COVID Event 2021: Call To Action

By Neenah Payne

Event 2021, a science-based presentation on COVID-19 from the virus, to vaccines, treatments, and the Public Health response was conducted by Dr. Richard Fleming on Saturday, June 5 in Dallas, Texas from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. The symposium was live streamed on Del Bigtree’s show The Highwire and recorded.

Dr. Fleming began by reminding the audience of the Event 201 Pandemic Exercise, hosted on October 18, 2019 by The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in Manhattan. The exercise illustrated the pandemic preparedness efforts needed to diminish the large-scale economic and societal consequences of a severe pandemic. Gates now denies any association with Event 201.

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Event 2021: Inform, Educate, Empower To Act

Page through the slideshow of the event on Dr. Fleming’s site for an overview of the 4-hour presentation which is divided into three sections to inform the audience (including doctors and scientists), to educate, and to empower. It is a call to action. Dr. Fleming points out that we cannot blame others if we fail to act now.

Dr. Fleming’s site says:

“The slides present published research, patents and information about who funded the development of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein and what this means for you, your family and friends, the Nation, and ultimately the World.”

COVID-19: Man-Made Bioweapon?

The Definition of a Bioweapon shows that when Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) asked Dr. Fauci whether his NIAID or NIH had funded the “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Lab in China, Fauci denied any involvement. However, Dr. Richard Fleming said on The Highwire on May 13 that Fauci perjured himself and explains how NIH and NIAID support  dangerous “gain-of-function” research.

Dr. Fleming shows the patent for gain of function research for Corona funded by the NIH. He says everyone involved should be held accountable in international courts in a Nuremberg Trial for crimes against humanity. Dr. Fleming points out,

Either this country is going to be held accountable by the rest of the world or the people who bypassed the safe guards like Fauci, Cowan, and the Department of Defense who gave money to Peter Daszak who gave it to Ralph Baric and Shi Zhengli — either we’re going to be held accountable or the people who actually did this are going to be held accountable.”

Dr. Fleming explained,

This virus is a man-made gain-of-function virus paid for by US taxpayers’ dollars including moneys that came from the Department of Defense. This is a bioweapon by every definition — and by every definition, their having developed this, it is a violation of the Biological Weapons Conventions Treaty. This vaccine rollout is largest research project conducted in the history of mankind.

Fauci Re-Authorized Dangerous “Gain-of-Function” Research

Crimes Against Humanity


“The origins of #Covid19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research.”

Dr. Fleming explains that the “gain-of-function” research funded in the Wuhan Lab by Fauci’s NIAID and NIH through Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance was a violation The Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Treaty.

Forcing people to take the experimental “vaccines” is a violation of the AMA Code of Medical Ethics. It is also a violation of the Nuremberg Code.

“In 1987 the United States Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Stanley, 483 U.S. 669, that a U.S. serviceman who was given LSD without his consent, as part of military experiments, could not sue the U.S. Army for damages. Stanley was later awarded over $400,000 in 1996, two years after Congress passed a private claims bill in reaction to the case.[187] Dissenting the original verdict in U.S. v. Stanley, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor stated: No judicially crafted rule should insulate from liability the involuntary and unknowing human experimentation alleged to have occurred in this case. Indeed, as Justice Brennan observes, the United States played an instrumental role in the criminal prosecution of Nazi scientists who experimented with human subjects during the Second World War, and the standards that the Nuremberg Military Tribunals developed to judge the behavior of the defendants stated that the ‘voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential … to satisfy moral, ethical, and legal concepts.’ If this principle is violated, the very least that society can do is to see that the victims are compensated, as best they can be, by the perpetrators.”

COVID-19 Origins: Explosive New Information

Wuhan Lab Caught Deleting Files Proving Fauci Funding

Explosive New Study Claims Researchers Found COVID-19 Has NO Credible Natural Ancestor And Was Created By Chinese Scientists Working In Concert With American Universities reveals:

“An explosive new study reveals that Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a Wuhan lab, then tried to cover their tracks by reverse-engineering versions of the virus to make it look like it evolved naturally from bats.

