Equinox Darkness and Light: 5G vs. You and Me, Be on the Right Side of History

By Patricia Burke

I am picking cucumbers in the hoop house. I am smiling as I scan up and down the vines for the little snacking cukes.  I can feel the cascade of reward chemicals in my physiology that kept our ancestors alive, as they foraged, hunted, and fished.

The larger cucumbers are also my teachers. When they are ready to be harvested, I can release them easily with my thumb. When they aren’t quite ready, they resist.

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors did what I was doing. They observed the nature of reality, and recognized patterns in the cosmos and in themselves. They also recognized that those patterns were inter-related.

In contrast, when our thinking is synthesized via technology, we give our power over to entities that can influence and manipulate our behaviors, attitudes, and decisions.

The cascade of reward chemicals that kept our ancestors alive, as they foraged, hunted, and fished, is now in the hands and pocketbooks of what have has been rightly described as killing corporations.

Death by Corporation

When did nature, directly, last have your ear?  What did it teach you?

Biodynamic Gardening vs. Odd Even Watering, Why is Ungrounded Technocracy Prevailing?

The most significant danger to modern society is not climate or covid.

The most significant danger is that such a small portion of humanity has any direct relationship with nature as wisdom teacher.

Those making the decisions about technology’s role and about nature’s role in our lives are not fit for the task. We, as a human society, have lost our way. We can change this.

In an uninterrupted lineage of accumulated wisdom, the principles of biodynamic agriculture have been passed down through generations as a collective inheritance.  It was observed, accurately, that there were favorable and unfavorable times for watering that have been forgotten and ignored, in favor of the Monsantos of the world, and “man-over-nature” “time as a commodity” consciousness.

At this time, when the ideal of the “internet” could provide guidance and accessibility that would move societies towards deeper mind-body integration, we are on a path to disintegration and destruction.

Historians will find it incomprehensible that technocratic “solutions” like odd-even watering days, and precision agriculture’s system of sensors and wi-fi enabled tractors sending signals to satellites that beam data to the farmer on his computer, prevailed.

Incentives like rewarding customers who do their laundry on the week-end with lower electricity rates are instinct-injured paradigms that cause human activity to be managed to meet the needs of the machine (the grid and investors). (What if it rains, for those who line dry their clothes, and wash according to rhythms of nature?)  It is possible to engage in activities like cleaning, using the framework of nature rhythms, as the foundation to a sustainable lifestyle.

How long these competitive and degenerative approaches endure depends not on the goodwill of compromised decision makers. It depends on each and every one of us.  If a policy ignores natural law, it does not pass muster.

Wisdom teachings often go underground in dark times. And, in fact, censorship rather than co-creative discourse is dominating. The mainstream news media is increasingly controlled by wireless magnates and wireless advertising revenue.

But for those seeking deeper truths, it means, for some portion of our lives, reclaiming all of our senses, and our own individual wisdom receptors. It means sharing what we perceive with others, in an effort to refine our collective mastery.  Continuing to feed the belief that competition spawns excellence, and that grotesque profits and transfer and concentration of wealth are to be revered, is unjustifiable.  We can reclaim our capacity for presence and transcendence.

Tobacco Science’s Same Old Song and Dance

The synopsis of a book published in 2007 states, “No product has been so heavily promoted or has become so deeply entrenched in American consciousness.”

The book, by Alan Brandt, notes, “At the core of this narrative are critical questions about the processes by which new scientific knowledge is ultimately achieved.  All the while, the [ ] industry worked diligently to disrupt the course of this scientific investigation. The industry’s strategic campaign to obscure and confuse the on-going scientific enterprise would significantly impede public acceptance and understanding of these important findings. “

The book that Alan Brandt wrote in 2007, The Cigarette Century, is about tobacco and cigarettes.

The Cigarette Century

The same story is playing out now regarding the wireless industry, with some of the same scientists.

Wireless Is Now the Most Heavily Promoted and Deeply Entrenched Consumer Product, and the Area Where Every Consumer Can Begin a Conscious Course Correction; We Have an Equal Opportunity to Accelerate the Path to Collective Enlightenment

The industry is reporting,

“Global mobile data traffic is expected to increase fourfold by 2025, with network energy consumption trending up by 150 to 170 percent, all due to the widespread implementation of 5G.”

