Florida Knows Ending COVID Fear Is THE Key

By Neenah Payne

FDR told America in the 1930s, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. However, America and the world forgot that valuable lesson in early 2020. Since then, most of humanity has been so driven by fear of “the deadly pandemic, “the invisible enemy” that it has taken multiple unprecedented steps which have caused incalculable harm to the economy, our health, and our freedoms. This mass psychosis was in response to a virus which the CDC stats show poses little threat to anyone and for which there have been four proven inexpensive treatments since early last year.

However, that reassuring information was hidden by the WHO, US government, corporate media, and Big Tech. So, most Americans have been driven since early 2020 by fear of getting sick and dying from COVID, fear of killing family members, fear of the federal, state, and local governments, fear of not being able to travel, go to school or work, fear of what neighbors think, etc. That fear drove about 30 million Americans to rush to get the Warp Speed, poorly-tested, gene-altering injections this year.

This hysteria was driven by pronouncements from Bill Gates (who is not a doctor or scientist and was not elected or appointed by anyone), Fauci (a bureaucrat who doesn’t treat patients), the World Health Organization (a private organization funded largely by Bill Gates and Big Pharma), the US government, the corporate media, and Big Tech.

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When Gates said early last year that the world could not go fully back to normal until everyone got his “vaccine”, the media presented him as a benevolent philanthropist dedicated to saving humanity. It didn’t mention his huge financial investments in vaccines or his long-term commitment to “reducing the world’s population”. LEARN THE SECRETS OF BILL AND MELINDA GATES’ DIVORCE explains Gates’ “philanthropy” and shows his conflicts of interest in his global promotion of COVID “vaccines”.

We have been told we have to accept a “new normal” and the world has been focused on “the virus” that we are told threatens to kill most of humanity if we don’t all get the COVID “vaccines” which we are told are “safe and effective” although the government’s VAERS database shows the shots have now caused more harm and more deaths than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined.

What Fear Has Wrought in 2020-2021

The fear-mongering got people to accept the devastating unnecessary policies including lockdowns, masks, social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and an unprecedented WARP SPEED multi-billion-dollar gene-altering injection that does not stop infection or transmission but can cause Bell’s Palsy, heart attacks, strokes, severe crippling, and death — for which the drug companies were given ZERO liability. If you get harmed, you are on your own — as thousands of Americans have now discovered.

We must all ignore the CDC statistics which show that COVID threatens less than 1% of the population. We must ignore the doctors who have used four proven inexpensive treatments since March 2020 to save hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients. We must ignore the advice of Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his COVID protocol which has been adopted by seven nations. It cured 6,000 COVID American COVID patients including former NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the president of Brazil as well as millions worldwide.

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We must follow the advice only of Fauci and Gates who have financial conflicts of interests in the “vaccines”. We must allow the media and Big Tech to violate the First Amendment rights of doctors and scientists who have been telling us since March 2020 how easy it is to treat COVID. Businesses, schools, churches, synagogues were shut down for months. Suicides soared. Now, tens of millions of Americans are on the verge of homelessness. We must live in such total fear of “the virus” that we are willing to violate the Nuremberg Code and even threaten to put Americans who chose medical freedom in detention centers as a number of US states are now preparing to do.

The Deadly COVID New Normal shows that the fear mongering led to a global mass psychosis. The “new normal”, this break from reality, is based on unquestioned belief in the COVID mythology which includes the fiction of “the asymptomatic carrier”. Without that myth, there would have been no justification for the unprecedented concept of forcing healthy people with no symptoms to wear masks, social distance, get tested, be contact traced, get “vaccines”, etc. The FDA approved “Emergency Use Authorizations” for the Pfizer and Moderna shots in December last year. However, Are COVID Vaccines Legal? shows the shots EUAs are illegal for three reasons. Yet, now there are growing demands that we get booster shots.

Covid-19 and the Global Predators  is the new book by Dr. Peter Breggin.


