Is Biden’s COVID “Vaccine” Mandate Treason?

By Neenah Payne

Bill Gates (who is not a doctor) said early last year that the world could not go fully back to normal until everyone got his “vaccine”. We have been told we have to accept a “new normal” and the world has been focused on “the virus” that we are told threatens to kill most of humanity if we don’t all get the COVID “vaccines” which we are told are “safe and effective”.

President Biden (who is also not a doctor) said on September 9 that firms with more than 100 employees have to require their staff to get the COVID “vaccine”. There has been a lot of very strong pushback.

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220,000 Military Members Say No to Biden’s Forced COVID Injection, Lawsuits Filed

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‘See you in court’: G.O.P. governors express outrage and vow to fight Biden’s vaccine requirements.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Stresses Early Treatments For COVID-19

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida explains that because there are early treatments for COVID, injections are not the only option.

DeSantis Blasts Biden Over Vaccine Mandates

DeSantis THREATENS Fining Employers Who Impose New Mandates, Polls Show STRONG Requirement Support

Why Are Most Americans Denied Early Treatment For COVID?

Dr. Peter McCullough is the lead author on the paper Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19) which shows that there should be four approaches to handling COVID-19. However, the US government has totally skipped the outpatient treatments which could have saved millions of lives in favor of the rushed, poorly-tested “vaccines”. Why?

The article points out:

“There are four pillars to an effective pandemic response: 1) contagion control, 2) early treatment, 3) hospitalization, and 4) vaccination to assist with herd immunity (Fig. 1).  Many countries have operationalized all four pillars…. In the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Western European Union, Australia, and some South American Countries there has been three major areas of focus for pandemic response…Thus the missing pillar of pandemic response is early home-based treatment.”

Early COVID Response Can Save Lives

Dr. McCullough explains that there are 4 pillars to pandemic response:

  1. Contagion Control (masks, lockdown, social distancing, washing hands, etc.)
  2. Early Treatment to reduce hospitalization and death
  3. Treatments in hospitals to save lives
  4. Vaccination

Dr. McCullough points out that governments in many countries (including the US, Canada, Australia, and Britain), focused primarily on Contagion Control and Vaccination with a little focus on Late Hospital Treatment. However, Early Treatment has been completely missing.

Dr. McCullough published his paper The Pathophysiologic Basis and Rationale for Early Ambulatory Treatment in the August 2020 issue of The American Journal of Medicine. The paper was designed to provide treatment guidelines doctors could use for outpatient treatment. There were 50,000 peer-reviewed papers about the virus that causes COVID-19, but none of told doctors how to care for patients at home. He says, “There was a complete blank spot in the literature”.

Dr. McCullough explains that we heard a lot about Front Line Doctors who were treating acutely ill COVID patients in hospitals. However, there was a Second Front Line of doctors and nurses in clinics and urgent care centers who were receiving millions of calls and visits from patients. That Second Front Line had NO guidance from federal agencies.

Doctors employed in large health systems and academic medical centers followed the party line from the National Institutes of Health and the Federal Drug Administration which was to provide no treatment. However, independent (“rebel”) doctors started innovating, coming up with strategies based on their experience and what was published in the literature.

Dr. McCullough and the many MDs he collaborated with in writing his paper came up with the strategies they felt would have a reasonable degree of success in treating COVID in an outpatient setting while the patient was at home since no clinical trials were done to determine effective outpatient COVID treatments. Trials were done only for COVID vaccines.

Dr. McCullough and his colleagues recommend the following protocol for COVID patients whether they were confirmed by a test or not: no treatment for patients under the age of 50 who had no co-morbidities because their mortality rate is far less than 1%. For patients under age 50 with a medical problem or over age 50 with or without medical problems, the first line of treatment would be over-the-counter vitamins and supplements including 220 milligrams of zinc sulfate, 5,000 IU of vitamin D3, 3,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day.

They recommend two antiviral treatments for other patients. Their lead recommendation is hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which has been the most studied drug in treating COVID-19 worldwide. There have been more COVID patients treated with HCQ than any other therapy in the world. It’s featured in outpatient guidelines in many countries outside the United States. They recommend 200 milligrams of HCQ twice a day to reduce viral replication along with the antibiotic azithromycin for bacterial infection.

