Three Upcoming 5G/EMF September Equinox Events: Global Protest Day, Global Consciousness Shift Activation Equinox Meditation, Symphony of Minds Webinar

By Stop5G International

Dearest Worldwide Community of EMF Aware People,

There are three EMF Awareness/Envisioning/Action Day events planned for the month of September, all described at the corresponding links below.

1 – September 18th and 19th Global Protest/Action Days. Just three weeks left to get ourselves organized and out on the streets en masse, calling for safe technology, privacy, and a future we choose.

2 – September 22 The Equinox Meditation  –  Global Consciousness Shift Activation

Equinox Meditation: Global Consciousness Shift Activation

3 – September 26 Webinar – Symphony of Minds: Feeling Our Way Into a Vibrant Future, co-hosted by Stop 5G International and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

You may be wondering why we are hosting an equinox meditation and a webinar. What do these have to do with stopping 5G? The answer: Everything.

Every invention or custom ever conceived by humans was first an idea in someone’s mind…or perhaps arose within the minds of many simultaneously. What we seed into the world is a direct reflection of our minds.

A clear mind and heart can serve as a vessel for ushering in ideas, systems, norms, and institutions that heal. Minds and hearts filled with clutter and debris from unconscious, disconnected, fear-based thoughts and beliefs will likely further our current trajectory which has led us to the brink of extinction.

If we envision what we want, and focus our attention, minds and hearts unwaveringly on it, then with peace, purpose, and joy, we can set about building a world where,

  • the right to live safely in our home and neighborhood takes precedence over industry profits, and where communities choose what infrastructure best suits their demographic.
  • satellite deployment is halted, and we can once again partake of our common heritage – the unobstructed skies.
  • 5G, 6G or any other “G” is replaced by safe technology that has undergone scrutiny to ensure the health and well-being of all life on the planet, and where people are connected face-to-face and heart-to-heart, and not consumed by ubiquitous virtual connectivity.
  • the pursuit of “faster”, “bigger” and “more” is replaced with contentment from “just enough”.
  • we understand deeply and intuitively that we are One with All, and that the thoughts and deeds of each one of us, impacts every other living being.

There’s a long journey ahead of us for sure, but we trust it is feasible. We have not come this far as a species to be faced with our own extinction at the hands of a few misguided souls. Many have already undertaken this journey. Let us walk on together.

Our alliance is strong. We will prevail!

Consider passing out 5G info flyers at the Worldwide Freedom Demonstration events also taking place the weekend of September 18th & 19th, and/or possibly inviting Freedom Movement people to attend your event, if you feel your community would be open to that. 

5G (and soon to be 6G, if plans proceed) will enable surveillance, tracking, and control societies. Though increasing numbers of people oppose this, there remain some who support the use of technology to control and track citizens “for the greater good of all.” And surprisingly, some people in the Freedom Movement itself are unaware of the connection between 5G and the loss of freedom.

To polarize into one camp or the other serves no one. 

We all share the same core values of wanting health, privacy, human dignity, and to live within Earth’s bounds. We can find resolution as to how best to achieve these goals only if we stay open and do not default into polarized thinking and camps. By fully understanding we are One Interconnected Whole, and treading gently and lovingly with one another, we will go much further toward creating the kind of world we wish to leave to our children.

David Charalambous from the Stop 5G International team, has put together a website on how to communicate with people who are deeply entrenched in their ideologies and not open to hearing other viewpoints. You may find some useful tools for effective communication at his new website.

A few other items:

A huge congratulations to Environmental Health Trust and Children’s Health Defense on the recent victory in their case against the Federal Communications Commission!!

May this be the first of many more successes that will lead us toward a world that embodies the will of the people, and not that of profit driven corporations and governments.

We look forward to other actions to follow that will build on this ground-breaking victory and momentum.

Please note we have established a new section on the website for News Updates where we post news items related to 5G and satellites that are of international importance.

Please send all flyers and announcements of local protest day events to [email protected] and to [email protected] so we can post to the website.

Please also consider sharing your event to the FB group, Global Action to Stop 5G,

Wishing us all blessings for joyous and well-attended Action Day events, and for a regenerative and thriving planet and future!!

The Team at Stop 5G International

Top image courtesy Flo Freshman

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