Independence Day 5G/EMF/RF; Schools, Rules, and Throwing Student Health Under the Bus

By Patricia Burke


This graphic was created by a young woman in the West of Ireland, Croí, when she was 18. It begs the question that if an 18-year-old is aware of the consequences of microwave radiation, why are adults in responsible positions around the world denying the damage being done to the planet and every living creature?

Concern for the welfare and health of children, relative to the wireless issue, has become a priority for increasing numbers of experts and safety advocacy groups.

Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe on Protecting Children from the Effects of Wireless

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The lack of precaution for vulnerable populations mimics the history of harm from prescription medications. (Drugs were tested on men, and then prescribed for women and children, until the medical profession belated began to understand the implications of differing physiology. A more recent analysis estimates 128,000 Americans die each year as a result of taking medications as prescribed – or nearly five times the number of people killed by overdosing on prescription painkillers and heroin.)

Are We Going to Do This Again? With Another Risk Factor?

In 2008, the National Academies identified twenty inadequacies in the research record concerning radio frequency exposures.


The list includes: exposure of juveniles, children, pregnant women, and fetuses both for personal wireless devices (e.g., cell phones, wireless personal computers [PCs] and for RF fields from base station antennas.); models for men and women of various heights and for children of various ages; lack of information concerning the health effects associated with living in close proximity to base stations; and lack of research that includes children, the elderly, and people with underlying diseases.

Amelia’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cell Tower Days Continue

In our series counting down to Earth Day, we met Amelia, in her article: 5G Earth Day Countdown: Children — Amelia’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Cell Tower Days.

Amelia wrote:

“We started meeting families from all over with everyday kids, like us, who had been harmed from wireless radiation either from cell towers or mobile devices. Why, if so many people were being hurt from this, was no one helping them?

So the truly bad, no good part is that the science is here but our legislators simply are not responding fast enough. Dr. Paul Heroux, Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Magda Havas, Dr. Cindy Russell, Dr. Sharon Goldberg, Theodora Scarato, Cecelia Doucette and many others have tried to educate Pittsfield about these issues. They have been silenced at our Board of Health meeting, and any letters from them or offers to present information or assist with an investigation have fallen on deaf ears.

My mom would ground me if I was told not to do something and I kept doing it over and over. I’ve heard my grandma say, “When we know better, we do better.”

Big people, we know better. Please, do something. We never thought this could happen to us so please, don’t wait until it happens to you.

I’m asking everyone who is reading this to advocate for cell tower setbacks away from schools and homes. I’m asking everyone to require the FCC standards that fail to protect us from biological harm to be updated. I’m asking you restore my neighborhood to the safe, residential place it was before the tower, and I am asking for each and every person to care about the wireless safety issue.

Our people, our pollinators and our planet depend on you.” – Amelia

See Amelia’s 2 minute testimony to her local city council.

Homes and neighborhoods are not the only environments where children have not been protected.

Oregon’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Corrupted Report on Schools and EMF/RF Exposures and Health

In our Natural Blaze series counting down to Father’s Day, we learned about David’s story in the article, Real Men, Cell Towers, WiFi, And Schools — David’s Story: 5G EMF/RF Father’s Day.

David has been involved in the effort to address school EMF/RF safety, both in regard to W-Fi, and the installation of cell towers on school grounds.

He was successful in getting the Oregon Legislature to pass a bill requiring a review of “independently funded studies” by the Oregon Health Authority, to determine whether “health effects” are possible from exposure to radiation in the classroom.

Journalist Dan Forbes of the Washington Spectator has been chronicling the trail of the corruption and suppression of data behind the deplorable final report.

Oregon Health Policy Board Meeting – 07/06/2021

12 people raised concerns about corrupt handling of the recent review of science related to radiation in schools released in 2020. Beginning of the public testimony at 2:44.20


Keith’s Story

Another father, in Massachusetts, sheds light on what concerned communities are up against.

Keith writes,

“I do not recall how I became concerned about the health impacts from WiFi radiation back in 2016. I do remember thinking that I was behind being knowledgeable about the subject and started to research the issue.

I bought an EMF detector and removed WiFi from my home. I recall driving up to my daughter’s school to pick her up and as a test I turned on my cell phone’s WiFi. I was surprised to see multiple WiFi hotspots being emitted from the school property.

I thought the school system would have already done their own research and determined the risk of exposing students to 12 years of radiation was not a good idea.

I figured there must be other parents with similar concerns in Massachusetts so I started to look around on the Internet. I found Cece Doucette being outspoken against this issue and reached out to her.

Cece and I did a five hour video series on YouTube called ‘The Dangers of Wi-Fi.’ She also joined me for multiple school committee meetings to help spread the message of the dangers.

The Dangers of Wi-Fi with Cece Doucette and Keith Marciniak

After a few years of attending these school committee meetings it became evident there is something else holding the committee members back from taking any action to mitigate this health concern.

Schools Are Rated By the Department Of Education On How Well They Use Technology In The Classrooms

I discovered the schools are rated by the Department of Education on how well they use technology in the classrooms. WiFi is the means of how these schools provide this technology to the students.

In addition the Dept of Education promotes the use of WiFi over hardwired systems due to the costs of installing WiFi being the cheaper alternative.

The entire Government is structured to follow the recommendations of the next department in authority.

The schools follow the Dept of Education, the Dept of Education follows the recommendations of the Dept of Health, and the Dept of Health follows the Dept of Health and Human Services.

In my opinion, the schools are held hostage to this “system” as the schools need their high ratings from the Dept of Education to receive their grants and other funding.

After this roadblock, the next step was testifying in front of the Massachusetts Legislature for a few years on the various bills brought up by the great people of this State who are concerned for all our citizen’s health.

I still find it incredible even after other states passed bills for independent studies that Massachusetts is still behind the eight ball when it comes to protecting its citizens, including children from wireless, cellular and 5G technologies.” – Keith

Banner carried by Lauren Ayers in local July 4 parade in Guinda, CA

No one in any regulatory or monitoring capacity, anywhere in the U.S, is responsible for keeping track of student and teacher health complaints related to RF exposures in schools, even when symptom onset has coincided with equipment installations and upgrades. Nor are investigations undertaken in response to symptom onset due to tower /antenna installations in residential areas. And if, or when, any readings of RF emissions are taken, they are evaluated against theoretical, 20-years old guidelines that were never tested for children, or health vulnerable populations, or juxtaposed, or cumulative exposures.

Is it time to listen to the young people, and time for RF/EMF regulation to go back to school?

See Amelia’s 1-minute public service announcement about cell tower placement as a social justice issue after her family was driven from their home.


Screen Time in Schools, Why Parents Should Care: (Zipps Media Playlist)

You can read the rest of the series “Independence Day 5G” HERE

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits. She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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