Real Research, Real Compassion, Real Science: Pioneering Neuroscientist Dr. Olle Johansson Tribute, 5G/EMF/RF Father’s Day Countdown

By Jennifer Wood, with Olle Johansson and Patricia Burke

Jennifer’s Tribute to Olle:

There are many men we’d like to honor on Father’s Day but one, in particular, is Dr. Olle Johansson, a neuroscientist that has lectured widely around the world on the health effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR).  He has become somewhat of a father figure, not only to other scientists, physicians & health advocates but to those of us that have been injured and impaired by EMR.  For decades, Dr. Johansson was on the faculty of the world-renowned Karolinska Institute in Sweden that awards the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine every year; he has produced over 800 publications and become a global leader in the field, along with scientists such as oncologist, Dr. Lennart Hardell, and neurosurgeon, Dr. Leif Salford, to name only a few of the many physicians and scientists studying electromagnetic fields, world-wide.

Dr. Johansson first became interested in microwave radiation in 1977, when he heard about a presentation on leakage of the blood-brain barrier presented at a conference in Finland. For those of us that have blood-brain barrier leakage and electromagnetic injuries, physicians that have a deep understanding of this condition are hard to find and deeply appreciated.  It is not only his scientific and medical expertise that have won the hearts and minds of so many, it is his compassionate character and insightful writings about the plight of those that have become virtual refugees in our current technologically dictated, wireless world.

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Olle Johansson, PhD Neuroscientist & Global Authority on Radiation and Health, formerly with the Karolinska Institute, speaking at the 2019 EMF Medical Conference

Estimates of those who suffer from electromagnetic impairment range from 3 to 14 percent or more of the population, some with severe injuries, perhaps under 5 to 10% and some with moderate or mild injuries, 4 to 14% or more.  If we were to roughly estimate that about 10% of the global population is mildly or moderately affected, in a world with over 7.5 billion people, we are possibly talking about 750 million people that live with mild discomfort to moderate or even excruciating pain on a nearly constant basis when exposed to man-made EMFs.  Nonetheless, much lower estimates are generally cited; Olle Johansson has said that even lower estimated figures, like his own 350 million people, are staggering enough, and must be acknowledged as a functional impairment world-wide, Sweden being the first country to do so in the year 2000.

Skin Rashes of Computer Operators

In the 1980s, after hearing a radio program by Kajsa Vedin, who would later go on to write the book: In the Shadow of a Microchip, Olle Johansson began to study the skin rashes of computer operators; Vedin had asked for his expertise in neurology. As a neuroscientist, he began using the conventional methods of scientific investigation, but soon realized that there were other forces not wanting to see such studies initiated, which surprised him at that time. It was clearly evident to him that those complaining of skin reactions after exposure to computer screens (often accompanied by fire retardants or other chemical emissions) had concerns just as legitimate as those suffering from sun rays, X-rays, presence of chemicals, radioactivity, etc.  It was alarming that other clinical colleagues began to come up with fashionable reasons or explanations as to why these people were having computer screen dermatitis.  (They were “only imaging it” or they were suffering from “psychological aberrations” or “post menopausal effects.”   They had “little education” or were “very old” or were “victims of Pavlovian conditions.”)  In today’s light – now in 2021 – most of us are now familiar with these kinds of generalizations and evasions.  None of the people that made these comments back in the 1980s had ever known anyone with screen dermatitis or done any investigation of their “proposed explanatory models.”

Source, 2005 Interview

“Electrohypersensitive,” Impaired Due to Toxic Environment = Microwave Sickness

Soon enough, Dr. Johansson found that skin rashes were not the only problem many of these people were having but only the most visible one, and that far worse impairments were taking place not only from computer screens but other sources of radiation as well as ordinary electricity that had surprisingly serious affects on the heart, the nervous system and other bodily systems.  Today, Olle Johansson knows many thousands of such people that he regularly communicates with and has stated: Nothing can protect one from this functional impairment, not your income, your sex, skin color, age, where you live or what you do for a living.  People suffer radiation damage from gadgets that have been very rapidly introduced but not formally tested for potential toxic exposures or any other types of health hazards.

