5G/EMF/RF: What’s Causing All the Terrible Forest Fires?

by naturalistactivist (Greece)

Have you ever been to the scene of a recent forest fire? It is a vision from hell—all those charred tree trunks pointing black, accusing fingers at the sky, the piles of drifting grey ash. But the worst thing is the smell. It is not the pleasant smell of burned wood but of rotten flesh, as all the things which have died in the fire decompose.

A forest fire does not just burn trees. It burns all the creatures who live in it and cannot escape, the ones who cannot run or fly fast enough or far enough, the ones trapped between two fronts or encircled by flames. It burns boar and deer, foxes and jackals, hedgehogs and mice, polecats and weasels. And it burns birds, whose flaming feathers blaze more brightly as they flap their wings.

That tiny lump of rotting flesh was a robin. That was a nightingale. That was an owl. That was a tree rat. That thing over there was a fox cub. That little mound was a tortoise. The insects? Well, they’re just ash.

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In your mind you can still hear them scream. They all screamed as the fire caught them. Even the birds screamed. I have seen too many forest fires in recent years and they fill me with horror because I know it is not just trees that are burning, but whole ecosystems. They will not come back as before because the lack of trees to hold rainwater diminishes the water table. Places that were once thriving forests are changed forever.

I don’t need to tell you that our planet is suffering many more, bigger, hotter and more terrible fires in recent years than ever before. All summer long, the news has been full of fires in Greece, Turkey, and California. Last winter fires burned across Australia and the Amazon. Why are there so many fires, such big fires, even in unlikely places such as the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil?

The usual explanation is global warming/climate change—call it what you like. According to this theory, it’s all because we are burning too any fossil fuels and releasing too much carbon into the atmosphere, which in turn is making our planet warmer and more combustible.

I have never been persuaded by the global warming/climate change argument, though the mainstream media (and many people) refer to it as accepted fact. For one thing, I could never understand how a planet on which every life form is carbon-based should be, as it were, “allergic” to carbon. But a great many scientists have jumped on this particular bandwagon (that’s where all the research grants are) and voices of dissent are mocked or stifled by lack of funding. It is worth remembering that we have no accurate climate data from any but the recent past.

Michael Crichton, in his excellent but much criticized novel, State of Fear, points out that atmospheric carbon is nothing new: peat bogs and wetlands traditionally emitted huge amounts of carbon dioxide without warming the planet. We have now drained around 70% of these bogs and wetlands, so all that carbon that is no longer going into the atmosphere. Maybe carbon isn’t the problem?

Where the climate change theory really falls down, though, is in its inability to explain the mechanism by which burning fossil fuels/atmospheric carbon causes forest fires. How does it do this? Vague phrases such as “complex interactions we don’t fully understand” simply beg the question. Either there is a mechanism or there isn’t. The climate change theory cannot explain the number and intensity of recent forest fires because it cannot identify how and why carbon causes them.

On the other hand, there is a strong correlation between increasing numbers, and severity, of forest fires with the proliferation of wireless infrastructure. Thirty years ago there were very few cell towers, and correspondingly fewer forest fires. Now cell towers are everywhere, along with other types of wireless infrastructure such as smart meters, and serious fires that resist being put out are increasing, engulfing ever-larger areas. Several mechanisms exist to explain why microwave radiation causes and prolongs fires. Taken together, they make a coherent argument which the climate change theory does not.


The first mechanism, expounded by Dr. Martin Pall, relies on research showing that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from microwave radiation causes plants to produce excessive amounts intracellular calcium, which in turn causes the plants to produce high levels of of substances called terpenes/terpenoids. Terpenes/terpenoids are usually produced by plants to repel insect predators and can also be emitted to warn other plants that insect predators are present—but in normal circumstances, this response is limited to one species at a time. When high levels of EMFs are present, as happens near cell towers or under power lines, all the plants will start producing high levels of terpenes/terpenoids, which are both highly combustible and highly volatile, and which can pool at ground level. If a fire starts, it will burn more fiercely and be much harder to put out.*

Many people think that Dr. Pall’s mechanism applies exclusively to 5G, but this is not so. The EMFs of 4G and 3G infrastructure, of Wi-Fi and of power lines, produce the same effects in plants. Greece did not have 5G in 2018, yet the fires at the seaside town of Mati that year were so hot they melted the glass and metal of cars. However, Dr. Pall thinks that 5G will make fires much worse.

