Global Havana Syndrome

By Jennifer Wood

If the term, Global Havana Syndrome (GHS) or perhaps Worldwide Havana Syndrome (WHS) has not yet been coined, today I hereby coin it.  An August 27th article in the Daily Mail described U.S. officials in Hanoi who apparently became sick from Havana Syndrome shortly before Vice President Harris’s visit “to reassure the Vietnamese” that the U.S. “would help them stand up to Chinese aggression in the South China Sea.” The V.P.’s trip was delayed by three hours, allowing the Chinese to quickly send its own envoy to deliver a pledge of two million vaccines to trump the American pledge of one million of them.  Harris was to announce the donation of the vaccines as part of her diplomatic visit.

Havana Syndrome is described as a “mystery illness” often affecting CIA agents and diplomats.

Heads of state, vice presidents, and in fact all people in every country need to be protected from it.  Microwave radio frequencies at various levels around the globe are having serious health effects on millions of people, plants and animals throughout the world as thousands of peer reviewed, replicable scientific studies have shown.  Many date back for decadesThe US Navy Dr Zory Glaser bibliography (said to have well over 6,000 studies by 2015 according to scientist, Dr. Martin Blank, PhD) is but one bibliography only. Clearly, spies and embassy officials are not the only people being made sick by this radiation.

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Directed microwave weapons can have a sudden, jolting effect but so can simple cell tower or phone radiation due to accumulating exposures over time, often mixed with other electromagnetic frequencies in the environment.  The glossy ads by industry that parade as objective information have implied your cell phone is safe but this is not the case.  Not all man-made microwave radiation is “weapons grade” level, but the studies have shown the health effects even at so-called low levels (i.e. non-thermal, non-ionizing levels that have effects due to time, duration and ubiquity).  Most of the world is now continuously exposed to polarized, man-made radiation, a million billion (1,000,000,000,000,000) times stronger than the natural background radiation prior to the 1980s due to cell phones and all forms of wireless technology.

The statement proclaimed by certain telecoms that 5G and any other “G” is as benign as visible light is darkly misleading.  Visible light and microwave radio frequency radiation are in the same area of the electromagnetic spectrum but there is much more to the story.  When discussing electricity and electromagnetic radiation the two terms energy and power are used interchangeably in common use.  In Physics, however, these are distinct concepts that are important to understand when talking about EMFs and electricity.  Energy reflects the ability to perform work; the higher the frequency of EMF the more energy it has and the more work it can do.  Power reflects the rate at which work can be performed.  The higher the power of a given energy, the more work the electricity can perform.  (300 Hz could be generated with 5W or 50,000 W of power in which case the same 300Hz signal is being generated at very different levels of power.  The 300Hz signal generated at 50,000 W power could travel a much greater distance.

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The long held belief that the less energetic electromagnetic radiation (EMR) at the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum is less damaging than the higher frequencies is flawed because we know that even low-energy EMF can cause bodily damage.  A high-powered extremely low-frequency (ELF) field can deliver enough current to kill a person (as in a lightning strike or electrocution by electric chair), whereas a person usually does not even feel a low-powered radio signal that is composed of waves that can be a million times more energetic.  The fact that significant biological responses to EMF can occur across the electromagnetic spectrum shows that the focus on energy levels in the discussion of EMF public health and safety is largely irrelevant.  Nonetheless, it has been used to justify significant differences in safety limits for the different groups of EMF, ionizing vs. non-ionizing, etc. This focus on energy has obscured the real biological measures of harmful responses such as reactions with DNA.

Microwave weaponry and its lethal ‘progeny,’ likely including sonic super guns and the like, is rapidly on the rise.

5G technology and beyond can (and will likely) go up to weapons-grade levels when “needed.”  If crowd control is deemed necessary, for example, we have the technology to do it.  Not all 5G is at weapons-grade level, but all 5G has the potential for it.  In any case, microwave radiation such as 2G used for digital cell phone service, installed throughout the U.S. in 1996-97 made considerable numbers of citizens violently ill, including me.  For those who have been sick from Microwave Syndrome for over 20 or 30 years, the ‘mystery illness’ talked about in the Daily Mail article is no ‘mystery illness’ at all.  It might have been in the beginning, but after repeated exposures followed by devastating illness, and decades of scientific research, many of us know exactly what it is.

There are multiple symptoms but the classic ones are nausea, dizziness, nosebleeds and headaches as described in this recent article on V.P. Harris and the U.S. officials in Hanoi who got sick.  The “nausea” described is not just any kind of nausea; there is often a strange, intense, metallic sensation of poisoning as well as a metallic taste in the mouth which I have experienced each time that I have been badly exposed for the last 25 years. (Perhaps about 6,000 times.)  I nearly died three times at a weight of 77 pounds as EMR levels increased over time.

Many others, including those poisoned by either ionizing or non-ionizing radiation have described the metallic taste in the mouth.  In a book I was asked to write by a police officer opposing the unsafe nuclear power plant in Shoreham, New York, Fighting Faustian Fission, I described some of the people who had been exposed to the nuclear power plant accident in Three Mile Island.  They, too, described the “strange metallic taste.”

So, as the science tells us, as well as our own bodies, the damage done by non-ionizing radiation from cell phones and towers can be as intense as that of ionizing radiation from nuclear accidents, over-exposure to X-rays and so forth.  CIA agents, heads of states and vice presidents are not the only victims or possible targets of what I am calling Global Havana Syndrome (GHS) or Worldwide Havana Syndrome (WHS).  The entire global population is now at risk, if not already affected (either by directed or non-intentional) GHS.  The non-intentional GHS occurs due to a recklessly polluted, electromagnetic environment; the directed GHS, of course, occurs because of the deliberate actions of microwave stalkers, opposing states, political enemies or others who make the targeted individual sick.

The international community has created the concept of the nuclear non-proliferation act. Implementation of it has been severely flawed and even hypocritical.  Nonetheless, the concept is necessary in order to work towards human survival on earth.  The non-proliferation of microwave radiation is now as urgent, though going unrecognized by far too many.  The U.S. can blame China, and China can blame the U.S. and so on, but at the heart of the matter lies in the manufacturing of such lethal weapons.  Because the manufacturing of such lethal (and painfully damaging “non-lethal”) weapons is lucrative for corporations, and governments, many governments do not take the issue seriously.  In the same way, agencies captured by industries related to wireless technology such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have not taken safety issues seriously (until recently, at least we hope).  The government in fact makes lots of money off of selling radio frequency bandwidths that are clogging up the air waves and creating electromagnetic interference of every kind.  This, like war, as the old saying goes, “is not healthy for children and other living things.”

It has been said, perhaps facetiously, that the Spanish Flu Pandemic was called the Spanish Flu “because Spain was the only country not at war and thus the only country talking about the pandemic.”  Let us never blame the Spanish Flu pandemic on Spain, nor the Havana Syndrome on Havana.  The reaping of health and human rights was not invented in Havana.  It is a global problem.  As one of Shakespeare’s tragic characters, Prince Escalus, once said, “all are punished.”  He was pointing out that all the citizens of Verona had suffered due to longstanding feuds.  The Prince had not put a stop to the violence in time.  But all were culpable.

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