5G/EMF/RF: Public Safety Spotlight: Jeff Hull, and Former Firefighter Shane Reilly and His EMF Journey

Compiled by Patricia Burke

Natural Blaze is one of few news platforms featuring truthful human interest stories about 5G, EMF, RF, smart meters, and other environmental and health concerns not being covered by the mainstream media.

Like many industries that have continued to grow despite early warnings and emerging evidence of harm, the wireless paradigm has not yet received adequate scrutiny or regulatory oversight.

Housing loss; job loss; lack of access to schooling, health care, church, and social environments; health devastation, isolation (even suicide), and other stories abound about individuals harmed by wireless exposures.  This is a social justice issue and a discriminatory paradigm affecting those from every walk of life, from children to school teachers, airline pilots, health care practitioners, students, IT professionals, a judge, architects, musicians, and more.

Despite the gravity of unfolding suffering and harm, there are also stories of inspiring individuals serving the greater good, including public safety professionals.

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New York: Environmental Police Officer Jeff Hull

In the Father’s Day series, Cara Hull told the story of her husband Jeff Hull’s work to protect their neighborhood from cell tower placement near homes.  You can find their story and educational videos on the Facebook page “Parents Against Cell Towers in Residential Areas” and on Jeff’s YouTube page.

Here is a video of Jeff measuring the RF exposure from a set of earbuds:

Radiation From Your Earbuds

(Learn more about earbuds here, courtesy Environmental Health Trust.)

Oregon: Former Fire Fighter Turned Building Biologist Shane Reilly

“I can hardly believe it has now been a decade since the dawning of my EMF awareness! It seemed like a great time to put something together in video format to capture the past, present, and future. There is immense power in sharing our stories, and I clearly remember how intense it was ten years ago trying to cut through the noise on EMF and get down to the meaningful details. I gratefully remember those that were lights in the darkness along the way, and am hopeful that my story could be of help to those starting their EMF journeys.”

Building Biologist Shane Reilly Reflects on His EMF Journey

“In this video, recently published by the Environmental Health Trust, Shane shares his story about moving from a career as a firefighter in Clackamas County, Oregon, to a building biologist, helping families protect their children from wireless radiation and electromagnetic fields in their home and schools.”

(Film credits at end of article)

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“Back then, I never saw EMF as something that would change my life so drastically, certainly not closing down and opening up career paths. It was centered on promoting health for my family. But then it hit me in a deeply personal way on multiple occasions and the only path forward that I could see was to help others avoid the misery I had faced. Losing your mother and a beloved career in a few short years will do that to you. Now that I’m working as an EMF consultant it has restored a great deal of satisfaction and purpose into my life, which is something I really missed after leaving my career as a firefighter.

Looking ahead, I am deeply concerned about the EMF exposures faced by my kids and their generation. Society seems to have an insatiable appetite for technology and convenience, and industry is all too happy to turn the screws further and offer up a never-ending supply of ‘safe’ new gadgets to irradiate the globe. One of the topics that has been on my mind for some time now is wireless in schools. It’s so frustrating to take great steps inside my home to promote health and lower EMF exposure for my family, only to have them walk out the door every day and enter into a super-sized microwave oven at school.

I know I’m not the only parent with this concern, so let me encourage all of you, regardless of background or training, to take up this issue as you see fit. We can’t stand for these violations of our health and wellness any longer!

I’m extremely grateful for the help of filmmaker Brian Cory Dobbs and the Environmental Health Trust for their expertise in capturing, refining, and publishing my story.  Please see their work at Briandobbs.com and EHTrust.org.” – Shane Reilly


As Shane notes, firefighters are against cell tower placement near their stations.


“It is the belief of some international governments and regulatory bodies and of the wireless telecommunications industry that no consistent increases in health risk exist from exposure to RF/MW radiation unless the intensity of the radiation is sufficient to heat body tissue. However, it is important to note that these positions are based on non-continuous exposures to the general public to low intensity RF/MW radiation emitted from wireless telecommunications base stations. Furthermore, most studies that are the basis of this position are at least five years old and generally look at the safety of the phone itself. IAFF members are concerned about the effects of living directly under these antenna base stations for a considerable stationary period of time and on a daily basis. There are established biological effects from exposure to low-level RF/MW radiation. Such biological effects are recognized as markers of adverse health effects when they arise from exposure to toxic chemicals for example.”