The authors of the paper’s British Professor Angus Dalgleish and Norwegian scientist Dr. Birger Sørensen, announced they have had ‘prima facie evidence of retro-engineering in China’ for a year….While analyzing COVID-19 samples last year in an attempt to create a vaccine, Dalgleish and Sørensen discovered ‘unique fingerprints’ in the virus that they say could only have arisen from manipulation in a laboratory.”

The article explains: “They said they tried to publish their findings but were rejected by major scientific journals which were at the time resolute that the virus jumped naturally from bats or other animals to humans. Even when former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove spoke out publicly saying the scientists’ theory should be investigated, the idea was dismissed as ‘fake news.’ Over a year later, leading academics, politicians and the media finally flipped, and have begun to contemplate the possibility that COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China – a lab where experiments included manipulating viruses to increase their infectiousness in order to study their potential effects on humans.”

Fauci Under Fire

CAUGHT! THE MSM IGNORES THIS STORY… BREAKING: In 2012, Dr. Anthony Fauci Supported Risky Viral Experiments In The Wuhan Lab — Even If The Outcome Could Lead To A Deadly Pandemic reports:

“It is now uncovered that Dr. Anthony Fauci had previously argued that conducting risky experiments and manipulating contagious viruses was worth the work, even if a simple laboratory accident could lead to a deadly pandemic….

Dr. Fauci was highly criticized by Senator Rand Paul for supporting and funding gain-of-function experiments conducted in the Wuhan lab. It is more than obvious that workers at the Wuhan lab successfully isolated the coronavirus and were actively experimenting with the species-to-species transmission. Dr. Anthony Fauci lied under oath and noted the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan institute. This evil man not only funded gain-of-function research, but we are also now aware that he supported these risky experiments even if the work could lead to a deadly pandemic.

Intelligence on Sick Staff at Wuhan Lab Fuels Debate on Covid-19 Origin reveals: “Report says researchers went to hospital in November 2019, shortly before confirmed outbreak; adds to calls for probe of whether virus escaped lab. Three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology became sick enough in November 2019 that they sought hospital care, according to a previously undisclosed U.S. intelligence report that could add weight to growing calls for a fuller probe of whether the Covid-19 virus may have escaped from the laboratory.”

Scientists Call For Further Investigation Into COVID-19 Origins

COVID-19’s Origins Need Further Investigation, Say Scientists

To the bat cave: In search of COVID’s origins, scientists reignite polarizing debate on Wuhan ‘lab leak’ reports:

“Once dismissed as a conspiracy theory, the idea that the COVID virus escaped from a Chinese lab is gaining high-profile attention. As it does, reputations of renowned scientists are at risk — and so is their personal safety.

At the center of the storm is Peter Daszak, whose EcoHealth Alliance has worked directly with Chinese coronavirus scientists for years. The scientist has been pilloried by Republicans and lost National Institutes of Health funding for his work. He gets floods of threats, including hate mail with suspicious powders.

In a rare interview, he conceded that he can’t disprove that the deadly COVID-19 virus resulted from a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology — though he doesn’t believe it. ‘It’s a good conspiracy theory,’ Daszak told KHN. ‘Foreigners designing a virus in a mysterious lab, a nefarious activity, and then the cloak of secrecy around China.’ But to attack scientists ‘is not only shooting the messenger,’ he said. ‘It’s shooting the people with the conduit to where the next pandemic could happen.’

Yet what if the messengers were not only bearing bad news but also accidentally unleashed a virus that went on to kill more than 3 million people?”

The generally accepted scientific hypothesis holds that the COVID virus arose through natural mutations as it spread from bats to humans, possibly at one of China’s numerous “wet markets,” where caged animals are sold and slaughtered. An alternative explanation is that the virus somehow leaked from the Wuhan Institute, one of Daszak’s scientific partners, possibly by way of an infected lab worker.

The lab leak hypothesis has picked up more adherents as time passes and scientists fail to detect a bat or other animal infected with a virus that has COVID’s signature genetics. By contrast, within a few months of the start of the 2003 SARS pandemic, scientists found the culprit coronavirus in animals sold in Chinese markets. But samples from 80,000 animals to date have failed to turn up a virus pointing to the origins of SARS-CoV-2 — the virus that causes COVID. The virus’s ancestors originated in bats in southern China, 600 miles from Wuhan. But COVID contains unusual mutations or sequences that made it ideal for infecting people, an issue explored in depth by journalist Nicholas Wade.