Along with his collaborators, Johansson has worked in great depth, also performing research in areas related to skin diseases, cancer, child delivery, female urinary incontinence, oral mucosa diseases, brain and spinal cord morphology, synaptology and chemical transmission, peripheral nervous system-related issues, cardiac function, skeletal muscle function and disease, and connective tissue ripening phenomena.



Sadly, in more recent times, he has seen much of his research funding disappear; as have many other scientists, he has lost his position of many decades at the Karolinska Institute and even received death threats.  He even once nearly encountered a deadly accident while riding his motorcycle with his wife, when he found that twenty-seven spokes of the rear wheel had been cleanly and professionally cut through so as to be virtually invisible.  He has not been the only doctor or scientist to have had these kinds of experiences.  Apparently, independent scientific research is quite a threat to the exorbitant profits and power of Big Tech and Big Wireless corporations, or perhaps other entities we are not aware of.

Author Firstenberg who wrote The Invisible Rainbow, a History of Electricity and Life, once asked Olle Johansson what keeps him going.  He replied that he had learned a lot about the lives of those that have electromagnetic impairment (EMI).  The lives of these people “most often are a living hell,” he explained.  He realized that even the Swedish social security net, so well known internationally, did not catch these people in its arms but allowed them to fall and crash.  That had disturbed him a lot.  This group, in fact, was a painful reminder that democracies were failing to protect their citizens. Each member of this group became a type of medical outcast, facing almost insurmountable difficulties not shared by the rest of the society.  “Any fellow human, would have been equally affected,” he said, “by what I witnessed over and over again.”

These people, impaired, due to a toxic environment, are called electrosensitive or  electrohypersensitive, but Johansson found these people that were so highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields to also be incredibly tough.  “They have to endure harassments of various sorts from the society, from physicians, scientists, experts, politicians, civil servants, their kin, and so forth and all of this makes their mental ‘skin’ very tough.” (Dr. Johansson, by the way, has also headed the Experimental Dermatology Unit at the Karolinska Institute, studying skin.)  “I admire them a lot!  I know I never would be able to constantly take such immense beatings.”

Well, Dr. Olle Johansson, we admire you a lot too and wish you a Happy Father’s Day, knowing you do not have biological children of your own but instead look upon all living creatures as your personal family!!! We are not the only ones struck by gratitude and admiration.  This is what a colleague, formerly at the UN, had to say about our world-renowned, compassionate scientist:

“Olle Johansson has always been keen to learn, understand, and look behind the veils that hide various truths from us. That’s why it seemed so natural that he should become an academic scientist during his medical school training at the famous Karolinska Institute in Stockholm… He started his career with the famous professor Tomas Hökfelt, but was soon breaking new ground on his own. He’s always cared deeply about all living creatures on the planet, from the biggest – such as mammoth trees, whale sharks, and blue whales – to the tiniest fungal spores, seeds, parasites, and bacteria. But Olle’s not trapped in academia’s ivory tower: he loves to scuba dive, sail a boat, ride a motorcycle, and downhill ski, as well as enjoy gardening, fine cuisine and drink good wines. He’s a great listener, debater, and raconteur, one of those old-school characters who has alas become so rare in today’s society, which only rewards obedience and conformity. He’s met the challenges of the corona crisis by remaining calm, composed, and open to the ideas expressed on all sides of the debates… Argue your case, and Olle Johansson will listen!”

As a boy, Olle grew up in a poor family during the 1950s and ’60s, and learned well the value of a hand outstretched, willing to help and support you.  “Such a lesson,” he says, “you never forget.”  As a government scientist, he felt it was his job to work for people in need, not for his own personal career. In today’s corporate haze of monopolist greed and rash risk-taking, too often, at the expense of the public health, these are sentences we shall never forget.

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Johansson O, Liu P-Y, ““Electrosensitivity”, “electrosupersensitivity” and “screen dermatitis”: preliminary observations from on-going studies in the human skin”. In: Proceedings of the COST 244: Biomedical Effects of Electromagnetic Fields – Workshop on Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity (ed. D Simunic), EU/EC (DG XIII), Brussels/Graz, 1995; 52-57

More information on the work and scientific research of Olle Johansson: via KI-Vetapedia

Researchgate:, including over 350 publications

Top: Image Source

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Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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