New Florida Surgeon General Signals End of Fear of COVID

Our Biggest Foe Is Fear (Video)

Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida has stood up to the COVID fear mongering in a variety of ways to maintain the health and freedom of his state. On September 21, he chose a new Surgeon General. See Dr. Ladapo’s resume: curriculum vitae – joseph ladapo.doc (harvard.edu)

GOV. DESANTIS APPOINTS DR. LADAPO AS FLA. SURGEON GENERAL Dr. Joseph Ladapo is also going to be on the faculty at the University of Florida. Dr. Ladapo, who was born in Nigeria, is a health policy researcher and physician at the University of California-Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine. He graduated from Harvard Medical School and also has a Ph.D. in health policy from Harvard. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine. Dr. Ladapo is a signatory to the Great Barrington Declaration.

A soft-spoken scholar, Dr. Ladapo is a member of America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) whose video on July 27. 2020 in front of the US Supreme Court last year went viral (the most viral in history) until Big Tech blocked it. They came to tell America not to fear COVID because there is a proven inexpensive treatment that has worked for hundreds of thousands of Americans. In his first speech as the Surgeon General of Florida, Dr. Ladapo’s opening statement was, “We’re done with fear”. Of course, it’s fear that has driven national COVID policy since March 2020.

Florida’s New Surgeon General Calms COVID Fears shows that Dr. Ladapo’s first statement when he was introduced by Gov. DeSantis as the new Florida Surgeon General was “So, we’re done with fear. That’s, been something that unfortunately has been a centerpiece of health policy in the United States ever since the beginning of the pandemic — and it’s over here. Expiration Date. It’s done“.

Florida’s new surgeon general opposes masks and vaccine mandates Dr. Ladapo’s first act as Florida’s Surgeon General was to end the mandatory quarantine for kids who had been exposed to someone with COVID and to allow parents to decide whether their kids should go back to school. Dr. Ladapo said:

We must make health policy decisions rooted in data and not in fear. From California, I have observed the different approaches taken by governors across the country and I have been impressed by Governor DeSantis’ leadership and determination to ensure that Floridians are afforded all opportunities to maintain their health and wellness, while preserving their freedoms as Americans. It is a privilege to join his team and serve the people of Florida.”

Florida will completely reject fear,’ new surgeon general Dr. Joseph Ladapo says – WPTV

“Gov. Ron DeSantis appoints UCLA doctor who questions masks, opposes COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Gov. Ron DeSantis went west to find Florida’s new surgeon general.

DeSantis announced Tuesday that he has appointed Dr. Joseph Ladapo to succeed Dr. Scott Rivkees as the state’s top doctor.

Ladapo comes to Florida from UCLA in California, where he was the associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine…

DeSantis praised Ladapo, saying the state welcomes his leadership ‘with open arms.’

Ladapo said he hopes Florida will set the example for other states when it comes to approaching public health. ‘Florida will completely reject fear as a way of making policies in public health,’ Ladapo said. ‘So we’re done with fear.’ Lapado said fear has been the ‘centerpiece of health policy in the United States ever since the beginning of the pandemic.’

The Nigerian-born former Wake Forest decathlete also vowed to be explicit about the differences between science and opinions. ‘You’ll know when we’re talking about data, and you’ll know when we’re talking about our opinions, our impressions, our preferences about the data,’ Ladapo said. ‘That will always be clear here. So you can count on that.’

Ladapo said he’ll also ‘never lose sight of the fact that public health is not one thing,’ such as COVID-19. ‘That is a part of public health, but it’s not the only thing,’ he said. Ladapo wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal last year that masks are a distraction from the pandemic reality.

When a reporter asked Ladapo about his stance on the state’s role in promoting the COVID-19 vaccine, the Harvard-educated doctor said those decisions should be an individual choice. ‘The state should be promoting good health, and vaccination isn’t the only path to that,’ Ladapo said. ‘It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that’s just senseless, right? There are lots of good pathways to health, and vaccination’s not the only one.'”

The article adds:

“When pressed about Ladapo’s thoughts on natural immunity, DeSantis railed against President Joe Biden and reiterated his support for an effective treatment that has been in use since the end of last year. DeSantis, who has been criticized for touting monoclonal antibody treatments instead of promoting vaccinations, said he believes the federal government is fearful that more people will reject the vaccine in favor of getting the treatment.

