In Memoriam — Lance McKee, Dr. William Maykel: 5G/EMF/RF Father’s Day Stories

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By Patricia Burke

Lance McKee, Open Geospatial Consortium

I met Lance McKee when I was invited to a potluck dinner at his beautiful home.  Worcester was the site of the infamous National Grid smart meter pilot program. Residents who knew about the pilot were being manipulated into believing that they were on the leading edge of a wonderful initiative in sustainability. But in fact, most residents had no knowledge of the pilot program, which operated as an exercise in decision-based evidence making.

Lance personally was very enamored with the idea that an individual generating electricity (for example, from solar) should be able to sell it to whoever they want via a “smart grid.”

I had recently returned to Massachusetts after an ill-fated attempt to relocate across the country, where I ran head-long into the installation of wireless smart utility meters in Northern California.  At the potluck, Lance invited me to share.

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I told the group that the meters were causing illness and disabling conditions in a portion of the population.

Lance thought that I was insane.

But he did his own research.

He was a precious and rare breed of environmentalist who was ready, willing, and able to pause and take in new information that challenged his beliefs.  And he didn’t stop there; he took on the role of colleague, despite declining health, testifying at the Massachusetts statehouse for various EMF/RF bills, writing articles, and networking with colleagues about health, environmental, and regulatory issues.

Lance’s obituary notes,

“His professional world matched his expansive curiosity and energetic mind. In 1994, as a founding member of OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) his critical and philosophical mind was instrumental to this leading organization in global software standards. He served as OGC’s VP of Corporate Communications until 2000 and for the next 16 years he continued to serve as a consultant, staff, and member. Throughout his career with OGC he cultivated friendships both local and international that he cherished like family. He always felt honored to be working with such brilliant minds.

Lance had a contagious optimism that change was possible. The Tatnuck Brook Watershed Association, Blackstone River Watershed Association, Mass Audubon, and the Regional Environmental Council were a few of the local organizations that he was dedicated to. Personally impacted by asbestosis after working in an asbestos plant in his 20’s, he became very passionate about stricter regulations for new technologies like 5G. His ability to synthesize complex technical information into impactful writing and research made him a great asset to a number of different advocacy groups.”

He wrote,

“What will smart people do? First, smart people will look for guidance on how to limit their exposures. What will smart cities do? 1. Wireless smart meters will be abandoned. Microgrids without wireless control systems will proliferate. 2. Fiber optics will become ubiquitous. 3. Cities will want devices’ emissions to be scaled down and tuned for minimum health risk. 4. Cities will support ubiquitous electromagnetic radiation monitoring 5. Electromagnetic radiation shielding will be detailed in building codes.”

Dr. William Maykel, Chiropractor, Researcher, Published Author

A yogi master stated, “All the many ailments that human beings have suffered are simply because we have lost the awareness as to how to be in synch with the many forces which are making us who we are.”

Because he recognized that his patients could not sustain their chiropractic adjustments when they went back into environments laden with wireless devices, Dr. Bill Maykel recommended prudent avoidance and hardwiring when possible. (Simply turning WiFi off at night is one example of an immediate course correction.)  In the current climate of domination and control by an outdated political/economic/medical paradigm, his insight and guidance is rare, as well as censored, ridiculed, and endangered.  Other medical insights have historically suffered the same fate.

The late Dr. Bill Maykel, a brilliant and beloved chiropractor and functional medicine physician practicing in Auburn, Massachusetts, witnessed the impact of radiofrequency exposures from wireless devices on his patients, including the effect of “smart” utility meters.

At his memorial service, his brother Mitchell explained one aspect of Dr. Bill’s intellectual legacy: He realized that when the bony plates in the skull contract, it is as if little invisible antennas that are picking up signals from the cosmos are bent, and consequently, they send the wrong messages to the brain, nervous system, and the master control gland.

What are the “signals from the cosmos” Mitchell described at his brother’s memorial? Three American scientists were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2017 for their discovery of how internal clocks and biological rhythms govern human life, focusing on gene expression. (Industry and investors embraced the findings due to implications for pharmaceuticals and profits stemming from drug delivery.)

(Paul Harding, of Total EMF solutions, also points to this cellular signaling.)

The “internal clock” is reading “time” as frequencies in the external environment.  What are the “invisible antennas” Dr. Maykel noted in his work? The human energy field is comprised of electromagnetic pathways that are designed to alchemize with the earth’s electromagnetic environment.  They are housed in the meridian system, and corresponding neurovascular and neuro-lymphatic reflex points. Our physiology is constantly sensing its electromagnetic habitat.