“Internationally acknowledged experts in the field of RF/MW radiation research have shown that RF/MW transmissions of the type used in digital cellular antennas and phones can have critical effects on cell cultures, animals, and people in laboratories and have also found epidemiological evidence (studies of communities, not in the laboratory) of serious health effects at ‘non-thermal levels,’ where the intensity of the RF/MW radiation was too low to cause heating. They have found:

Increased cell growth of brain cancer cells (5)

A doubling of the rate of lymphoma in mice (6)

Changes in tumor growth in rats (7)

An increased number of tumors in rats (8)

Increased single- and double-strand breaks in DNA, our genetic material (9)

2 to 4 times as many cancers in Polish soldiers exposed to RF (10)

More childhood leukemia in children exposed to RF (11)

Changes in sleep patterns and REM type sleep (12)

Headaches caused by RF/MW radiation exposure (13)

Neurologic changes (14) including: Changes in the blood-brain-barrier (15),Changes in cellular morphology (including cell death) (16),

Changes in neural electrophysiology (EEG) (17), Changes in neurotransmitters (which affect motivation and pain perception) (18),

Metabolic changes (of calcium ions, for instance) (19) and Cytogenetic effects (which can affect cancer, Alzheimer’s, neurodegenerative diseases) (20)

Decreased memory, attention, and slower reaction time in school children (21)

Retarded learning in rats indicating a deficit in spatial “working memory” (22)

Increased blood pressure in healthy men (23)

Damage to eye cells when combined with commonly used glaucoma medications (24)

“ [ ] fire department facilities, where fire fighters and emergency response personnel live and work are not the proper place for a technology which could endanger their health and safety.

The only reasonable and responsible course is to conduct a study of the highest scientific merit and integrity on the RF/MW radiation health effects to our membership and, in the interim, oppose the use of fire stations as base stations for towers and/or antennas for the conduction of cell phone transmissions until it is proven that such sitings are not hazardous to the health of our members.”

Footnotes and full statement at link: https://www.iaff.org/cell-tower-radiation/

OTARD: Over-the-Air Reception Devices

As the International Association of Fire Fighters note, fire houses are not the proper place for a technology endangering health….and neither are homes, neighborhoods, hospitals, schools, and nature preserves.

Increasingly, we must question why these technologies are being placed anywhere.

IAFF notes, “IAFF members are concerned about the effects of living directly under these antenna base stations for a considerable stationary period of time and on a daily basis.”

This risk is now being imposed on every neighborhood by the FCC’s OTARD rule amendment.

Children’s Health Defense reports,

“Real Life Example of OTARD Deployment” in describing their lawsuit against the FCC.

CHD’s submission includes a real-life example of the effects of the rule amendment. Dr. David Hoffman’s affidavit was filed with CHD’s brief. The affidavit provides photographs of a massive base station antenna structure that was installed in the backyard of his parents’ neighbor. This antenna is authorized by the OTARD rule amendment. His parents have been suffering various health issues as a result, and his daughter, who suffers from Radiation Sickness, can no longer visit them. She developed symptoms every time she visited her grandparents.  [ ]…in return for allowing the antennas’ installation, which includes four powerful transmitting antennas that transmit over a 3–5-mile radius, the neighbor receives free internet service. Because of the amended OTARD rule, Dr. Hoffman and his parents cannot do anything about this irradiation except beg their neighbor to discontinue his agreement with the company, which he did. The neighbor refused. The Hoffman family cannot sue the neighbor or the company for nuisance or for any other property or health-related damage. They cannot even sue for disability accommodations. The rule amendment eliminated all their rights.”

Learn More:

Firefighter Unions Opposing Cell Towers

Press Release on the Firefighter Resolution and Research Study that found Neurological Damage

Affidavit of Susan Foster detailing the study

Building Biologist Shane Reilly Reflects on His EMF Journey video credits:

Directed by Brian Cory Dobbs

Musical selections by Punch Deck, used with permission.




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