Former NY Times Science Editor Documents Fauci’s COVID Role

Evidence on the origin of Covid leads to lab in Wuhan – Former NY Times Science Editor writes extensive article in Medium says:

“In the millions of articles, opinion pieces, and news stories written about Covid there is one topic that is more important than all the others.  It’s more important than masks, vaccines, or lockdown measures.  The origin of the virus is critical because no matter how many people die from covid, or how many businesses are wiped out, it’s critical that IF the next virus can be stopped, it must be.

A science writer named Nicholas Wade has written the most thorough study on the origins of Covid to be released to the public.  Wade has worked with Nature, Science, and the New York Times, but this article was released on the public platform Medium. In this article Wade goes through three possible scenarios and then draws the most likely conclusion. This is a long read, but it might be the most important article yet written during this pandemic.”

In Tucker Carlson: Anthony Fauci let the coronavirus pandemic happen, why isn’t there a criminal investigation?  Tucker says:

“We can’t recommend more strongly a new piece by Nicholas Wade, who for more than 50 years has been one of the preeminent science writers in the world. For 30 years, Nicholas Wade worked for the New York Times, he edited the science section there. But this piece did not run in the New York Times, he edited the science section there. But this piece did not run in the New York Times. It ran on Medium. And the piece explains where the virus almost certainly came from. In it, Wade makes it clear that, more than any other single American, Tony Fauci is responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic. Wade lays out a nearly insurmountable amount of evidence that this virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Central China. We’ve raised this possibility from the early days of the pandemic. But this piece all but proves it.”

The Case for the Lab-Leak Theory

Dr. Joseph Mercola points out in The Biggest Flip-Flop Ever — Who’s Going to Jail?:

“In the video above, Freddie Sayers interviews Nicholas Wade, a former New York Times science writer, about the two primary origin theories. Wade recently published a widely-read article detailing the evidence supporting the lab-leak and natural-origin theories.

As reported by Wade in ‘Origin of COVID — Following the Clues: Did People or Nature Open Pandora’s Box at Wuhan?’ if we are ever to solve the mystery of where this novel virus came from, we must be willing to actually follow the science, as ‘it offers the only sure thread through the maze.’

‘It’s important to note that so far there is no direct evidence for either theory,’ Wade writes. ‘Each depends on a set of reasonable conjectures but so far lacks proof. So I have only clues, not conclusions, to offer. But those clues point in a specific direction.’

In summary, the preponderance of clues leans toward SARS-CoV-2 originating in a lab, most likely the WIV, and having undergone some sort of manipulation to encourage infectiousness and pathology in humans. As just one example, there’s research dating as far back as 1992 detailing how inserting a furin cleavage site right where we find it in SARS-CoV-2 is a ‘sure way to make a virus deadlier.’ One of 11 such studies was written by Dr. Zhengli Shi, head of coronavirus research at the WIV.

The arguments laid out in support of natural origin theories, meanwhile, are grounded in inconclusive speculations that require you to throw out scientifically possible scenarios. From a scientific standpoint, doing so is ill advised. ‘It seems to me that proponents of lab escape can explain all the available facts about SARS2 considerably more easily than can those who favor natural emergence,’ Wade writes.”

While Wade explains that there’s no proof for either theory, he says the present evidence supports the lab escape theory. Savers and Wade discuss the censorship by Facebook of any discussion of the possibility of a leak from the Wuhan lab. Wade points out that Facebook seems to be controlled by the Chinese government!

Wade mentions the letter in Science magazine Investigate the origins of COVID-19 by 18 scientists (including Ralph Baric) who are calling for an investigation into the lab leak hypothesis. He says that he believes the tide is turning now because the letter will start to change things a lot. He said, “I think that it’s dawning on people that the WHO Commission came back empty handed with respect to the natural emergence hypothesis so that they are beginning to see that there’s no evidence there…. It’s increasingly less possible month by month.”

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