Because we no longer see payment crossing our palms at the point of consumption/trade, we may not recognize that wireless devices now enable both commerce and consumption of energy at every moment in time. The plan is for machine-to-machine learning, and the internet of things (IOT), to grow consumption dramatically. This also includes a burgeoning surveillance industry that treats consumer behaviors as data points.

Alan Brandt wrote,

“Despite the pathbreaking scientific research demonstrating the hazards of smoking, the industry continued to argue for the next three decades that the evidence indicting smoking was neither scientific nor convincing.”

“Each time Congress took up the question of tobacco and public health, proposed regulations were either fully dismantled of had the non-so-ironic impact of actually favoring Big Tobacco.”

“Nearly half of all adults were regular smokers in the years before 1970.”

The Cigarette Century has also spawned the Telecom Century.  We don’t have 100 years to figure this out.

Consumers Now Hold A Front Row Seat In Observing The Enduring Influence Of The Tobacco Industry’s Strategies with Wireless, But Most Don’t Know It, Yet

Many are not yet aware of the drama playing out, now that the Court ruled in August that the FCC decision not to review its 1996 radio frequency exposure guidelines was arbitrary, capricious, and not evidence-based.

Similarly, in May of 2011, when the International Agency of Research on Cancer classified radio frequency exposure as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen, it was not reported by the mainstream press.

The tide of public opinion began to turn with cigarettes in several waves, and especially, when the damaging impact of second-hand exposures was quantified.

The non-consenting, non-benefitting, second-hand exposure population for wireless includes children, the unborn, and the entire natural environment, including bees and trees.

With all of the clamoring about sustainability, environmental justice, and climate, how is it possible that there has not been more questioning of the impact of manmade, artificial, microwave radio frequencies on human health and the environment?

It goes back to that reward system encoded in our biology, that keeps me coming back to harvest cucumbers.  It keeps us scrolling through our “feeds” and, for many – including young children – tech use has crossed over into addiction. It was by design.

The yogis taught that self-mastery is the path to freedom and liberation.

Instead, we have become an enslaved, distracted, unbalanced society … that translates to lots of profit.

Tobacco Strategy, Create Your Own Science Narrative

A recent review published by Martin Röösli and colleagues in Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology (Dongus et al., 2021), claims that Wi-Fi is safe: If you think WiFi is bad for your health, you won’t like this study, by Alberto Garcia (Google translation from Spanish).


Joel Moskowitz notes,

“…these scientists can exclude much of the relevant, published peer-reviewed research enabling them to conclude there is insufficient evidence that RFR is a health risk.”

Equinox, the Balance of Darkness and Light

It is a test of our inner psychological reward systems to note whether we want the pro-industry research to show us that we can continue to use our wireless devices without concern. Or, are we ready, willing, and able to consider the need to change our assumptions about wireless safety?

Internet accessibility does not equal wireless.

The equinox seasonal change is approaching. Reverential wisdom cultures have utilized the transition of the seasonal rhythms, throughout eons, to pause and reflect on the qualities of darkness and light.

These characteristics have come to represent the balance of good vs. evil.

The drive to install 5G telecommunications and wireless infrastructure on land and in space is a symptom of modern society’s increasing illiteracy and disconnection from Nature.

By continuing to call attention to the forgotten rhythms that choreograph all of life on earth, with events marking the solstices and equinoxes, there are a broad range of choices available.

On Tuesday Sept. 22, Jean Hudon will lead a worldwide meditation marking the Equinox itself.

There will be a webinar, Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way into a Vibrant Future, on Sunday September 26.

On September 30 there will be a Premiere of Documentary Film Something is in the Air Made In Finland, On 5G And Health, (English and English subtitles). Among interviewed scientists are Dariusz Leszczynski, Anssi Auvinen and Martin Pall.  See the trailer: (English and English subtitles)

Something Is In The Air – Trailer

Be a Light to the World, don’t sit this one out.

Top Image Courtesy Flo Freshman

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