prescribed Remdesivir for Covid-19 2,058 died. That is 25.9%. 46% of people died within 14 days of  the Remdesivir Treatment.

The Remdesivir Treatment was established in U.S. Hospitals at the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  Serious adverse events were reported in 131 of the 532 patients who received Remdesivir. That is 24.6%. Attorney Renz says “This begs the question… Why is this the protocol in American Hospitals? Does this appear “Safe and Effective” to you?”


During Attorney Thomas Renz speech at Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Colorado Springs, Colorado Renz also talked about 2 Whistleblower nurses that revealed to him that they have seen a 2 tier system of health care depending on the patients “vaccination status.”  “The nurses revealed to me that patients that are vaccinated are getting Ivermectin, which is proven to heal people. But if you are unvaccinated, they put you on Remdesivir in the hopes that you will die” said Attorney Thomas Renz.


Also during Attorney Renz’ speech he revealed that the FDA is actively working with CMS real-time data ( CMS Medicare database ) to gather weekly reports on Covid-19 adverse events, despite the fact that the US population is told repeatedly this vaccine is “safe and effective.”  Attorney Renz says “This information has never been given to the public, and you will see why they have kept it hidden and never published. It’s very damning, and this data reveals that the FDA knew what was coming, let it happen, and thousands and thousands have died or been injured.”

During his speech Renz revealed in one state alone (New York) that the amount of people who experienced adverse events after the Covid shot were in the thousands. Adverse events experienced by people who got the Covid-19 shot in New York State included thousands of cardiovascular events, thousands of cases of people getting Covid, and thousands of deaths. At least 13 side effects are reported in the system. “Remember, these are “side effects” that the government, media, and social media continue to tell the public that are not happening. The mantra of “safe and effective” must stop after today’s information” says Attorney Renz.

A copy of Attorney Renz entire speech along with data from the hidden vaccine tracking system will be posted on his website at www.Renz-Law.com

Neenah Payne writes for Natural Blaze and Activist Post

Research contributions from Elba Cornier

Top image: FLCCC

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