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What makes the bony plates in the skull contract? The meridians move the skull bones, as a healthy, inborn, protective mechanism against a stressor in nature; for example, in lightning strikes. This inborn protective mechanism is becoming hopelessly scrambled.

We are still pretending that we can interfere with signals emanating from the sun and solar system that choreograph all life functions, and keep us aligned in the time-space continuum, without consequences. Dr. Maykel had the courage to call the bluff. The “signals from the cosmos” are what makes us who we are, coordinating our biorhythms and chrono-biology.  The injury of a polluted EMF environment alters coherent brain function into incoherence. In his patient population, Dr. Bill synthesized what he described as individualized MAPS – Mal Adjusted Patterns of Stress – in his book The Tune Up: Hot Medicine™ for Everyone.

Hand Washing and EMF Hygiene Go Hand in Hand in the History Books; Deny, Dismiss, Defend, Denigrate, Attack, Destroy

Art courtesy of Flo Freshman

What Dr. Maykel and others realized will, one day soon, be recognized as obvious and self-evident as hand washing and hygiene.  Nina Strochlic, writing for National Geographic, reported, “‘Wash your hands’ was once controversial medical advice. Everyone knows handwashing is an easy way to stay healthy, but that wasn’t always so. In the 1840s, advocating it cost a doctor his career.”

“Germs were yet to be discovered, and it was still believed in the 1840s that disease was spread by miasma – bad smells in the air – emanating from rotting corpses, sewage or vegetation. Victorians kept their windows firmly shut against such malevolent forces. So it didn’t seem a problem that trainee doctors at Vienna General would hang out in the morgue dissecting corpses to figure out what had rendered them dead and then pop up to the maternity ward to deliver a baby without washing their hands. One of them then accidentally got cut by a scalpel during a dissection and died.”

The Guardian tells the story of Ignaz Semmelweis, quoting Miryam Wahrman.

“While working at Vienna General hospital, the Hungarian doctor was at the forefront of a more scientific approach to medicine. Faced with a doctor-led maternity ward in which maternal deaths from the dreaded childbed fever were significantly higher than in the midwife-run clinic there, he racked his brain for clues as to why. To test his theory, he ordered doctors to wash their hands and instruments in a chlorine solution, a substance he hoped would dispatch the deadly smell of cadaverous particles. Before the experiment, says Wahrman, ‘the mortality rate for new mothers was as high as 18%. After Semmelweis implemented hand hygiene between the morgue and the delivery room, the rate of mortality for new mothers dropped to about 1%.’

Despite his success, his idea faced great resistance, and met a tragic end. He lost his job, and is thought to have had a breakdown. He died in a psychiatric institution, ‘a very despondent person at the untimely age of 47’, says Wahrman.”

Fast forward to “telehealth-enabled by 5G,”  where the benefits of internet connectivity and being used to justify unsafe, insecure wireless. Uninformed physicians are dismissive of patient concerns.

A Sick Medicine System That Has Not Yet Reached Critical Mass on Chronic Poor Health and Environmental Pollutants, Including Wireless

Dr. Maykel’s patients experiencing adverse effects due to environmental pollutants, including wireless, were fortunate to have a skilled, insightful, compassionate practitioner, and many traveled great distances to see him.  Most environmentally ill patients have no access to an appropriately trained practitioner. Offices laden with wifi routers, cellphones, and chemical exposures pose further obstacles.

Who and what are the forces in society contributing to suppression of emerging science, and active discrimination?

It seems unlikely that the moneyed industries and their partners will willingly relinquish their gains.

This is why turning one’s wifi off at night becomes not only a act of self-care, but a radical choice that supports the evolution, rather than the de-evolution, of science.  It is also an act of courage in addressing the human rights abuses that are unfolding at breakneck speed, from the mining of precious minerals to the housing crisis of EMF refugees to the dumping of ewaste in impoverished nations.  We are not constructing an energy efficient, healthy, sustainable future.

As Ari “R” Blank notes, we need to decide if we really need a smart refrigerator.  Real men are smart enough to realize that the planet cannot sustain the demand for smart, wirelessly transmitting refrigerators.

Note: World Environment Day will take place this year on June 5th. In recognition of the day, Stop5G International is urging governments, environmental organizations, and all green NGOs to turn their attention to a growing ecological crisis – the rollout of 5G on Earth and in space, and the push to connect every “thing”, event, and place on the planet to the internet.

This is part of a Father’s Day 5G series which you can read in its entirety HERE.

Top image credit: Directions Mag

Patricia Burke works with activists across the country and internationally calling for new biologically-based microwave radio frequency exposure limits.She is based in Massachusetts and can be reached at [email protected].

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