‘But I do think that one of the reasons why this was not something that was put out there very publicly by the experts and by the powers that be in D.C. is because they feared that if you tell people there’s an effective treatment, you tell people COVID’s a treatable illness, they feared some people would say, ‘Well, you know, maybe I won’t get vaccinated. I’ll just get the treatment,'” DeSantis said. ‘And so they didn’t want that message out because they feared how people would behave.’

DeSantis reiterated that the treatment should serve as a complement to the vaccine, which is why the state has raised awareness and expanded access to it. ‘If you want to cover all your bases, do it as a complement, but you can’t not tell people that this is something that’s available,’ DeSantis said.

DeSantis criticized the Biden administration for ‘dramatically cutting’ Florida’s supply of monoclonal antibody treatments. ‘That’s wrong,’ DeSantis said. ‘That is dead wrong, and why are they targeting Florida? Biden, he loves talking about Florida. He hates Florida more than anything, and this is absolutely going to hurt people.’

Rivkees served as Florida’s surgeon general from June 2019 through September 2021. He is now employed by UF Health.”

Gov. DeSantis pointed out that Dr. Ladapo’s family moved to the US from Nigeria when he was 5 years old. His father is a microbiologist. Dr. Ladapo was a decathlete in college and was the captain of his team. He is married and has three young boys.


“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has chosen a new Surgeon General, America’s Frontline Doctor, signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration, a UCLA doctor and expert in health policy, Dr. Joseph Ladapo. Listen to his radical plan for the Sunshine State.”

Dr. Ladapo: National COVID Policy Has Been Completely Wrong


Banned. Video The American Journal September 22, 2021 White Coat Summit Doctor Dr. Joseph Ladapo Is Now the Surgeon General for the state of Florida. Also, Mack Miller, a Republican candidate for Nevada’s lieutenant governor was seen on camera being aggressively thrown out of a local government meeting in Las Vegas.

America’s Frontline Doctors Calm COVID Fears

Dr. Simone Gold, a frontline doctor and lawyer, is the founder of America’s Frontline Doctors. AFLDS held their July 27 press conference in front of the US Supreme Court last year to tell America that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is an inexpensive treatment for COVID-19 that has reportedly saved over 200,000 lives. The video of the conference (the most viral video in history) was seen by over 17 million people before Big Tech took it down.

Dr. Gold is the author of the 2000 book I Do Not Consent: My Fight Against Medical Cancel Culture.

Dr. Simone Gold: I DO NOT CONSENT! shows that Dr. Gold has been consistent in her courageous leadership in the defense of science and freedom in challenging the national response to COVID-19.

Dr. Gold toured the US in May and June to tell Americans not to fear COVID because there is a proven treatment that has saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients.



Why Natural Immunity Is Vastly Superior To COVID Shots

Del Bigtree, host of The HighWire, demonstrated in How Del Has Been Ahead of The Curve on COVID In July in Episode 226 Ahead of The Curve (Video here) that he showed last year why the COVID injections cannot compete with natural immunity in dealing with variants.

Could Natural COVID Immunity be better than Vaccinated Immunity?


Study after study proves the strength of immunity in those previously infected by #Covid is stronger to those who are vaccinated. Even CNN’s resident medical talking head, Sanjay Gupta, recently questioned Fauci on growing evidence that natural infection trumps vaccine protection.

Five Fundamental Facts National COVID “Health” Policies Ignore

The COVID-19 “vaccine” Emergency Use Authorizations overlook the following five critical facts:

1 – CDC statistics show COVID-19 poses little risk for most people.

2 – Four inexpensive proven treatments for COVID have saved hundreds of thousands of American COVID patients — making any vaccine unnecessary.

3 – The COVID injections do not meet any of the five criteria for vaccines. The shots do not to stop people from getting or transmitting COVID. Their only claim is they may lessen symptoms.

4 – There have been many serious injuries and deaths from the COVID “vaccines”. Video: VAERS shows more deaths from COVID shots in four months than from all US vaccines from mid-1997 to 2013 combined. In Stew Peters: Hospital Administrator: Lots of People Will Die – Doctors BANNED From HCQ/IVM, Peters reported on September 21 that VAERS stopped counting reactions to COVID shots on September 3.

5 – Natural Immunity provides more robust and longer lasting protections than COVID shots.

Neenah Payne writes for Natural Blaze and Activist Post

Top image credit: The Palm Beach Post

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