YouTube Banned Dr. Peter McCullough’s Viral Medical Video

Peter McCullough, MD testifies to Texas Senate HHS Committee

Testimony given March 10, 2021

Dr. Peter McCullough explains that in May 2020, he put together a team of doctors to develop a protocol on early treatment of COVID and they published the paper The Pathophysiologic Basis and Rationale for Early Ambulatory Treatment in the August 8 issue of The American Journal of Medicine. Dr. McCullough was the lead other, but there were dozens of other authors from the best institutions in the US and Italy, doctors who are considered the premiere physicians in a variety of fields. It became the most cited paper in all of medicine at that time and the world started knocking on his door.

Dr. McCullough made a YouTube video with four slides from this peer-reviewed paper, published in one of the best medical journals in the world. The video went viral, but within a week, YouTube banned it — based on what authority? Dr. McCullough became the lead witness for the Senate testimony in November 2020 because there was a near total black on any treatment for COVID patients.

Doctor Warns The World

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for The Zelenko Protocol which has saved millions of COVID patients around the world.

A Doctor’s Grave Warning For Israel (Video)

“We could have prevented 84% of the deaths.”


COVID Shots Are Killing Large Numbers of People

World Renowned Conventional Doc Blasts The COVID JAB-Erwocks links to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, Vice Chief of Internal Medicine, Baylor University Medical Center. The article says Dr. McCullough “might be the world’s top cardiologist, who also holds an MPH degree and is a professor of medicine. His work/background is totally stunning, and seems impossible for one person. …Even better, he’s also world famous. Meaning…he has the exceptional intelligence to analyze and dissect the COVID VAX atrocity. The measured way in which he delivers this bombshell is also remarkable.”

Dr. McCullough discusses the blood clots for which the J&J product was halted and points out that the blood clots caused by the mRNA vaccine are “probably 30 times that” — but it has not been halted. Dr. McCullouogh says “…keep in mind that the NIH is a co-owner of the Moderna patent.”

The article points out:

“One horrific injustice noted is that people are not being fully informed of the vaccine risks, nor of the volume of serious reactions. Official propaganda says “Safe”. McCullough indicts every member of the criminal cartel running this scam, from NIH to the WHO to the Gates Foundation. That spectrum includes the individual most of us know as a criminal from the outset – Anthony Fauci. Not that the clotting issue takes anything away from the part about being WAY past the death point where any drug would normally be pulled.”

Dr. McCullough explains that if a new drug causes five deaths, it gets a “Black Box Warning”. At 50 deaths, a new drug is called off the market. The 1976 SARS vaccine program was stopped after 25 deaths. However, in the US when about 77 million people had been fully vaccinated with the COVID shots, there were 2,260 deaths reported. Yet, those may be just 1-10% of the real number because a Harvard study showed that just 1% of vaccine injuries are reported to VAERS. Most of the deaths from the COVID shots occur on Day 1, 2, or 3. Some even occur at the vaccination center! Yet, now the plan is to vaccinate 12-15 year olds who have less than a zero percent risk of catching the virus!

Dr. Peter McCullough Sounds Alarm Against COVID-19 “Vaccines”

Doctor sounds alarm about DANGERS of COVID jab, especially for some people links to an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, a consultant cardiologist, Professor of Medicine, and Vice Chief of Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, TX. The article points out:

“He’s been a strong and routinely silenced voice in the informed consent community during this pandemic and has recently expressed his concerns over the widespread administration of COVID shots.

In his professional opinion, groups of people who should NOT get the jab include:

  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • People who have previously had COVID-19
  • Anyone who was explicitly excluded from the clinical drug trials (including older adults)

Aside from the lack of long-term data regarding the safety and effectiveness of these drugs, Dr. McCullough also points to his concerns over the drugs’ short-term effects.”

The article shows the FDA advises against the Pfizer shot for people who have had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose of the drug and for people who have had a severe allergic reaction to any ingredient of the drug. The FDA says pregnant and breastfeeding women, women planning to become pregnant, people who are immune-compromised, people with bleeding disorders/on blood thinners, people with “any allergies,” and people who have “ever fainted in association with an injection,” should first alert their injection providers about these and any other medical conditions.

The article points out:

“The question is: IS this actually happening?  When exactly did the media tell millions of Americans to alert their providers about all their medical conditions before rolling up their sleeves.”

Dr. Peter McCullough Says To End COVID-19 “Vaccines”

Must-watch COVID VIDEO: Exclusive interview with Dr. Peter McCullough

Dr. McCullough explains what happens to the body when the COVID shot is injected.

