For or Against Vax? We Missed the Boat with Covid … Don’t Miss The 5G “Opportunity of a Lifetime” Do Over

“Did you hear the one about the humans calling each other SHEEP????”

By Patricia Burke

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could stop and catch our breath?

And at the same time, maybe catch where we are in our collective consciousness?

Do it.

When and Why Wisdom Schools Disappear

Today, in many communities, you can go to a farmer’s market and buy herbs, creams, tea, and soap, for example, made with lavender and labeled as a calming product.

But in an earlier age, knowing, speaking, and teaching about the healing properties of lavender and other herbs resulted millions of women and men being murdered.

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Throughout history, there have been times when wisdom schools receded into the background in the face of threat, censorship, suppression, and violence.

In the recent article in the Harvest Series at Natural Blaze, ”August Harvest Vs. EMF/RF/5G; Telecom “Science” Vs. Health, Insight, And Wisdom For A New Age”, I shared a video “MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL” made by After Skool, in collaboration with the Academy of Ideas.

It is worth a look.

When Wisdom Schools Resurge- This is NOW!

It does not matter whether or not an individual has adopted a stance about the efficacy of a certain medical paradigm regarding current health challenges, whether masks, social distancing, or injections.

We are being given the opportunity to take a quantum leap forward as individuals, as a society, and as a humanity, as we face a possible replay of restrictions and mandates.

It does not matter whether or not your neighbor or other family members or friends chose differently from you.

And, it does not start with imposing our preferences or demands on others, or imposing the orders of decision makers on others.

It works, for everyone, and anyone can start now, right where you are.

This is an equal opportunity offer to heal.

And, if further restrictions are in the offing, this right cannot be taken away from anyone, by anyone, at any time.

The Right to Learn, The Right to Evolve, The Right to Heal and Harmonize

There are serious questions that we need to ask ourselves as a society, as the industrial capitalist cartel presses forward with plans for salvation from covid and climate.

Is this the right time to be doing what I am doing right now? And why?

And is it the right time for others in my sphere of influence to do the same?

Why Odd-Even Watering Plans Are An Expression of Psychosis and Mass Delusion

Let’s say that it is agreed that there is a need to conserve water … so technocrats come up with a plan to alternate access for outside watering, based on which side of the street you live on.

But those who follow the biodynamic gardening calendar realize that there are auspicious and inauspicious times for watering.  What does that mean? It means that watering at certain times increases the risks of mold, pests, infestations, poor root quality, weaker plants, and loss of the harvest.

Rudolf Steiner provided a foundation for the science of seed sowing as early as 1924. It’s not just for gardeners or seeds, it guides every activity in the garden.

Nearly one hundred years later, is it time for everyone to take a look? Yes it is.

Because if we blindly embrace the technocratic solutions to various societal issues when those solutions are devoid of recognition of Natural Law, we are actually accelerating the demise of human health, the environment, and the planet.

This is mass delusion.

Farming and Food, it’s About Health Too

A growing portion of the population has begun to grow a new paradigm in the slow food, organic food, biodynamic agriculture, regenerative and locally-sourced farming arena.


But it is not just about food.

The deep dark secret which has been obscured from view is that the rhythms of the cosmos also directly impact the practices that sustain or disrupt the health of each individual, every day and night.

And they are not the same for everyone. One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.

If you were in favor of an injection, but recognized that there are certain hours, dates, and other aspects of timing that would make an injection either less effective, or more dangerous, would you want to schedule your appointment at a time that would be the most beneficial and the least risky? Or the appointment for your loved one? Don’t believe it? Ask a diabetic about the hours of 1 to 3 am.

If you have a child or elder in need of care, for example, as simple as needing to have their toenails cut, would you find it fascinating that after sunset on Friday is the best time to avoid ingrown toenails and other challenges, unless the moon is in a certain sign? And that Saturday is the worst day to cut nails?

But let’s say that you are a nail technician and you make money on Saturdays.

Do you start educating your customers that they will have healthier nails if they don’t cut them on Saturdays?

And then, on Saturdays, do you adopt routine cleaning and maintenance, or give you staff the day off, or volunteer somewhere, or engage in a hobby, or increase your skills, or meditate and pray, or teach a workshop on how to grow beautiful healthy nails?

Following the natural cycles of nature?

Or do you treat yourself and your staff as machines?

The Covid-Climate Consumption Model

We all, literally, face these questions of right timing and individuation at this time on the planet, for nearly every activity, because we have been swimming against the tide of Nature for centuries.

And the covid-climate solutions narrative is making it worse, and not better.

For example, do we keep our cameras running for Zoom calls, necessitating more telecommunications infrastructure, because we are being “led like sheep” into a model that increases demand for energy and resources, with claims that we are addressing climate and digital divide, when we are not?

This is delusional.

Do we want to become more programmed, and less conscious?

Or less programmed and more conscious?

“The Digital Cage is being forged above our very heads.” – Tanja Katarina Rebel, co-founder of Stop 5G Global Protest Days, Upcoming event is Sept. 18-19

Profit and loss statements in every field look at time as a commodity, rather than Time as an Energy.

Especially in the medical profession, individuals are being put under the knife, or being given a drug or injection, that maims or kills them. This is why teachers like Donna Eden promote “test before you ingest.”

We haven’t been aware of the implications of mass medicine. We can stop this.

We don’t know how safe or unsafe any products and procedures are, for ourselves and others, at any point in time, until we recognize Time, and honor individual constitution.

We become perpetrators ourselves, when we operate from fear, and try to dictate the choices of others. This is mass psychosis.

Working with Cosmic Rhythms

The sun is bright today, on Thursday, August 26, as this is being written. You would think that every farmer and gardener would be out harvesting the summer bounty.

Some are.

But those who follow the ancient wisdom know that there are other chores for today, not for the profit motive, but sourced from consciousness, reverence, presence, and love.

Every one of us has the right to re-orient ourselves to the nature rhythms of Earth, in the small and large decisions that we make each day, about what we eat, what time we go to bed, and when to pick tomatoes. It matters.

Every one of us who serves the public in some way can also do the same – to elevate the consciousness of what we offer in favor of Natural Law.

This was the domain of the wise, ancient societies. Their contributions are not lost, but they are being increasingly suppressed.

We change the course of history when we decide to move into deeper relationship with nature, and move off of the controlled narratives being shown on our wireless devices, which in fact interfere with the natural electromagnetic environment and health.

The most important conservation decision that any of us can make, moving forward, is to replace some part of our time of wirelessly-enabled connectivity with a deepening relationship with Nature, with Time, and with each other.

Let not this pandemic rob you of your humanity or reasoned intelligence.  The wireless/5G juggernaut is a symptom of loss of unity with Natural Law.

Save the date of the Equinox for Nature.  It’s a frequency.

Equinox Meditation: Global Consciousness Shift Activation


“Our global meditation can accelerate the growing trend of healing, already exemplified by countless acts of goodwill underway around the world.”

The Lost Words Blessing

“The Lost Words Blessing is offered both in hope and light. Karine Polwart suggested the idea of a blessing that borrows images and phrases from many of The Lost Words. The form is inspired by blessings in Scottish Gaelic, particularly from a beautiful collection of charms and incantations called Carmina Gadelica.”

Top nature image courtesy Lori McCray

“5G World” image courtesy Flo Freshman in collaboration with Stop5GInternational

See the August Harvest Series HERE.

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