August Harvest (vs 5G) Fest and Handwork; Wise Words about Reclaiming Skills, Crafts, and Tools (without tech)

By Patricia Burke

“And make no mistake we are choosing to abandon the world that takes away our choices and steals our skills.”

In her blog, “Wordcraft & Musing on Home & Hope,” Eliza Daley shared her thoughts on the Harvest Festival and Lugh’s Blessing, here.

“We are too much enamored of the tools we’ve made. We believe these tools have freed us from hard labor, hand labor, back labor; but it seems to me that we are working harder than ever. We use and abuse our hands and backs now, but we make nothing of skill. We are busy. And that is all.”

“Our economic system can’t tolerate a skilled populace. If we can do things for ourselves, then we don’t need to buy things.”

“Those who have placed themselves in charge, claiming unique understanding of the the zeitgeist, tell us that we must preserve the present system at all costs. Well, of course they say this; they benefit from that system. If change proceeds as it’s been going, it is likely they will no longer be in a position to narrate our lives for us — while getting paid handsomely for doing so. They are opposed to all things that threaten this position. Our influencers particularly loathe any intimation that society is trending toward the local, the small, and the hand-hewn human-scale ends of energy and resource use.”

“They acknowledge that things are slipping. However, in their minds, the cracks merely reveal untapped markets, new income streams, more stuff for us to buy. And they exhort us to get out there and buy that stuff in order to keep propping up this failing mess.”

“Building a world that will thrive within the limits and means of this planet”

“These exhortations to keep the growth machine going are in direct conflict with evidence from all across the globe showing that, far from becoming miserable louts, those who are engaged in de-growing, in building a world that will thrive within the limits and means of this planet, are the most creative, most joyful, most contented people living today. They are not shrill. They are skilled. They may not be loud, may indeed be quiet, but they are in no way desperate. They are living lives of abundance.”

“We are reacquainting ourselves with our hands. We are rediscovering our delight in productive creativity. We are reclaiming our skills.

Lugh must be giving us his blessing. Let us, in turn, give him due honor.”


Yes, for many, the times they are a changin’.

See Eliza Daley’s list of wonderful people doing wonderful things, here.

Connected Farming courtesy Flo Freshman.

See the complete August Harvest Series HERE.

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