August Harvest vs. 5G: Data Harvesting and The Digital Reaper

By Jennifer Wood

If you own a cell phone, it is likely that you carry it around with you wherever you go.  That is the whole point of it.  This makes it beyond convenient for the data harvesters and digital reapers.  You have basically become a rat in the maze on the global game board that lights up wherever you go.  You, your spouse, your children and even your hip grandparent with a smart phone have been turned into 24/7 instruments of profit for large, global corporations owned by elites that can sequester you in your home, destroy your small business, force you to buy all your goods from their giant conglomerate businesses, and be on your computer to earn bread, as you are continually tracked, night and day.

The collected data can be sold to anyone for a profit; it can be used at any time, ten or more years from now (or ten or more minutes from now) when any corrupt business or political leader or regime wants to practice technological McCarthyism to ruin your reputation, destroy all possibility of getting work – or get you sent off to jail or perhaps a “green zone” camp coming soon to a location near you.  But it won’t be green in any shape or form; it will be gray.  If you thought exploited, communistic totalitarian regimes were bad, wait until our elitist, global leaders have fully reaped the harvest of a corporatized totalitarian regime run by a technology even colder than the coldest of human beings.  You cannot talk to a machine the way you can talk to a dictator.  You might even have a few delusional (but nostalgic) moments longing for the dictators of the 20th century.

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Since the 1990s or so, we have been sold a bill of goods that has convinced us that we absolutely must have a cell phone on us at all times in case of an emergency, not realizing that having the cell phone in the hands of 62% of the global population (4.88 billion users around the globe) has created a global emergency of astounding proportions, in itself.  Tracking and surveillance that can destroy our lives, under governments and technocracies “gone bad,” are not the only problem.  Levels of polarized, man-made microwave radiation, quadrillions-quintillions of times greater than what naturally existed prior to the 1980s are creating illnesses more nightmarish than we have ever seen; there is also exploitation of children in Africa or elsewhere that dig for the cobalt (necessary to produce cell phones) which causes poisonous damage to them. Big Tech-colonization of sovereign nations, power-grabs by tech-owned countries and worse nightmares than this are taking place; electronic waste from cell phones and big tech gadgets is also destroying the health of children that pick through the billions of dumped cell phones and gadgets sent to Africa or elsewhere to find valuable metals that are toxic.  Apparently, near starvation and illness is “just the price of progress” for Big Telecom and Big Tech companies that profess philanthropy.


Many other illnesses and injuries around the world have resulted from their products. The body of scientific evidence is more than substantial.  In addition, at least 10% of the world’s population now also suffers from some form of electromagnetic impairment, whether they own a cell phone or not.  Wireless radiation is now more or less ubiquitous; increasing rapidly with the advent of 5G and wireless satellite broadband in space that can spy on us even in the remotest jungle; and act as the alphabet for the written language of global martial law as well as military combat reigning from the sky.

In addition, 6G is already in the works.  In a newsletter posted on August 12,th as this article was going out to press, Arthur Firstenberg wrote about the great Swedish physicist and Nobel laureate Hannes Alfvén who wrote under the pen name Olof Johannesson, the 1966 science fiction novel Sagan om den stora datamaskinen:  The Tale of the Great Computer which predicted chip implants for communication, smart phones, the colonization of Mars and the replacement of humanity with computers.  The newsletter also includes a paragraph about Henry Brooks Adams, the grandson of the 6th American president who wrote in 1862 that he believed science would become the master of man and the engines we would build would be beyond our strength to control; we would become slaves to the power of “science” and commit global suicide by blowing up our world.


Are we going to allow ourselves to be in the clutches of such a fall, running with our implant chips and cell phones headlong into the very last autumn of humanity?

In a short film, former employees of NASA, DARPA and LOCKHEED MARTIN, as well as other tech companies and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, discuss the artificial intelligence technology in the works that frightens even them, though they cannot or will not stop it: DARPA Avatar Project Links Your Mind to a Digital World Inside a Quantum Computer.



With haunting music and a voice-over of JFK talking about technological covert operations in the early 1960s as well as plans for the future, various individuals talk about the many unwitting, targeted individuals that are in the test stages for rolling this technology out on all 7.8 billion people on the planet.

The brains of targeted individuals are mapped and downloaded to the sentient world simulator (SWS) via DNA nanotechnology/synthetic DNA.  Each person is to have 24/7 monitoring, facilitated by computers produced by D Wave corporation, and perhaps other industries.

Veterans of the US Army have already filed lawsuits due to similar projects, saying that the government implanted remote control devices in their brains; an untold number of them are also sick. (Edgewood Arsenal that did chemical experiments on soldiers in the past, is apparently involved in this legal challenge.)  According to this film, millions of people are already targeted randomly for testing purposes in preparation for the global roll-out.  Data harvesting and the digital reaper are hard at work.

The 10% of the current population of 7.8 billion people (780 million that are likely already impaired or completely dysfunctional due to microwave radiation) seem almost insignificant in the shadow of a global nuclear and microwave war.

The 10%, including myself, will simply be already-suffering-ants that will suffer even more amidst the glaring danger of such a war launched from space and on the ground, along with the daily space junk now floating around the globe from satellites and rockets.  This is not to mention the plight of bees and pollinators necessary for food production; the environmental degradation; the electronic torture of specifically targeted individuals; and the millions of sick children doing our bidding around the world so that we can gossip and complain on our cell phones, as the never-ending specter of the digital reaper, coming soon to a town near you, hovers at your door.  It will definitely try to sell you some goods – or perhaps even stick them inside your body.

“We are exposed to radiation a million billion (1,000,000,000,000,000) times stronger than our natural background radiation.” – Neuroscientist, Dr. Olle Johansson

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