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Dr. Pall also thinks that when terpene/terpenoid vapours accumulate, trees may spontaneously combust. It is possible that my husband and I actually witnessed spontaneous combustion in a fire this summer. The fire started halfway up a mountain, near a cell tower, at the base of a V-shaped gorge, with high cliffs and no exit by road. One moment it wasn’t there; then suddenly trees were engulfed in flames. It is hard to see how anyone could have caused such a fire in such a place without getting burned alive. However, we were miles away across a bay and cannot prove it. Accusations that someone deliberately set the fire have not been proved either.

EMFs Cause Soil Acidification

A second mechanism which explains how microwaves may make forest fires much worse is explained very clearly by Dr. Alfonso Balmori in his short paper, “The Effects of Microwaves on the Trees and Other Plants”. In it, Dr. Balmori explains how EMFs cause soil acidification and create conditions in which trees are unable to absorb ground water, thus drying up.

Dr. Balmori was, at the time of writing, more concerned with tree and forest death than forest fires, but recent events make this a very pertinent paper indeed because the same mechanism that causes trees to die also makes them very combustible.

In California this past summer, two major fires burned their way right across the Sierra Nevadas, something which has never happened before. There has always been enough moisture in the trees and soil of these mountains to stop or slow fires down, but not this year: “the California Bay Area’s live fuel-moisture content (FMC), a metric which measures the ratio of moisture to natural combustible material, was historically low…the fuel-moisture content at higher elevations is extremely low, too.” So what caused this?

Dr. Balmori cites the work of German scientist Wolfgang Vokrodt, whose pioneering work on dying trees near radar installations showed that microwaves interrupt the ability of trees to absorb water, thus drying them out, and create soil acidification, which further dries them out. Balmori also cites Swiss scientist Ulrich Hertel, who says that “a causal chain of electrical smog/stunted growth/damage to soil/dying trees is established”. Hertel explains that EMFs cause trees to lose the hair roots which absorb water from the soil, while capillaries shrink and become unable to pull water upward into the tops of the trees. “The delicate absorbent hair roots are missing, the trees are standing in water and yet die of thirst.”

Dry trees will burn easily. And sadly, most cell towers are placed on hills and mountains because this increases the range of each “cell”. Between the increased production of terpenes/terpenoids and the lack of moisture in the trees themselves due to the action of microwaves in the atmosphere, it is not surprising if forests are burning as never before.


There is a third mechanism which will also make fires worse: heating from EMFs. A recent paper by Arno Thielens, “Environmental Impacts of 5G”, states that microwaves are causing an increase in temperature in all wildlife including plants. (This happens to us too). This heating is continuous because we are always surrounded by microwaves, which heat anything containing water molecules. In nature the sun sets, or there is shade, but man-made microwaves continue to irradiate everything and everyone 24/7. Even a tiny increase in temperature will have effects if it goes on long enough. If trees and plants are warmer than they should be, this too will contribute to forest fires.

Trees producing flammable terpenes and terpenoids, trees that are drying out because they cannot absorb water, trees that are warmer than they should be: these three mechanisms, all caused by EMFs from wireless technology, explain why forest fires are becoming both more common and much worse. The climate change theory cannot explain the number and intensity of recent forest fires. Microwave theory can, and does. The price of wireless technology will be a global desert.

* Dr. Pall’s work is based on many studies that show how EMFs cause plants to produce excessive intracellular calcium and terpenes/terpenoids. The database https://emf-portal.org/en contains many of them.

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