Independence Day/5G; New Hampshire, The “Creates New Jobs” Playbook, and What Does Communications Workers Union Say?

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By Patricia Burke

The Independence of New Hampshire’s Elected Officials = Not Technocracy or Corporatocracy, Yet

In our previous article about New Hampshire’s independence, critical thought, and discernment, regarding both the Northern Pass project and 5G, we mentioned that NH Legislators are not career politicians, and only receive a small stipend for their service.

In fact, according to the National Conference on State Legislators, when all of the perks are tabulated (salary, mileage, per diem), New Hampshire state legislators are the lowest paid public servants in that job category. Some would say that this also makes them the least corrupted by industry gifts, perks, and lobbying.

When New Hampshire Passed on Northern Pass

Regarding Northern Pass, New Hampshire Public Radio reported:

“Northern Pass is a proposal to run 192 miles of new power lines from Canada, through northern New Hampshire, south to Concord, and then eastward to Deerfield. The project is a collaboration between Eversource (previously known as Public Service of New Hampshire) and Hydro-Quebec, which is owned by the provincial government of Quebec. The utilities say the $1.6 billion Northern Pass project would transport 1,090 megawatts of electricity from Quebec – which derives more than 90 percent of its power from hydroelectric dams – to the New England power grid.

The project has generated considerable controversy from the beginning. Despite its statewide impacts, many of the projects most dedicated opponents come from the sparsely-populated and heavily forested North Country.

Eversource says the new lines would bring jobs and tax revenue to this struggling part of the state. But opponents of the project say it would mean only temporary jobs for residents when it’s under construction. They also say it will deface New Hampshire’s forestland, hurting tourism and lowering property values. Depending on the location, developers say the project’s towers will range from 85 to 135 feet tall.

On July 19, 2019, the court issued its ruling. In a unanimous decision, the SEC’s rejection of the project was upheld, likely marking the end of Northern Pass as it was proposed.” – NHPR

Northern Pass as defeated in NH 2 years ago. In the beginning, it seemed an impossible undertaking to stop the agenda.  In the end, New Hampshire’s independent spirit and love of the land prevailed. Instead of powerlines, will the vistas now be littered by 5G?

The Jobs Issue and Unions

Over the eight years that New Hampshire was embroiled in the debate about Northern Pass, at countless hearings across the state, construction workers appeared, en masse. They adopted the practice of wearing t-shirts with slogans about feeding their families, and would spread themselves throughout the room for scoping hearings, so that when little Susie Environmentalist farm girl in her orange protest vest took a seat, she would be flanked by 2 large, angry men glaring at her.  Northern Pass supporters sometimes maintained a large presence in the parking lot, making citizens fearful about the safety of their vehicles, which were being photographed.

I know, because it happened to me. We were outnumbered. The intimidation was most likely well coordinated and financed by the industries involved. Still, we spoke. And the chorus got louder, and the industry “misrepresentations” fell apart.

New Hampshire Leads the Nation with 15 Ground-Breaking EMF/RF Recommendations

Fast forward to 2021, and the debate about 5G infrastructure obliterating views and safety, local control, and small cells that are not small, proximal to homes, is now heating up.

New Hampshire leads the nation with its 15 groundbreaking recommendations listed in yesterday’s article.

People are waking up to the need to question the narratives laid out by the industry.  Including decision-makers, and some who work for and with the industry.


What does the Communications Workers of America have to say about 5G? “The rush for cheap and speedy deployment can put public and worker safety at risk.”

The CWA’s 2021 Policy Brief included:

  • 5G hype: misleading messaging and misinformation
  • Unsafe deployment: risking public and worker safety
  • Preemption: the industry has lobbied to seize local power
  • Pennies on the dollar: low rents and sweetheart deals
  • Worsening the digital divide

The Solutions Recommended by the Communications Workers of America

Robust Demands and Master License Agreements: Local governments should invest the resources to understand small cell infrastructure and set clear objectives to protect the public interest by defining parameters for small cell deployment. When companies frame the conversation, it can lead to unfair terms. Many cities have not evaluated their right-of-way policies or the costs involved in permitting for many years.”

Policy Brief, Communications Workers of America (Read full PDF)

National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

National League of Cities

Thank goodness New Hampshire passed on Northern Pass, otherwise the poles supporting the transmission lines would most likely have also housed 5G wireless infrastructure.

The industry would like the public to believe that if they make an antenna look like a tree or a cactus, to override aesthetic objections, that local concern should be disregarded.

Annette LeMay Burke published a book of photographs of disguised antennas.

“The often-farcical pole disguises belie the equipment’s covert ability to collect all the personal data transmitted from our cell phones.”

“Our social media interactions, advertising clicks, location tracking pings, audio recordings by the always-listening Siri and Alexis, are all commoditized, sold and stored by Big Tech and the government. Surveillance capitalism, especially perfecting the algorithms that can predict our behavior to advertisers, is big business in the 21st century.”

It doesn’t matter if it looks like a cactus or a tree….

To view cell towers that have collapsed and/or caught fire, visit

In addition to fire and fall risks, the issues of human health and environmental impacts, and human rights concerns across the supply chain remains off the radar for most industry, government, military, and financial promoters of 5G.  What is becoming increasingly clear is that environmental justice communities, in particular, do not have the resources to challenge the industry regarding the placement or appearance of proximal 5G infrastructure.

Rather than allowing the argument that 5G addresses the digital divide (which is not true), the focus should be on all of the inequities and exploitations that are unfolding as the result of the 5G/IOT juggernaut.  Kudos to the Communications Workers of America for their integrity and honesty.  Just say no.

Read the archive of Independence Day 5G articles here.

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected]


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