“He argues that the program should have been shut down many months ago due to the massive number of reported adverse effects.  The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) exceeded the safety limit for COVID-19 jab-related adverse events on January 22, 2021. Today, we have at least over 10,000 COVID shot-related deaths acknowledged by the CDC and included in the VAERS database.  Never mind that according to a government insider, this number is likely much higher.”

Dr. McCullough says COVID injections are not effective against the “Delta variant”. So, the shots are not safe and don’t work. Yet, the media and government keeps saying the injections are “safe and effective” even for pregnant women and young kids.

Doctors Call Biden’s “Vaccine” Mandate Treason

Dr. Richard Fleming says in the video below that Biden’s COVID “vaccine” mandate is treason because it violates the US Constitution which he took an oath to uphold. In his article linked to further below, Dr. Joseph Mercola also says Biden’s mandate constitutes treason, which comes with severe potential consequences. Dr. Fleming is a physicist, nuclear cardiologist, and lawyer.

Dr. Richard Fleming’s book Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? A Scientific and Forensic Investigation documents evidence showing SARS-CoV-2 is a bioweapon created over the past two decades.

The Amazon description says:

“In 2020, Dr. Richard M. Fleming began investigating SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19….What he discovered will shock you… By 1999, US Federal Agencies began funding Gain-of-Function research. Research that is designed to increase the ability of pathogens to infect and harm people. In 2019, one of those pathogens was intentionally released in the Wuhan Wet Market.

The key to understanding this bioweapon is its spike protein. The same spike protein now being made in millions of people after the COVID vaccines are injected into them. These vaccines are the genetic code of this bioweapon. This book traces the money trail of COVID-19; showing who is ultimately criminally responsible for this weapon which violates the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Treaty, exposing those who have committed crimes against humanity. Dr. Fleming will reveal the ultimate conspiracy: one that puts the future of the entire world at stake.”

Since the COVID shots are genetic reproduction of that bioweapon, they are bioweapons too. Dr. Fleming’s site has documents for medical, religious, legal and Constitutional exemptions to vaccination. Dr. Fleming says he is taking the charges against Fauci to international courts.


Dr. Joseph Mercola warns in his article “Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon?” [deleted in 48 hours]:

If you’re injecting someone with these drug vaccine biologics, you are injecting them with something you cannot possibly give them informed consent for, which means you’re violating your Hippocratic Oath, you’re violating the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Treaty, you’re violating the Nuremberg Code, you’re violating the Declaration of Helsinki.

Anybody who takes an oath of office — the president of the United States, senators, representatives to Congress, governors, police officers, judges, lawyers, administrative officials — cannot violate the U.S. Constitution. If they do, they’ve committed treason, by definition.

In the U.S. Constitution, it states that Treaty Law and the Constitution and statutes are the supreme law of the land. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights specifically states that you cannot force people to take a drug; that they have to have informed consent, and that animal research has to have been done beforehand to prove it’s safe. So, if a president… issues an order that this is required, then he is violating the U.S. Constitution and therefore has committed treason. It’s not only an impeachable offense, it is punishable by death. You can’t force U.S. citizens to undergo forced experimentation..”


Although both doctors vehemently assert Biden’s actions to be treason, it is not treason if a president just exceeds the powers granted him by the Constitution. They are also wrong that treason is punishable by (just by) death.

What is treason? says

“Treason is a rare but very serious crime. Learn what it’s about and understand terms like “levying war” and “adhering to the enemy. Treason is “the highest of all crimes”—defined as intentionally betraying one’s allegiance by levying war against the government or giving aid or comfort to its enemies…. It’s the most serious offense one can commit against the government and punishable by imprisonment and death…. Treason by aiding the enemy can’t be committed during peacetime; there must be an actual enemy for the traitor to aid. The requisite enemy designation typically requires a formal declaration of war. “

Fundamental Facts COVID “Vaccine” Policy Ignores

The COVID-19 “vaccine” policy ignores four facts:

1 – CDC statistics show COVID-19 poses little risk for most people.

2 – Four inexpensive proven treatments for COVID have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients.

3 – The COVID injections do not meet any of the five criteria for vaccines. The shots do not to stop transmission of COVID

4 – There have been many serious injuries and deaths from the COVID “vaccines”.

Video: VAERS shows more deaths from COVID shots in four months than from all US vaccines from mid-1997 to 2013 combined.

Senator Rand Paul’s Resist video calls on Americans to reject the COVID “health” policies.

Neenah Payne writes for Natural Blaze and Activist Post

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